Minutes of Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council Meeting
held on 15 January 1996 in the School

Councillors present were: D Pattison (Chairman), J Davis, R Dixon, S Haywood, M Loten, D Turner 
& J Wright.
Also present for part of the meeting was County Councillor A Merrick.

The Chairman reported that the clerk was in hospital and it was agreed that a card and flowers should be 
sent with best wishes from all present. M Loten agreed to deputise for the clerk during her absence.

The minutes of the last meeting were amended as follows and signed:
1. Mrs Haywood's name altered to correct spelling.
2. Quarry Matters - Letter from DOE - altered to read "ARC's 1990 Application on" ..........etc
3. Correspondence - S.C.C. Data Protection Act - altered to read "Clerk's details will appear".......etc

Gazetteer: DT to send a copy to Kath Griffin for further suggestions. Village map to be produced when 
the exercise is complete. (RD/DT to obtain a progress report from MDC on the mapping of the parish 
under the GIS system and inform them of our interest in progressing the system.)     ACTION - DT/RD
Land adjoining Recreation Field: RFMC are still having problems regarding the ownership of this 
land. J Robson has asked to look at the PC Minutes concerning the planning application and transfer of 
ownership from Melhuish & Saunders.                                                                     ACTION - SH
Mud on village street: JD felt that there was unlikely to be recurrence of the  problem in the near 
future. It was agreed that Mr Jones should be approached to ensure that it doesn't happen again next 
time he is muck-spreading.                                                                                   ACTION - CLERK
Halecombe Signposts: DP had drafted a letter to County Highways with suggested sitings for 
Halecombe signs - some slight amendments were proposed and copies of the final draft should be sent to 
Cllr Merrick/Wimpey Minerals in due course.                                                       ACTION - DP
Hall Grant: ML conveyed the Hall Committee's thanks for the grant of 500 from next year's budget 
and mentioned the possibility of a deposit on the new windows being required before 1st April. If this is 
the case funds would be transferred from the Hall's bank account to cover this, subject to confirmation 
from Mendip that this would not prejudice the payment of their grant.
Fax: RD has obtained several brochures - to be passed on to the clerk.          ACTION - CLERK
Work at 12 Bellfield                     } 
Caravan in garden of Park House} No news at present.                                      ACTION - CLERK
Minutes etc from SALC Meeting on 16/12: RD to circulate.                                       ACTION - RD

FINANCE	Current Account: 319.40	Investment Account: 4329.89
C.P.R.E.: Payment of 1996 Subscription of 17.50 was proposed by RD, seconded by SH - all agreed. 
Cheque No:000234 made out. RD suggested that a note be included with the cheque stating that we did 
not wish to receive any more "appeals" information.                                    ACTION - CLERK
Ernst & Young: Payment of Audit Fees of 76.37 was proposed by DT, seconded by ML - all agreed. 
Cheque No:000235 made out.                                                                  ACTION - CLERK
Neighbourhood Watch: Mrs Jan Pattison has requested funding for two NHW signs for the Tadhill 
area. This was agreed in principle but details of the proposed siting of the signs would be requested. It 
was suggested that the signs should be ordered by the Parish Council in due course.ACTION - CLERK
Society of Local Council Clerks: Payment of 1996 Subscription of 22 was proposed by DT, 
seconded by SH -all agreed. Cheque No:000236 made out.                      ACTION - CLERK
A request for a Crossed Warrant of 600 from the Investment Account was completed to cover the 
cost of the FAX /RFMC Grant. (Prop:DP/Sec:ML - all agreed.)            ACTION - CLERK
ROADS & FOOTPATHS  (Cllr. Merrick arrived during this item)
Kerbing at Long Cross: JD expressed concern that the installation of posts and a soil bank effectively 
blocks the "escape route" for traffic overshooting the junction from the Wells/Shepton Mallet direction. 
It was agreed that County Highways should be informed.                  	          ACTION - CLERK
[Cllr. Merrick informed the PC that in future every effort would be made to keep PC's fully informed of 
any proposed highways changes in their area and was asked to convey our thanks to those concerned. 
He also stated that County Highways had not been informed of the proposed change in priority at Long 
Cross and would not in any case have the necessary funding to carry out this work at the present time.]
Church Drain: Mrs Featherstone informed the PC that the materials used for resurfacing the footpath 
were provided by Wimpey Minerals and that the labour was organised by the Johnson family. It was 
agreed that a letter of thanks would be sent to Mr & Mrs Johnson.                         ACTION - CLERK
Kerbing outside Herbert Dun House: JW had been informed by Frank Lake that the work has now 
been ordered and is expected to be completed before the end of this financial year.
Rubbish in Leigh Street: This was particularly bad over the Christmas period with the changing dates 
for refuge collection. Complaints had again been received about the amount of household refuse in the 
area of Fern Cottage and it was agreed that the householders would be informed.   ACTION - CLERK
Bulls Green Link: RD expressed delight that the Government Office for the S.West is against funding 
this project and asked Mr Merrick [who arrived during this item] if the SCC Environment Committee 
would still be seeking funding for this despite the recent cutbacks. Mr Merrick confirmed that he would 
be trying to obtain the necessary TSG funding. It was agreed that DP would write to the Minister for 
Transport/Govt. Office of the SW.                                                                                ACTION - DP

