HELD ON 15 MAY 1995 IN THE HALL.

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 23 May 1995 which had 
been circulated were accepted as a true record and signed.

The  Hall Report by V Winks was read out by D Pattison. See  copy 
enclosed.   D  Pattison  expressed the PC's thanks  to  the  Hall 

Halecombe Support Group - Secretary J Featherstone.
Wimpey  Hobbs had in the last year become Wimpey Minerals.   Work 
was progressing in line with the agreed planning schedule as  far 
as  possible.  The Company were holding a BBQ on 7 July  to  help 
raise funds for a heart machine at Mendip Country Practice.
JF was thanked for her report.

Leigh-Halecombe Residents Group - R Dixon
No report as group dormant.

Councillor Merrick said that the 19 or 26 September had been  set 
as provisional dates for the Bulls Green Link Public Inquiry.

Concern was expressed by Parishioners about the planting of maize 
in  footpath fields.  D Turner said by law the crop  musn't  stop 
footpath being walked.  If no width stipulated on definitive  map 
a minimum of 1 metre must be left clear.  The PC will act.   (DT)

The problem of very large lorries on narrow roads was raised  and 
the  use of Leigh Street by lorries was brought to the  attention 
of  Councillors.  RD felt that SCC were in a unique  position  as 
Minerals and Highways Authority to act on this but AM pointed out 
that  SCC had no power to force operators to use  certain  roads.  
RD  felt that SCC could make representation to the Goods  Vehicle 
Licensing Authority when licences were up for renewal to regulate 
parking  sites and influence routing of vehicles.  It was  agreed 
to discuss this at a PC meeting.

Recreation Field Management Committee - Chairman J Robson.
See enclosed report.  
Thanks were expressed on behalf of the PC to the Committee.

Parish Council - D Pattison
Consulataion on the new Mendip Local Plan were in process and the 
PC  expected  to  participate.   Since the  last  APM  the  Local 
Government  Review  had occurred and as supported by the  PC  the 
status quo had prevailed.  The PC kept on at SCC about holes  etc 
in roads but it was a question of funding.  The Parish  footpaths 
appeared in good shape with a lot of new stiles and signs  having 
been put up and DT was thanked for his work. It had been a  quiet 
year  on  the quarrying front but work on the bund  at  Halecombe 
seemed  to  be  on schedule.  There is to  be  a  public  meeting 
between  SCC and MDC about Whatley on 31 May at Shepton.  Due  to 
an initiative from Leigh presented to SALC the NRPB had agreed to 
look  into  the link between radon and quarrying.  A  new  notice 
board  for the top end of the village had been ordered and  would 
be  in situ soon.  Thanks were expressed to S Haywood and the  WI 
for  organising  the  Village Clean  Up  Day.   Finally  retiring 
Councillor H Daniels was thanked for her work.

The Meeting Closed and refreshments were served.

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