HELD ON 19 JULY 1993 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present: J Davis, S Haywood, H Mawdsley,  D  Turner, 
and D Pattison - Chairman.
Apologies were received and accepted from R Dixon and A Gould.

The  Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.

A  request for traffic calming measures had been made, copies  of 
previous letters asking for action to be taken were also sent  to 
Mr Whitmarsh.
Examiner  House  -  Planning application had  been  granted and 
conditions imposed, details will be circulated.  Councillors felt 
that MDC ought to act on mowing complaints.
Halecombe Quarry Footpath - it was agreed to meet with WH and SCC 
to discuss this matter.  The Bridleways Assoc will be informed of 
WH reply.                                                 (CLERK) 

Mr Merrick's request that the next Liaison meeting on 6  September 
start at 6pm was agreed to.  JD and DT will attend.       (CLERK)
Discussion  took place on the meeting held by Mells PC about  the 
BGL.  Mr Merrick explained that Mr Temperley (SC Councillor)  had 
attended  and  offered  to try and get  consultees  to  agree  an 
alternative  alignment.  As this PC objected to the road not  its 
route this was not felt to alter their stance.

Complaints  about the state of the pavement on the north side  of 
Leigh Street were received.                               (CLERK)
It was agreed to write to Mr Whitmarsh, copy to the Police, about 
speeding traffic through the village following complaints.(CLERK)
D  Turner will talk to the Parishioner who complained  about  the 
Halecombe Brook FP.                                          (DT)
The  Clerk had had  talks with MDC concerning road  sweeping  and 
the general state of the village street.  No grant was  available 
to employ a sweeper and it was stated that it was not possible to 
inform  villagers  when the sweeping lorry  would  come  through.  
Councillors  were not satisfied with this and the matter will  be 
pursued.                                                  (CLERK)
Mendip View garage refused.
Plan for Conservatory at Lilac Cottage - no objections.   (CLERK) 
LJH  car parking area - MDC notified the PC of an  agreemeent  to 
tarmac  the  employees  parking area.  This is  contrary  to  the 
recommendations  of the Inspector and an objection will be  made.  
Info  has  been  received  from LJH  concerning  their  'tidy  up 
operation'.                                               (CLERK)

Unfortunately  this still had not been seen by  all  Councillors.  
It  was agreed to form a sub-committee to work on it, members  to 
be  S  Haywood, H Mawdsley, D Pattison and S Pitter.   They  will 
meet on 18 August at 7.30 in Lilac Cottage.
A  letter  from MDC concerning Graveyard Closure and  asking  for 
comments had been received.  A meeting will be arranged between S 
Haywood,  M Loten for the Church, and MDC to discuss the  matter, 
D Pattison will try to attend also.                       (CLERK)
Request  for POPPY DAY COLLECTOR will be given to RD  to  discuss 
with the BL committee.                                       (RD)

DP  is  attending the meeting at Shepton Mallet on the  20  July.  
Another  meeting it to be held on 5 August at 7.30pm  in  Frome's 
Wesleyan Chapel.  It was agreed to circulate the village with the 
details  of  the proposed change and invite Parishioners  to  the 
next PC meeting on 23 August to make their views known.
                                                     (DP & Clerk)

CPRE papers were circulated.
BUS TIMETABLE will be displayed.                          (CLERK)
Details of OPEN DAY AT BEARDLY BATCH were given.
A  copy of a letter from R Dixon and K Mack about  Quarrying  and 
Quarry Roads was circulated.

7.30pm  23 August in the Hall - a public meeting about the  Local 
Government  Review  followed by a PC meeting  whose  agenda  will 
include Quarrying and Quarry Roads.

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