HELD ON 6 SEPTEMBER 1993 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present  were  S Haywood,  H  Mawdsley,  D  Pattison 
(Chairman) and D Turner.

Apologies  were  accepted  from  J Davis and  R  Dixon  who  were 
attending a Halecombe Quarry Liaison Meeting.

The  meeting had been convened to discuss a Planning  Application 
to build two houses on land at the back of Fern Cottage. 
D Turner expressed his concern that it was overdevelopment of the 
site and access was dangerous and left to go back to the  Liaison 

Councillors  discussed the plan further and agreed to  object  to 
the application on the following grounds:

1.  Over development of site.
2.  Access too narrow for emergency vehicles.
3.  Egress dangerous due to narrowness of Leigh  Street,  parked 
cars and garden and house wall obstructing site lines. 
4.  Access  road  narrow, open windows of  Ellery  Cottage  would 
obstruct a vehicle driving down it.
5.  Access  road  also route of footpath and right  of  way  for 
cottage  owners, concern was expressed  that this  could  be 
blocked if a parked car was left on it.

A letter will be send to MDC planning department.       (CLERK) 


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