HELD ON 15 MAY 1995 IN THE HALL.

This  being  the first meeting of the Parish  Council  since  the 
election  the  following  signed  Declaration  of  Acceptance  of 
Office:   John  A  Davis;  Richard  M  Dixon;  Shelagh   Haywood; 
Margaret R Loten;   David  A  Pattison;  David   P   Turner   and 
John W R Wright.

Also  in attendance at the meeting were a number of  Parishioners 
and A Merrick (County Councillor).  Apologies were received  from 
A Ward the newly elected District Councillor.

ELECTION  OF  CHAIRMAN  - D Turner proposed D Pattison, R Dixon 
seconded  the motion, all agreed and D Pattison was duly  elected 
and signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman.

ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN - D Turner proposed M Loten, S  Haywood 
seconded, all agreed and M Loten was duly elected.

REPRESENTATIVES:- Memorial Hall     - M Loten
     Rec Field                              - S Haywood
     Asham & East Mendip                    - J Davis
     Royal British Legion Housing Committee - R Dixon & J Wright
     SALC                                   - R Dixon & J Wright
     Footpaths                              - D Turner
     School Governors                       - J Davis
     Cemetery                               - J Davis, M  Loten, 
                                              D Pattison,J Wright

FINANCE - See copy of accounts.  It was explained that the Leigh-
on-Mendip Parish Council Hall Fund had been set up to permit  VAT 
to  be  reclaimed on building work done at the Hall.   S  Haywood 
proposed  the acceptance of the accounts, D Turner  seconded  all 
agreed  and  the  accounts book was  signed  accordingly  by  the 

The next Parish Council meeting will be on 19 June at 7.30 in the 

It  was  drawn to the meetings attention that there was to  be  a 
meeting  at Shepton Mallet concerning Torr Works - R  Dixon  will 


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