HELD ON 17 OCTOBER 1994 AT THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present were H Daniels, S Haywood and D Pattison.
Apologies had been received from A Merrick, Somerset Councillor.

MATTERS ARISING from meeting 19 September.
Stile  at FERN COTTAGE was to be replaced by SCC  Footpaths  Dept 
who had had a meeting with D Turner.
{J DAVIS & R DIXON arrived during this item.}
SWEB  -  no permission needed for pole.   Discussion  took  place 
about  other new pole near school & the fact that supply  will  be 
interrupted for up to 5 hours to about 30 dwellings including the 
{M LOTEN arrived during this item.}

{D TURNER arrived.}
As  a parishioner had arrived to discuss his concerns  about  the 
pedestrian  gate  at the Recreation Field this matter  was  dealt 
with  here.  The Parishioner felt that signs were  inadequate  at 
both  field entrances but especially at the pedestrian only  gate 
and  questioned whether it should be shut for child safety  &  to 
perhaps deter dog walkers.  In 1992 the PC had asked for a safety 
barrier  at  the  gate and was told the  pavement  was  not  wide 
enough.   It was agreed to: 1)Ask for existing signs to be  sited 
better, & for each gate to be signed.  2) Ask SCC for a  barrier.  
3)  Ask for pavement at Herbert Dunn House. 4) Ask RFMC  if  they 
can cut back hedge to widen pavement to allow for a barrier.   5) 
Make into a kissing gate.                        (SH & CLERK)

DT  expressed concern that footpath matters were being  discussed 
when he was not present as he has responsibility for FPs.
EXAMINER HOUSE - letter to say planting plans not available.
GREAT HOUSE FARM - plan superceded.
CEMETRY   SUB   COMMITTEE  -  Minutes  altered:    "be   of   any  
assistance....matter" deleted  and  "excavate the  whole  area  in 
advance." inserted.  All agreed the change.
Letter from J Featherstone to say WH may be able to help.
RADON  -  Play date still not known.  HD has file.  DP  still  to 
contact Mendip Country Practice.                             (DP)
ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS - decided to send copy of letters  to  AM  in 
future. Stiles meeting took place. Clerk to pursue ARC.   (CLERK)
QUARRY MATTERS - Letter in hand.                        (DT & DP)
Reply sent to parishioner.
PLANNING - NOTICEBOARD details given to SH.                  (SH)
FINANCE - cheque book for Hall Fund hasn't arrived.       (CLERK)
SCC MINUTES to be kept for one year.
Thanks  were given to M Loten for doing the Minutes and with  the 
alteration the MINUTES OF 19 SEPTEMBER were accepted & signed.

All  letters  written and matters dealt with.   Four  Councillors 
will attend an informal Strategic Review meeting with Jeff Treece 
of SCC at the Bell at 7.15 on 21 October.(HD, JD, DP, DT,CLERK)
The Minutes were accepted and signed.

DP & HD attended a meeting to learn about changes in the planning 
process.  More reliance will be placed on the District Councillor 
and plans are in hand to run seminars.       Leaflet Circulated.
RD  -  Planning  Meeting on Waste Disposal  -  options  landfill, 
incineration,  export  or anaerobic digestion.  DC has  opted  to 
continue landfilling.                           Paper circulated.

MENDIP MASONS - 2 storey extension - no objections.
{JD left before this item}
FINANCE  - PRECEPT defered.              (DP took Account Book)        
VICTIM  SUPPORT  REQUEST  - {JD returned}  RD  proposed  10,  DP 
seconded.  All agreed, cheque made out & signed.

Complaint about pavement outside Bell Inn. Letter to owner(CLERK)
Pavement parking - ML  will talk to culprits.                (ML) 
DT  suggesested  advert  in  Parish  Mag  for  someone  to   clear 
footpaths.                                                (CLERK)

JD asked if PC had definitive map of Halecombe footpath - no.
RD  -  MDC Conservation Dept had written to WH asking  for  their 
plans about Rookery Farm.  PC will write also.            (CLERK)
Clarifiction re access to FP at Park Corner will be sought(CLERK) 
COATING  PLANT  -  according to WH rep is  going  through  trials 

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Crime Concern - Request for information given to ML.
SALC information given to HD.
Invite  to  Musgrove Park  Hospital Open day received  -  outside 

Next meeting - 21 November 1994.


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