ON MONDAY 10 JANUARY 1994.
Councillors present were J Davis, R Dixon, S Haywood, H Mawdsley, 
D Pattison (Chairman), D Turner and A Gould who arrived late.
A  Merrick,  County Councillor, and K Mack, MD  Councillor,  were 
also present.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.
MATTERS ARISING - all letters had been written but it was decided 
to chase up MDC re the Church Yard if nothing was heard by 14/01.
VILLAGE  SURVEY - 100 replies. Survey now closed.     (RD & DT)
Thankyou received for Grant to School.
PLANNING - Tweed Farm development agreed. 
A  copy  of  a letter of complaint re  Examiner  House  had  been 
received.  DP will investigate & PC will write to MDC  supporting 
request for Enforcement.                             (CLERK & DP)
[A Gould arrived.]
LJH - car parking area is being violated, MDC will be told.(CLERK)

ROADS  AND  FOOTPATHS  - Write to SCC about: 1) Stiles  &  FP  at 
Tadhill. 2) Spring errupting on Blackers Lane. 3) Rubbish  dumped 
on  road  verges  and  in  lay bys.   4)  Broken  drain  at  Knap 
Hill/Hollybush Lane.                                      (CLERK)
DT suggested a Village Clean Up Day, all agreed.     (CLERK & DT)

LOCAL  GOVERNMENT REVIEW - Great concern was voiced to  Mrs  Mack 
over  Minerals Policy of any future County & how it would  affect 
L-O-M. It was agreed to write to local paper with copy to MP  and 
Gummer  supporting  status  quo as well as SCC's  request  for  a 
Judicial Revue.                                      (CLERK & HM)
RD  had  attended MDC Meeting on Local Gov Review as PC rep.

QUARRYING  -  Report by DP & RD on SCC  Meeting.  Public  meeting 
chaired  by H Temperley was quite well attended  by  Parishioners 
and Employees.  There will be no gain in employment from the  new 
ASPHALT PLANT.  When asked by DT about lack of revenue when plant 
moved to lower level the Company spokesman said that this was  so 
far  in the future they had not considered it & that  they  would 
put  in  a  new plant & decommission the old. The  new  plant  is 
higher and closer to the village and WH claim will be on valuable 
stone  but the PC were worried that despite this last fact  there 
would be no rush to move it. Letter will be sent to SCC.  (CLERK) 
It  was also agreed to write requesting enforcement at  Halecombe 
as WH in breach of Condition 22 of their Permission.      (CLERK)

FINANCE  - Sub for Soc Local Council Clerks due. DP proposed,  DT 
seconded all agreed, cheque made out.                     (CLERK)
Nat West Bank - notification of Voucher Return Increase cost.
Request from Charity Commission for accounts of RFMC.        (DP)
CORRESPONDENCE  BRIDLEWAYS Group want info on wrongly  classified 
footpaths.                                                (CLERK)
NALC - Centenary Appeal & Training Needs.
MENDIP FESTIVAL 1995 - Send to LUMP, School & Fete.       (CLERK)

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