Councillors  present  were J Davis, S Haywood, H Mawdsley  and  D 
Pattison, Chairman.
Apologies were accepted from A Gould who would be late.

Thanks were expressed to H Mawdsley who did the Minutes of the 18 
October meeting.
The  Minutes of the 20 September were ammended at the request  of 
Cllr  Merrick to include mention of his attendance and  they  and 
the 18 October meetings were accepted and signed.  

The VILLAGE CLEANER will be discussed in light of the Survey.
CHURCHYARD  CLOSURE also awaiting Survey results.  DP had  spoken 
to  Mr  Perry regarding an extension to the Churchyard  onto  his 
land.  (R Dixon arrived.)
M  Loten urged the PC to act quickly as the acquisition  of  land 
etc. takes time, but Councillors felt they must await Survey.
HM asked that PLANTATION BURIALS be included on the next Agenda.
(D Turner arrived.)
VILLAGE  SURVEY will be closed on 30 November.  DP  will  discuss 
with Shelia Pitter the analysis of results.                  (DP)
Lynda Peacock had left a message that she would contact the Clerk 
on  Tuesday  presumably about the Housing  Survey,  RD  expressed 
willingness to meet her.
HALECOMBE  QUARRY FOOTPATH  A Merrick said that the Ramblers  had 
withdrawn  their  objection but that the County would  go  for  a 
Public  Inquiry on the footpath.  DT expressed concern  that  the 
Environmental banking was being used to dispose of quarry  waste.  
The  PC  said  they would prefer the final FP route to  be  on  a 
different  line and would therefore be less likely to  object  to 
this FP route if it was temporary.
Councillors  discussed  with  AM their hope that  they  would  be 
consulted by SCC about the Phasing.  They expressed their chagrin 
that  everything agreed in the Planning Permission seems to  have 
been altered.
DP reported on the QUARRYING SEMINAR he had attended.

HALECOMBE   IDO   AM  explained  that  the  objection  had   been 
withdrawn.   RD added that according to the DOE the Sec of  State 
will decide on the Revocation issue.
SCHOOL GOVERNORS form from SCC given to JD.
ASPHALT PLANT letter had been sent.
QUARRY LIAISON MEETINGS  Letter from WH 25/10/93 saying they will 
reconvene meetings.  Also expressing their intention of calling a 
public meeting to re-assess role of Liaison Group.  It was agreed 
to write to WH supporting a public meeting but expressing concern 
that  their letter gives the impression that  the  democratically 
elected parish representatives might be by-passed.        (CLERK) 
(AG arrived.)
A letter from SCC asking the PC to nominate their prefered colour 
- Mushroom - for the asphalt plant will be answered.      (CLERK) 
Notification  of  the new alignment of the Bulls Green  Link  had 
been  received the PC decided not to comment as  their  objection 
had been to the principal of the road.
A  letter from Mr Walker was read out, he had  corresponded  with 
SCC  on the danger caused by the proximity of the road  from  the 
village to Green Shutters to the quarry edge.  SCC had written to 
him  saying they would errect warning signs.  The PC  decided  to 
write asking for the edge to be made safe.                (CLERK)
Also  brought  to their attention will be:
1)  Spring  on  Blackers Hill.
2)  Water at the bottom of Whitehole Hill.
3)  Water at entrance to Barns Close.
4)  The gutter opposite Raglans needs to be made deeper.
5)  Lines at Knap Hill junction still not painted.
6)  Left hand turn towards Halecombe at the Corner of Lime  Kiln 
    Lane is being shaved by vehicles & the fence has been knocked
7)  Highway engineers suggested that the bank needs clearing back 
    in the Hollybush area.
Thanks will be given for clearing the pavement by Sparks Farm.

MOTORWAYS AND TRUNK TOLLS  HM will report back to SALC that  this 
PC  does  not support tolls and also their suggestion  that  SALC 
endorses a ban on lorries using country lanes.               (HM)  

New plan submitted for The Cottage Tad Hill - no objections.(CL)
Cricket Club request for concrete lock up garage for storage - no 
objection  if  RFMC agree.  It was  thought  planning  permission 
would be needed and PC were willing to submit plans on behalf  of 
CC.  Letters to Mr Gould(CC) and J Robson (RFMC).         (CLERK)  
Ammendments to the plan for The Chapel, Leigh St. - no objection.
Also agreed to write letter to RFMC asking for accounts to submit 
to the Charity Commission.                                (CLERK)

An acknowledgement had been received some time ago for the  grant 
to the Asham and East Mendip Group.
PRECEPT - after discussion 1800 was proposed by DT, seconded  by 
HM and all agreed.                                        (CLERK)
Request for a grant to mend part of the Churchyard wall had  been  
received.  467 was needed, the PC had a cheque for the  Church's 
Burial Grant and a grant from MDC of 200 which could go  towards 
the  wall repair RD proposed granting the Church a further  267, 
HM seconded and all agreed. Money to come from PO a/c.    (CLERK)
The  Clerk requested payment of her salary of 210 for  April  to 
October  and  expenses  of  86.19p.   SH  proposed  payment,  JD 
seconded all agreed.  Cheque made out.                    (CLERK)
Bills  from Somerset Computing for photocopying up to  1  October 
for 121.02p and for a bulk order of envelopes at 6.40 had  been 
received.   SH proposed payment, JD seconded all  agreed.  Cheque 
made out.  (DT declared an interest in this item).        (CLERK)  
DP  requested  payment  of Quarrying Conference Fee  of  15.  DT 
proposed, SH seconded all agreed.  Cheque made out.       (CLERK)
Transfer of 500 will be made from PO a/c to Current a/c.

The  following were put on circulation - CPRE  Countryside  News, 
SALC documents, Thatch, Info about SCC spending. 
No one was able to attend the Mendip Forum on the Earth Summit.

It was decided to hold a short meeting on 20 December at 7.30  in 
the School to discuss any matters that could not be carried  over 
to January.

The Agenda in January will include Sites of Historic Interest and 
Plantation Burial.

The Meeting closed at approx 2220h.


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