HELD ON 2 AUGUST 1994.
Councillors  present  were  S  Haywood,  M  Loten  (Chairman),  H 
Mawdsley and D Turner.  J Davis and R Dixon arrived late.

Apologies were accepted from D Pattison.

CPRE TRANSPORT APPEAL - PC decided to make no donation.
J Davis arrived.
Discussion took place on a new Nat West bank account for Clubs  & 
Societies   but  it  was  decided  not  to  alter   the   present 
arrangement.                                              (CLERK)
The  Clerk reported that while she had been on holiday  the  Bank 
Account  had  become overdrawn to the sum of 158.59.   With  the 
consent  of  ML  the Clerk had deposited 200  of  her  money  to 
stop  further bank charges and had applied for  600 from  the  PO 
Investment account. It was agreed to reimburse the Clerk as  soon 
as possible.
The PC had 41.41 in the Current a/c and 4746.57 in the Inv a/c.
It  was  recorded that the PC had agreed at their meeting  on  20 
June  1994 to grant to the RFMC 233.01p.  The cheques  made  out 
were 94 to C Herbert; 54.05 to Sheffield Industries; and 84.96 
to Melhuish and Saunders.    
On  13  July 1994 two cheques had been made out to  pay  for  the 
Banner as agreed at the meeting on 25/04/94.  The cheques were to 
H W Signs 72.85; Hobbs Bros 51.05. The banner had cost  123.90 
(a grant of up to 150 had been agreed).
CHARITY COMMISSION - forms for Hall.                 (ML & CLERK)
RELATE request for donation deferred to next meeting.     (CLERK)

Temporary Permission for Cricket Shed granted.
PORTICO AT EXAMINER HOUSE - The PC decided to object on behalf of 
Parishioners  on  the  grounds that it  was  architecturally  and 
historically  out of keeping with a Radstock Stone Terrace  house 
adjacent to one listed building and opposite another.     (CLERK)
R Dixon arrived during this item.
MDC  will  be asked for a copy of the landscaping  plan  for  the 
field at Examiner House.                                  (CLERK)

Cocern was expressed at the loss of the lay-by on Hollybush  Road 
due to earth being piled there.                           (CLERK)
Stiles for Footpaths at Tadhill will be requested.        (CLERK)

On  4/08 there is a Public Meeting called by Great Elm  PC  about 
the Bulls Green Link Road.  Councillors will try to attend.
Councillors  were  shown  a  letter from  Friends  of  the  Earth 
concerning the BGL and its future costs.

It  was agreed to cancel the meeting on 15 August.  The  next  PC 
meeting will be on 19 September. 

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