HELD ON 16 JANUARY 1995.

Councillors  present:  H Daniels, J Davis, R  Dixon,  S  Haywood, 
D Pattison(Chairman) and D Turner.
Somerset County Councillor Merrick had intimated he would  arrive 
A wooden gavel made by D Pattison was donated by him to the  PC,  
he was thanked and congratulated on his workmanship.

MINUTES OF 5/12/94 were agreed and signed.
REC  FIELD  - SH presented a drawing to show the work  needed  to 
errect  a safety barrier.  It was agreed that JD & DP would  meet 
with J Robson. Verbal thanks for notification of future grant were 
conveyed by SH.                                     (JD, DP,CLERK)
RADON  to be pursued.                                        (DP)
NOTICEBOARD SH presented quotes from C Haywood of 250 + VAT  for 
a  single  board  & 300 + VAT for a  double.   She  declared  an 
interest.   DP proposed & RD seconded a motion to order a  double 
board with vandal proof glass & posts in oak; all agreed.  When a 
written  quote  is  sent an order will  be  placed.   Details  on 
Planning Permission will be obtained.                 (SH, CLERK)
PAVEMENT  PARKING  It  was  continuing.  It was decided to give 
offenders  a  copy of these Minutes before  informing  the  local 
police and asking for enforcement.                    (ML, CLERK)
ROOKERY  FARM - MDC & SW Director of Dept of  National  Heritage, 
Clive Abbott, will be sent copies of letter of 3/12 to SCC & 9/12 
reply and asked for comments.                             (CLERK)
Thanks had been received for grant to RADSTOCK MUSEUM.
3 CHURCH WALKL No reply from D Hooper MDC.                (CLERK)  
SPEEDING  TRAFFIC It was decided to ask AM to  ascertain  Leigh's  
position on the table of work when he arrived.
Mr Merrick said he would inform the PC.                      (AM)
REC FIELD - SCC had agreed to move warning signs.
PLANNING - Halecombe: reply from Mr Drinkwater SCC, CO3720 can be 
looked at at the Quarry or SCC.
NRA collection of flood info.  In hand.                      (DP)

PC Current a/c 409.12p  Inv a/c 2846.57p.
Burial Grant of 124 had been received and paid out to the PCC as 
SLCC  sub  of  19 due.  DT proposed payment,  SH  seconded,  all 
agreed.  Cheque made out and signed.                      (CLERK)
CPRE  sub  of  15 due.  RD proposed payment,  DP  seconded,  all 
agreed.  Cheque made out and signed.                      (CLERK)
HALL  FUND  ACCOUNT - 3,933.83p.  Update given by ML.   Work  on 
drains  has been completed and is awaiting inspection  by  Wessex 
Water.  ML proposed writing cheques for work done when bills  were 
presented.  DP seconded and all agreed.              (ML & CLERK)
ML had been asked to audit the RFMC books.  The Clerk had written 
to SALC for guidance.                                     (CLERK)

A  request will be made that danger signs on Barns  Close  Quarry 
edge  be  replaced by something more vandal proof,  preferably  a 
crash barrier.                                            (CLERK)
Temporary warning signs on Green Lane need renewing.      (CLERK) 

Limekiln  Lane  - Road made wider and therefore faster  with  the 
result  that more accidents are occuring.  SCC will be  asked  to 
review the design.                                        (CLERK)

BULLS  GREEN  LINK  - publication of Side Roads  order.   It  was 
proposed  by RD that the PC object, DT seconded and  all  agreed.  
DP was asked to write letter of objection.  Plans taken by RD who 
will pass them to DT & then to DP by weekend.                (DP)

GRAVEYARD UPDATE DP had met with the headmaster but felt that his 
proposal was  too costly, it was decided that the  original  site 
proposed was more practical. It was agreed that the sub committee 
would  approach MDC for advice on raising the land height of  the 
original  area and on suitablity of other sites.  Mr Merrick  who 
arrived  during this item offered to talk to SCC  Waste  Disposal 
dept.                                                 (ML & DP)
PLANNING   It  was agreed that an approach would be  made  to  Mr 
Perry concerning the palletts following a complaint.       (DP)
MEREHEAD  An updated map of the area had been received by the PC.  
Downhead Parish Meeting attended by the Clerk and RD had  decided 
not to object.  It was strongly felt that for the CC to have  any 
credibility it should turn down this application.  It was  agreed 
that  DP would formulate a letter of objection from this PC.   It 
was  further decided to leaflet the Parish on this and the  Bulls 
Green  Link.   AM  thought the Merehead  proposal  would  not  be 
discussed till April.  Papers given to DP.                (DP)
Letter  from  Les Kimberley re  PLANNING  APPLICATION  DELEGATION 
SCHEME a reply will be sent.                           (CLERK)

Village Hall - ML.  Hall worried about trees overgrowing  gutters 
on Bellfield.  SCC will be asked who is responsible.   (CLERK)
SALC - HD & RD.  HD put forward proposals on RADON see overleaf - 
which  will be presented to the Executive Council.   RD  proposed 
that SALC re-examine its Quarrying Policy, this is to be discussed.
SW  REGIONAL PLANNING CONFERANCE met on 9/12/94 RD reported  that 
Somerset have refused to accept their mineral apportionment.
RBL HOUSING ASS COMMITTEE meeting had been attended by RD.

Request by PhD student for Parish Newsletters.            (CLERK)
ENVIRONMENT DEPT OPEN EVENING  on 16/2/95 RD will attend.
VE DAY CELEBRATION - no plans.                            (CLERK)


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