Councillors  present  were J Davis, S Haywood, H Mawdsley  and  D 
Pattison (Chairman).

Apologies were accepted from A Gould.

DP  welcomed Mr Whitmarsh who specialises in Traffic Calming  for 
(D Turner arrived)
Mr  Whitmarsh  showed  a series of  slides  illustrating  Traffic 
Calming  measures in use throughout the county.  A  pre-requisite  
for  'sleeping  policemen' to be constructed are a  30mph  limit, 
street  lighting  and  white road  markings.   A  speed  reducing 
feature  has to be introduced before the bumps.  Different  types 
of 'bumps' were shown and described.
L-O-M  required  calming measures to deter HGV's  and  cars  from 
travelling  at  speed through the village.  Mr W  said  that  the 
option open to the village was bumps, costing roughly 1000  each 
and  placed at approximately 100 metre intervals.  He  felt  that 
the  scheme  could not be extended to Towns End. The  new  County 
Council's policy was that PC's had to find 10% of the funding.
A study of the village will be requested.
Mr Whitmarsh was thanked for attending the meeting.

The Minutes of the last three meetings were accepted and signed.
Mr Cooke of MDC said that results from a village appraisal  would 
be taken into consideration for the new Frome Local Plan.
Mowing complaints will be sent to Envir Health.           (CLERK)
Visit  by  Paula Hewitt to next PC meeting will be  cancelled  as 
Councillors  did  not  feel  they had  any  pressing  matters  on 
Quarrying to discuss at this date.                        (CLERK)
Request  to  remove  burnt out car was  with  MDC.   Request  for 
continuation  of kerbing at Herbert Dunn House had been  refused.  
It was decided to pursue this.                            (CLERK)
Ditch  in  Blackers  Lane had collapsed while  the  Council  were 
trying to clear it, action will be taken.                 (CLERK)
AGM 18 MAY 1993  - no matters arising.
14  JUNE 1993 - a copy of the letter concerning the  footpath  at 
Halecombe will also be sent to Mrs Franklyn - Asham Group.(CLERK)

The  County  Council will be thanked for  clearing  the  pavement 
towards  W H and asked if the path at Sparks Farm and at the  Rec 
could be done.                                            (CLERK)
The  FP arrow on the sign in Sparks Farm Field points to  heaven, 
a request for it to be altered  will be made.             (CLERK)
The need for a village cleaner was discussed and will be included 
in the appraisal. Info will be sought on monies available. (CLERK)
Notification  of  Length Restriction at Lower  Vobster  had  been 

VILLAGE APPRAISAL - has not been seen be all Councillors yet.
Payment for the hall rental for the AGM & APM had been  received. 
Payment  was proposed by D Pattison and seconded by S  Haywood  - 
all  agreed.   Thanks for the provision of refreshments  will  be 
made.                                                     (CLERK)

The  Electricity  Board were in the area  replacing  questionable 
poles and the power supply wires.

Next  liaison  meeting is 6 September.  Minutes of  last  meeting 
will be circulated with letters to do with matters raised.
W  H had refused a PC request for sight lines in connection  with 
the Planting Proposal discussed on 14 April.
Correspondence from SCC explained that because there had been  an 
objection to the revocation of the earlier Planning Permission WH 
could  still  operate  the area subject to  this  under  the  old 
Any  work  on  Banking  outside the  permitted  hours  should  be 
reported  to both WH and SCC on Taunton 255514, the PC felt  that 
MDC also should be informed.
(R Dixon arrived)

LOCAL GOVERNMENT REVIEW - document on circulation comments had to 
be in by 5 September.
There  is a meeting hosted by MDC and SCC at 7pm 30 June  in  the 
Wesley Chapel Frome and one with the Commissioners present on  20 
July at the Cheese Pavillion, Bath and West Showground at 2.30pm.  
Some councillors will attend each meeting.

request for new tree planting info will be given.         (CLERK)
The   following  were  circulated:  BT  Fund  for   Environmental 
projects;    Community  Transport;   Car   Sharing   information;  
Minutes of SCC meetings;  RFMC Minutes.
Info  that  trees were being cleared  from  overhead  electricity 
cables had been received.
A  letter  concerning  the closure of  the  Churchyard  had  been 
received.  The Clerk is in discussion with MDC.           (CLERK)

NEXT MEETING DATES  19 July and 23 August 1993.


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