HELD ON 23 MAY 1994 IN THE HALL.

Minutes  of the APM of 18 May 1993 had been circulated  and  were 
accepted as a true record and signed.

The  Halls  financial year is October to 30 September.   For  the 
1993/4 financial year no rent or heating increases are  proposed.  
The toilet project will be completed and thanks were expressed to 
M Loten and J Robson for their work.  In the summer holidays  the 
kitchen  is to be redecorated to comply with the Food Safety  Act 
and  the  front  doors will be replaced  and  the  entrance  hall 
carpeted.  Future work will, it is hoped include, connecting  the 
Hall to the main sewer  and hopefully replacing the windows   and 
tidying  the  car  park.  Thanks were expressed  to  Mr  and  Mrs 
Rabbits,  hall caretakers, Richard Dunn, builder, Jan Robson  and 
Margaret Loten for all their hard work over the past year.
D Pattison expressed the thanks of the PC to the Hall Committee.

Unfortunately  in  the  last year  the  Chairman,  Treasurer  and 
Groundsman  had resigned but the  committee of four  elected  and 
co-opted  members  had decided at the 21 March  AGM  to  continue 
without  a chairman. Caroline Peat had been appointed  treasurer.  
The bank account stands at just over 300 thanks to fund  raising 
but  there  was a significant debt owed by  a  previous  football 
user.    Work   was needed on the Clubhouse and  to  instal  play 
equipment  won last year - an appeal for help to do this  in  the 
Parish  Magazine had been unsuccessful. No further action was  to 
be  taken  on  enlarging the field but help  was  requested  from 
Parishioners to maintain the field.  Thanks were recorded to John 
Whitmarsh the (resigned) groundsman  for his work at the field.
D  Pattison thanked the Committee for their work in  running  the 
A  Parishioner  suggested  that parents of the  children  at  the 
School be asked for help installing the play equipment.

At  the quarry the Bund was being built and the  installation  of 
the  new  tar  plant was underway with completion  hoped  for  by 
September  1994. The Bulls Green Link to alleviate  traffic  flow 
through Mells, Great Elm. Chantry and Whatley had been agreed  by 
SCC.   Hopefully the matter of heavy lorries through the  village 
had been dealt with (this was disputed by some present).
Mrs Featherstone objected to comments in the Parish Newsletter re 
blasts  from the quarry and footpath problems - these were  dealt 
with by DP.
Thanks were given to JF for her report.

The  group  had  made  representations  in  November  1993  about 
perceived  infringements  of  the  quarrying  permission  but  no 
satisfactory  response had been received from SCC.  The  chairman 
expressed  the view that the group's options were now reduced  to 
legal  and/or non-violent direct action.  They believed that  the 
publication  of MPG6 suggested that the governments attitudes  to 
quarrying  were  changing  and hopefully more  emphasis  will  be 
placed on re-cycling materials.
R Dixon was thanked for his report.

Thanks were given to D Turner for his work on the village  survey 
the  results of which would be fed into the Mendip District  Plan 
now  in  preparation.  The village was on the  waiting  list  for 
traffic  calming measures, and after much badgering most  of  the 
work  on road repairs/signs initiated by the PC had been done.  A 
circular  footpath would soon be completed round the  quarry  and 
new  access  points  had  been agreed.   The  PC  would  like  to 
encourage  Parishioners  to get their homes tested for  RADON  in 
advance  of  the initiative by SCC later in the  year.   For  the 
future the PC were likely to become involved in the purchase  and 
running of a Burial Ground as the Churchyard was nearly full.  In 
connection  with the review of Local Government SCC  had  applied 
for a Judicial Review and the hearing had started today.
The  Clerk and fellow councillors were thanked for their work  in 
the past year.
There being no questions the meeting was closed. 

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