HELD ON 18 DECEMBER 1995 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present were: J Davis, R Dixon, S Hayward, M  Loten, 
D Turner, J Wright and D Pattison(Chairman).
Also present A Merrick, County Councillor.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.

GAZETTEER                                            (DT & CLERK)
RURAL  TASK FORCE - letter from MP informing PC that a grant  had 
been made from the Single Regeneration Budget.
STREET LIGHTING - item re all night lighting will be included  in 
next village newsletter.                             (DP & CLERK)
ROADS  & FOOTPATHS - section of road between Knap Hill  and  Park 
Corner will be resurfaced in the new year, a sign was in place.

A  discussion took place on matters to be discussed at  the  next 
Quarry  Advisory Group meeting to be attended by DP on behalf  of 
SALC  and AM. It was agreed that the question of unsettled  IDO's 
will be raised.                                             (DP)   

JD questioned the cost of erecting kerbing at Long Cross with  AM 
who  agreed to investigate the matter.  RD reported that  at  the 
Rural Task Force meeting Frank Lake had been asked if PC's  could 
be informed of work that was proposed in their area.  AM believed 
FL  was reluctant to do this due to cost involved  but  suggested 
Chris Bilsland be approached.                             (CLERK)
Request  about  ownership of land above Rec Field from  SCC  -  J 
Robson will be consulted.                                 (CLERK)
Mud on village street - J Jones, Page House Farm, Newbury.(CLERK)
Church drain cleared.
Halecombe signposts.                                        (DP)
AM left.

Next agenda - Ernst & Young bill & CPRE sub.              (CLERK)
SCHOOL - request for grant for new noticeboard.  Letter was given 
to  SH  for  discussion at next Governors meeting  &  matter  was 
REC  FIELD - grant for tree maintenance, work needed for  safety.  
It  was  agreed to ask for quotes and that the PC would  pay  for 
work of up to 300.  Proposed JD, seconded SH all agreed. 
There is a Fund Raising event on 11 January in the Social Club.
A grant towards the climbing frame will  be considered at a later 
date.                                                     (CLERK) 
HALL - grant towards windows.  MDC were giving a grant and PC had 
already agreed to manage the job.  RD proposed 500, JW  seconded 
and  all  agreed.   A  grant of 500 will be  made  in  the  next 
financial year.                                           (CLERK)
FAX - it was agreed that the PC ought to purchase a FAX  machine.  
DP  proposed  paying up to 250 excluding VAT,  ML  seconded  all 
agreed.                                           (RD,DT & CLERK)
Clerk  had  consulted  MDC about work being  carried  out  at  12 
Bellfield  and  the fact that the caravan was still in  situe  on 
land adjoining 20 Park Hayes.  No reply to date.
5 PARK HAYES - single storey extension , no objections.   (CLERK)
Certificates for Myrtle Cottage and Homelea received.

BURIAL GROUND - in hand.

QUARRY  MATTERS  - complaints had been made to SCC  about  recent 
blasting by a parishioner.
Letter  from DOE - ARC appeal on Whatley Quarry withdrawn  so  no 
further action will take place.

UPDATE  -  RD had attended the SALC meeting on  16/12  and  will 
circulate papers.                                           (RD)

The following were circulated: Serving Somerset leaflet
                               CPRE information
                               TEC information
                               Avon Health information
                               Milestone Report.
Emergency Planning info will be given to N Park and B Clarke.
ROSPA leaflet given to SH for RFMC.
Letters  -  SCC  Data Protection Act/Internet  project  -  Clerks 
directions  will  appear  on  Internet  unless  she  objects.  No 
SCC CYCLE PARKING - copy to RFMC, Hall & Shop.
STREEET LIGHTING - M Barton will be informed of PC's intention. 
MP copy of reply from DOE about sales of Village Homes -  decided 
that where population under 3,000 no right to buy.
H  Daniels - letter concerning state of road between Park  Corner 
and Knap Hill, matter already addressed.
Care of Parish Records info with Clerk.

Next Meeting 15 January 1996.


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