HELD ON 5 DECEMBER 1994.

Councillors  present: H Danield, J Davis, R Dixon, S  Haywood,  M 
Loten, D Turner and D Pattison, Chairman.
County Councillor A Merrick was in attendance.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.
An  ammendment needs to added to the effect that the  residue  of 
the Hall Grant, 525, was paid into the Hall Fund a/c.
Because  of the short time between meetings no letters  had  been 
received.   It  was  agreed  that  SH  would  get  quotes  for  a 
noticeboard in a wood other than oak.                     (SH)
Rec Field Signs to  be  discussed  at  their  meeting 7/12/94(SH).
CHURCHYARD - DP to discuss with S Dores.                  (DP)
PAVEMENT PARKING - still a problem.                 (CLERK & ML)
ROAD AT TADHILL - waterboard working on it.

PLANNING  -  Variation  of  conditions  41  &  37  of  101393/005 
Halecombe Quarry.
Quarry want to re-negotiate these two conditions. NRA have gained 
all  the information after only 2 years not the estimated 5,  the 
variation would allow them to get extra information.  It was felt 
that  the PC could not object to the change in monitoring  scheme 
but  Councillors  objected  to the  change  in  the  consultation 
process.  A councillor had requested WRo Status report C03720 and 
C02971 mentioned in the application but these had been refused by 
Wimpey Hobbs.  It was agreed that the PC would write stating they 
had no objections to the monitoring changes but strong objections 
to the change in consultation.                           (CLERK)

EXAMINER HOUSE - served with a non-compliance order by MDC.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS (info from AM) SCC believed farmer wanted  lay-
by near water works filled in.  JD offered to speak to him. (JD)
JD  raised  question of school transport with AM with  regard  to 
children  of  9  having to walk along the  Old  Wells  Road.   AM 
told him about the appeals process.

QUARRY  MATTERS  -  RD believed Merehead had put  in  a  planning 
application - AM offered to find out & see Parish consulted.
Whatley  -  it  is thought that the  public  inquiry  might  re-
convene. AM offered to send a map of the area being discussed.    
Draft  Structure  Plan  - to be  discussed  this  week,  minerals 
section will be circulated.                               (RD)

POLICE  PLAN - was discussed it was agreed that cars need  to  be 
made  more secure (a national initiative?) and Youth crime  needs 
to be tackled.                                          (CLERK)

FINANCE - HALL FUND - A cheque for 525 had been deposited by the 
PC  so  all  the grant for the next 2 years  had  been  paid.   A 
receipt  for  152.50p from SCC had been received.  A  bill  from 
Wessex Water for 41.13p had been received, DP proposed  payment, 
SH seconded all agreed.  A cheque was made out and given to ML.

CORRESPONDENCE - Letter from Chubb Beresford concerning Rec Field 
was given to SH for the meeting on 7/12.
NRA FLOODING info request.                                (DP)
"CLERK", Twinning Notes & Local Council Review circulated.

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