HELD ON 7 FEBRUARY 1995 IN THE SCHOOL

Councillors  present:  H Daniels, J Davis, R  Dixon,  S  Haywood, 
M Loten and D Pattison, Chairman.
Apologies were received and accepted from D Turner.

Ellery  Cottage  - it was noted that Fern Cottage and 29  and  30 
Park  Hayes  have not been consulted,  MDC will be informed.  
There were no objections to this plan.                    (CLERK)

ARC Whatley Quarry - Since calling the meeting to discuss the re-
opening of the planning application which had been the subject of 
a Public Inquiry and court case local papers had reported that  a 
new  application  had  been  submitted  to  SCC.   The new  plan, 
according to information from RD, included the offer to surrender  
quarrying  permission  on Asham Woods and Barns  Close.   It  was 
agreed  that the PC would ask that the Inquiry be  re-opened  and 
its scope expanded.        (DP)        

Rookery Farm -  destruction of the area around listed building  - 
A  letter  from  MDC  had  arrived  saying  that  they  would  be 
discussing  this  matter  but that it was felt it  was  a  County 
Council   matter.    It  was  agreed  to  send   copies   of   PC 
correspondence to Mike Hillman, Planning Chairman at MDC. (CLERK)

3  Church Walk - a letter apologising from the mistake  had  been 
received from MDC.

LJH - parking of HGV's on employees car park.  Enforcement action 
will be requested.                                        (CLERK)

Bulls  Green Link  - It was agreed to write to  neighbouring 
PC's  sending  a  copy  of this  PC's  objection  and  requesting 
support.                                                  (CLERK)

EDUCATION - JD reported on the cut in the School budget.  It  was 
agreed that the PC would write objecting to cuts to the Minister.

NEWSLETTER  -  It was agreed it would include the issues  of  the 
Bulls Green Link. Merehead and Whatley.                 (DP & RD)

Leaflets  from MDC concerning security initiative for homes  will 
be given to the Post Office and displayed on noticeboard. (CLERK)

Next Meeting 20 February 1995 at 7.30pm in the School.

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