PLANNING - No papers received.

DP has written to Mr Perry and has now been informed that Mr Nigel Salmon on Alder King will act as 
agent for the sale of the land. JW to contact Mr Salmon before the next Sub-Committee meeting which 
has been arranged for 8pm on 29th January at Church Cottage.                                     ACTION - JW

RD asked Mr Merrick to confirm the timescale for the County Minerals policy and was informed that it 
was still required to be in place by the end of this year. Some concern was expressed about the lack of 
time that this would allow for public consultation.

RBL Meeting: JW reported that residents had again asked about the matter of kerbing at Herbert Dun 
House, which is now in hand, and also expressed concern over the amount of litter in Leigh Street.(Both 
of these matters had been dealt with earlier in the meeting.)

The PC had been asked to identify the 3 top policing issues affecting our parish. These were felt to be:
1) House burglaries.	2) Car Crime.	3) Speeding.                                                ACTION - CLERK

Reply from Charity Commission re Hall Trustees: Richard Emeny has confirmed that the deed 
transferring the Trusteeship to the Parish Council in 1961 does appear to have been incorrectly drawn 
up. He has suggested that the PC consider adopting the Commission's model Village Hall Scheme and it 
was agreed that this would seem to be the best option. ML to discuss this with the Hall Committee at 
their next meeting on 9th February. [A copy of the CC's letter should be sent to the Community Council 
for Somerset for information.]                                                                                     ACTION - ML
Rural Task Force: Papers for their next meeting at Cranmore Village Hall on Weds. 17th January - 
RD/JW to attend.                                                                                                 ACTION - RD/JW
Letter from Under 5's Group: A request for financial assistance had been received from the Secretary, 
Mrs Linda Staddon and after some discussion it was agreed that the group would be asked to send a 
representative to the next meeting with further details of the expected shortfall for the coming year. 
                                                                                                                           ACTION - CLERK
Items for circulation:
1. NHS Responsibilities for Meeting Continuing Health Care Needs.(December'95)
2. Memorial Hall Committee Minutes.(30.11.95)
3. Somerset TEC Bulletin (December'95)
4. Arrangements for Reviewing Decisions on Eligibility for NHS Continuing Inpatient Care. (Dec'95)
5. CPRE Countryside Campaigner (Autumn'95)
6. Letter from Charity Commission re Memorial Hall Trustees. (10.1.96)

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 19th February 1996 in the School Hall.

Items for next Agenda:
Finance - School Grant, Under 5's Group, Neighbourhood Watch Signs, Tidy Britain Campaign.

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