HELD ON 7 AUGUST 1995 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:   J  Davis, R Dixon, S  Haywood,  M  Loten, 
D Pattison(Chairman) amd J Wright.
D Turner sent his apologies.

Although  the following applications had to be viewed  seperately 
it was obvious that they were a joint application put in by  the 
owners of the two adjacent properties.
Myrtle  Cottage   2 storey extension to house,  single  garage  & 
vehicular access.
PC  observations - no objection to house extension or  to  single 
garage but concern felt as to size of access with resultant  loss 
of wall, on street parking and garden.

Homelea  erection of double garage, shed and vehicular access.
PC  observations - the garages were felt to be out of  proportion 
to  the  size of the house.  Concern as to the loss  of  so  much 
garden  to tarmac was voiced as was the width of the  access  and 
the loss of wall and on street parking. 

Somerset County Council Town & Country Planning Act - Metal  arch 
at School.
As  PC had not objected to this plan when submitted by  MDC  they 
had no objections to the same plan submitted a second time. 

Copy of letter from Mr Walker to SCC re danger of accident due to 
narrowing  of  width  of road from  village  to  Soho  crossroads 
because of the hedge read out.

SCC  Minutes;  The  Clerk; TEC  Bulletin;  Local  Council  Review 
Letters received -  SCC regarding footpath 8/26 and MP  regarding 
the SRB bid held over until meeting on 18 Sept.


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