HELD ON 3 MAY 1995 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present  were  J Davis, H Daniels  and  D  Pattison, 

Apologies  were received and accepted from: R Dixon,  S  Haywood, 
M Loten and D Turner.

GREAT HOUSE FARM - Front Barn Change of use to Blacksmiths Forge:  
no   objections  from  Councillors  although  details  of   noise 
provisions will be asked for.
Demolition of Section of Front Wall & Minor Internal Alterations: 
no objections.

Information about item at SCC meeting concerning modification  of 
conditions  37  & 41 of October 1992  Halecombe  Quarry  Planning 
Permission had arrived on Monday.

The  Clerk reported that following investigation by SH  into  the 
correspondence re the car park area promised to the Rec Field  by 
the Hedgerow developers no record could be found about payment of 
legal fees.  It was agreed that a cheque would be made out to for 
legal expenses as requested by the RFMC and given to the Chairman 
when  funds permitted.  Payment proposed by J Davis, seconded  by 
H  Daniels.   All agreed, cheque 000222 made out for 150  +  VAT 
total of 176.25p to Faulkners and signed.
The  Clerk  had  discussed with  J  Robson  access  and  planning 

The next meeting will be on 15 May 1995.


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