HELD ON 20 FEBRUARY 1995 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  H Daniels, R Dixon, S  Haywood, M  Loten, 
D  Pattison(Chairman) and  D Turner.  J Davis arrived during  the 
first item.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETINGS -  16 January 1995.
The Minutes were amended to add M Loten in line 2. 
Item  REC FIELD in Matters Arising after 'barrier' the  following 
was added - "The PC were not happy with the proposal and it...."
Page  2  item  MEREHEAD after 'Bulls Green  Link'  the  following 
sentence  was  added  -  "DT  expressed  concern  that  quarrying 
appeared to have taken place in the revised application area & he 
requested that this was checked and action taken if need be."
The Minutes were accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING 16 JANUARY - REC FIELD - DP had met with J Robson 
(RFMC)  who  had  agreed  with the  PC's  interpretation  of  SCC 
requirements.   JR  agreed to do a new plan and DT  offered  JD's 
assistance  with  mechanical  power.  Clerk  will  check  whether 
barrier needs to be 18" from the kerb.                    (CLERK)
RADON - in hand.                                             (DP)
NOTICEBOARD - order placed.
PAVEMENT  PARKING - Community policeman had agreed to  deal  with 
NRA - in hand.                                               (DP)
HALL  FUND A/C - As agreed cheques had been made out, signed  and 
sent for work done by Jon Coles, cess pit emptying, for  55; 
H  &  G, building work,  1597.30; and I S  Robson,  professional 
fees, 235.00.  
RFMC  -  reply  from  SALC  concerning  Councillor  auditing  the 
accounts - ML received no renumeration for her work.
ROADS/FOOTPATHS - no reply to 20 January letter, resubmit.(CLERK)
PLANNING - Mr Perry to be approached, in hand.               (DP)

With  the arrival of 7 parishioners to discuss  Pavement  Parking 
the agenda order was interrupted.

PAVEMENT  PARKING - following the complaints about this  and  the 
PC's subsequent action, affected members of the Parish came  with 
David   Hadfield,  architect,  to  put  forward  a  proposal   to 
Councillors.   A plan was shown with a scheme for  parking  along 
the  back  of the gardens on the south of Leigh  Street.   Access 
would  be through Park Hayes, across land owned by MDC & SCC &  M 
Young.  Concern was expressed as to the need for Traffic  Calming 
measures  in Leigh Street and DP explained to those  present  the 
PC's work on this matter. DH said that all residents affected had 
been  consulted,  those present at this meeting  were  from  Fern 
Cottage,  Jasmine  Cottage,  Shermoyne, & 2  Leigh  Villas.  Also 
consulted  had  been  residents  of  Liquenda,  Ellery   Cottage, 
Fernlea, 1 Leigh Villas & Terrace House.  
JD suggested an approach be made to the owner of the field  below 
the  Council  land  and gave DH the details. DP  asked  if  those 
present  would  use  the  new off  street  parking  if  they  got 
permission for it and was assured by all present that they would. 
It  was  agreed  that Councillors would have a  site  meeting  on 
Saturday 18/02 and discuss the matter further.            (CLERK) 
A Merrick, County Councillor, arrived during this item.

ARC  - Info from AM: the CC had arranged a  public  consulatation 
meeting on Tuesday 28 March in Mells Barn. 
AM  had spoken to ARC about Barns Close Quarry and they had  told 
him  they would be willing to meet the PC and talk about it.   It 
was  decided  to  wait until after the Public  Meeting  to  avail 
themselves of this offer and Mr M was thanked for his work.
BGL  -  Objection  sent  and  circulated  to  interested  groups.  
Objection letters from CPRE & Asham & East Mendip Group received.
EDUCATION - from AM:  delegation from SCC to meet MP's.   
Minutes accepted and signed.

FINANCE - request for donation from RELATE.  ML proposed 20,  DT 
seconded, no objections.  Cheque made out & signed.       (CLERK)
SOMERSET  COMPUTING  -  DT  declared  an  interest  -  bill   for 
photocopying 39.03p DP proposed payment, SH seconded all  agreed 
and a cheque was made out and signed.                     (CLERK)
Request for donation from Briget Parker refused. Info to C Winks.
HALL FUND - Report ML.  Waiting for Wessex water to  send  paperwork, 
otherwise  work  completed. Info from AM that  SCC  had  approved 
their grant.
A transfer will be made from PC INV a/c to Current a/c.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS - S Petherbridge, footpaths, had contacted  the 
Clerk re letter about Halecombe footpath.
'Give  Way' sign at Park Corner missing, Leigh Street  surface  & 
ongoing problem of Blackers Lane.                         (CLERK)
Marcus Barton had offered to sweep Bellfield, DT will talk to him 
to clarify the matter. Would Hall store utensils?       (DT & ML)
FOR  INFO  - English Heritage putting in a  Nature  Trail  behind 
Tadhill House, from JD not a public Fp.
Letter  from  Nicola Loten concerning state of  the  village  and 
suggesting  a  Village  Clean  Up Day this  tied  in  with  a  WI 
initiative. SH  will approach WI to  organise.      (SH  & CLERK)

PLANNING - TORR WORKS ammended plan arrived, reply already sent.
MENDIP  MASONS  - amended plan no consultation  requested,  Clerk 
will pursue.                                              (CLERK)
QUARRY - borehole near Finger Farm, AM will pursue.          (AM)

ML had been told by B Handley (Wimpey Minerals) that the cost  of 
making  up  the preferred site was 12,000.  It was felt  that  a 
nought had been inadvertantly added to the sum & she will confirm 
the figure again.  Gravediggers are concerned that 'made up land' 
is  unstable.  AM had been told by SCC that  Planning  Permission 
for earthing up would depend on the scale of the development,  he 
offered  to make enquiries about surplus top soil. ML &  DP  will 
continue with this matter.                              (ML & DP)

GROUP meetings.
CPRE info & HALL MINUTES circulated.
BRINGING RIO HOME WORKSHOP - RD attending, SH going for WI & will 
report to PC.

NEXT MEETINGS 20 March and 24 April.


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