HELD ON MONDAY 19 JUNE 1995 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present  J Davis, M  Loten,  D  Pattison(Chairman),D 
Turner and J Wright.  R Dixon arrived during the first item.
Apologies were accepted from S Haywood.
A  Merrick was in attendance. The District Council had a  meeting 
that  night and had sent her apologies - due to date clashes  she 
was  not  free to attend a regular PC meeting until  October  but 
would welcome any contact from Councillors.

The Minutes of the last three meetings were accepted & signed.

MATTERS  ARISING  - 24/04  It was agreed to meet  reps  from  ARC 
about BARNS CLOSE on 3 July at 7.30 at DP's.              (CLERK)
VILLAGE CLEAN-UP no bill from SH.                         (CLERK)
TREES AT HALECOMBE - in hand according to J Featherstone.
3/05 - GREAT HOUSE FARM window - no news as MDC officer away(CL)
AGM - no matters arising.
[R DIXON arrived]

QUARRY  MATTERS  - From AM -  Whatley  Quarry  determination 
meeting at Shepton on 1/09. 
Torr Works plan passed.  
RD - South West Regional Planning Meeting had been told that MPG6 
would   be  reviewed  after  gov  consultation   on   forecasting 
HALECOMBE LIAISON GROUP - no meeting yet arranged.
After  the  APM AM had asked SCC officers to  consider  increased 
lorry  parking  at quarry locations being built  in  to  planning 
consents, this had been done at Merehead.
RADON - no response from NRPB to request by SALC.

FOOTPATHS - article to appear in Parish Mag with local map.
8/24  to  be checked.  8/12 & 8/26 in hands of SCC  who  plan  to 
serve  notice  this  week.  DT felt action being  too  slow.   AM 
offered to chase up.                                (CLERK,DT,AM)

ROADS  - SCC will be thanked for clearing FP from Barns  Close  & 
re-errecting  the  warning  sign.  Chase up Lay By  &  sign  post 
painting.                                                 (CLERK)

SCC DRAFT PUBLIC TRANSPORT POLICY - Suggestions -  rail link to N 
Bristol from Frome & better rural bus transport.         (DP, RD)

SCC  HIGHWAY  MAINTENANCE  POLICY PLAN -  repairs  to  roads  not 
serving  residences will be cut. RD said County being  criticised 
for lack of road maintenance while pursuing new road creation.

STRATEGIC  & STRUCTURAL REVIEW - DP conveyed to AM his view  that 
document  badly  written.  AM suggested PC wait  for  next  phase 
before commenting. Agreed.  
[AM left]

FINANCE  - Grant application from RFMC for 116 + VAT.   PC  felt 
cost might be cut if paint bought from supplier but local  labour 
used.  Cost of frame replacement will be asked.           (CLERK)
Burial  Grant  -  729 of which 600 is  for  repairs  to  arched 
gateway.   DP  proposed  passing on grant to  St  Giles  PCC,  DT 
seconded all agreed & cheque made out.                    (CLERK)
Village  Hall  Fund - notification of grant money  received.   DT 
proposed  that  when money is through all funds  in  account  are 
returned  to the Hall Committee, DP seconded and all agreed.   DP 
expressed PC's willingness to act as paymasters again.  (CLERK,ML)
Notice of Audit will be displayed.
Insurance  -  the annual insurance premium had fallen  due.   The 
Clerk had approached JD, DT & ML who had agreed it had to be paid 
and had signed the cheque.  The PC approved the action.
Hall Hire for AGM/APM 10.  DP proposed payment, DT seconded. All 
agreed & cheque made out and given to ML(Hall Treasurer).
It was agreed that JW would investigate new glass(shatter proof?) 
for the PC Noticeboard on the Bell Inn. DT proposed if cost  less 
than 30 he  proceed to replace it without reference to the  next 
PC meeting, ML seconded all agreed.                     (JW)                             
SLCC Revised Constitution & Clerk's Salary info circulated.

PLANNING - Tweed Farm renewal of permission, no objection  (CLERK)
School arch sign permission granted but other permission needed.

MDC  LOCAL PLAN - It was agreed that the Clerk would  request  OS 
maps  of the parish & info about planning applications.   DT  was 
asked  to identify relevant comments from the village survey  and 
areas  were identified by Councillors e.g. Sparks Farm Field  and 
the  land  towards Halecombe Brook where  development  should  be 
prevented. RD suggested a Parish Meeting but it was felt that the 
Survey info would be enough.  A reply will be formulated.    (DP)

MEETING  ATTENDED SALC (RD &JW) RD elected  secretary.   Training 
Events circulated.  Civic Trust request to know about  unoccupied 
or  convertable  buildings  passed  on.  SALC  are  looking  into 
election  costs & establishing a Minerals Group.  A  consultation 
paper  re Council sizes is to be produced.  DP confirmed as  SALC 
rep on Quarry Advisory Group.

CPRE  Housing, TEC Bulletin, Envir Update, Twinning  Notes,  RFMC 
Papers all  circulated.
MDC Wildlife Workshop on 17 July - RD attending.
In Search of Somerset's Future Meeting on 22 June.
Emergency Planning Contact needed.  N Park suggested.     (CLERK)
Bridget Parker Grants - passed to Winks & Wallls.         (CLERK)

Next Meeting 17 July. 


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