Minutes of Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council Meeting held on 19.2.96 Councillors present were D Pattison (Chairman), J Davis, R Dixon, M Loten, D Turner and J Wright. Mrs Joan Pattison as Clerk Apologies - S Haywood, J Longley (Clerk) JL's letter was read to the meeting - any Councillors writing letters during JL's absence are asked to send her a copy. ML will continue with finance. DT requested copies of computer files of minutes. The Minutes of the meeting held on 15.1.96 were agreed and signed. MATTERS ARISING Gazetteer: DT has completed compilation. A few changes being incorporated following consultation with Mrs Moore. ACTION DT Land adjoining Recreation Field: SH has shown J Robson relevant Minutes which have been returned. Mud on Street: Another complaint received. Farmer concerned is away - a letter will be sent on his return. ACTION CLERK Halecombe Signposts:Mr Crawford(SCC Highways) has replied to our letter asking for Wimpey Minerals to put their request in writing.Copy of his letter to be sent to Wimpey. ACTION DP Fax: DT to visit JL to expedite purchase. ACTION DT Work at 12 Bellfield} Caravan in garden of Park House} on hold ACTION CLERK Minutes etc from SALC Meeting on 16/12 - RD to circulate ACTION RD CPRE Payment of 1996 Subscription - action complete. Ernst & Young - action complete. Society of Local Council Clerks - action complete. Kerbing at Long Cross: SCC Highways' reply to our letter stated the ditch and bank had been created at local request. Councillors reported six incidents of cars overshooting the junction and careering into the bund (none before its creation). DT suggested fencing/shingle half-way across the land, thus preventing access but still allowing an "escape route" for traffic overshooting the junction. There need to be traffic slowing measures on the Wells Road. RD to write. ACTION RD Church Drain - action complete. Rubbish in Leigh Street: A circular letter had been sent out. Situation seemed better. Bulls Green Link: No reply yet to DP's letter. Yeovil District Policing Plan: - actioned by ML. Hall Trustees:ML reported the Hall Committee need clarification on what would happen if a committee could not be formed, but there was general agreement to go ahead. ML to contact Mr Emeny to set in action in the hope it can be done before the AGM in October. ACTION ML Under 5's Group: Representatives Mr P Watts and Mrs N Parfitt reported the immediate urgency for money had been averted by successful fund raising. However there is still a potential future problem - only 7 children anticipated for September, so it will be 200 per term short of its basic minimum running costs. It was suggested they approach MDC (Richard Sheard) re Single Regeneration Grant specifically for Leigh/Coleford; also District Councillor Alison Ward; SALC; Community Council for Somerset. PC sympathetic to any future request but point out 600pa is a quarter of PC budget. FINANCE Current Account: 803.53 Investment Account: 3974.92 Neighbourhood Watch Signs at Tadhill:Proposed DP seconded DT - all agreed to buy 2 signs of the post type.Cheque 000237 made out. Roy Haywood to be consulted re moving of his NHW sign. Permission must be sought from appropriate authorities before attaching NHW sign to their posts. ACTION ML Re-siting of 30mph Sign at Townsend - PC have requested this before but will try again. ACTION DP School Grant: Proposed ML seconded JW all agreed to grant 200 for school/community noticeboard. Cheque 000238 made out. Tidy Britain Campaign: item deferred ACTION SH Community Council for Somerset Subscription: RD proposed, DT seconded, all agreed - cheque 000239 made out for 10. Photocopying Expenses: (DT declared an interest and abstained). DP proposed ML seconded all agreed to pay 36.54 to Somerset Computing - cheque 000240 made out. Transfer of Funds from Investment Account: DP proposed ML seconded all agreed to transfer 300 for Clerk's salary plus 500 for Hall grant (for windows) - cheque 000241 made out. ROADS AND FOOTPATHS 1 DT reported how a complaint re lorry used by ARC had been taken very seriously; similar service offered by Halecombe Quarry. 2 Pitten Street - tractor has pushed verge into stream creating a 2-3ft drop at edge of road. Letter to go to Mr Frank Lake at Beardley Batch. ACTION JW 3 RD flagged up mounting concern amongst environmental circles re prospect of M4/M5 link between Chippenham and Bridgwater. 4 More complaints about dog fouling. Some farmers' crops have been unusable. Warning stickers will be put on telegraph poles and mention made in the forthcoming Parish Newsletter. PLANNING 1 5 Park Hayes - permission granted for single storey extension.   2 DofEnv will allow SCC to expand Whatley Quarry. Councillors expressed their dismay that a Public Inquiry will not be held. Public Inquiry into closure of Chantry Lane still to come - PC will not be a statutory objector to that. DP to write to SCC reminding them to secure legal agreement re ARC's surrendering of Western Mendip and Barns Close IDOs. Conditions can be attached, eg re restoration, after-care and after-use. ACTION DP 3 Two storey extension and moving of conservatory at 1 Westleigh - no objections. ACTION CLERK 4 LJH - application for removal of condition restricting use of field to car parking. PC to object in strongest possible terms. ACTION RD BURIAL GROUND SUB-COMMITTEE UPDATE 1 Letter from MDC seeking PC's views about our area re Mendip District Plan and specifically re site of proposed cemetery - DP to talk to MDC before replying and to discuss with Cllr Alison Ward, inviting her to view site. ACTION DP 2 After discussion the PC asked JW to continue negotiations with Alder King re proceeding with purchase. ACTION JW REPORTS FROM MEETINGS ATTENDED Rural Task Force - JW reported - no action required. Hall Committee - Replacement windows to be installed from beginning of April - double glazed PVC coated aluminium. Mendip Quarries Advisory Group - DP to attend meeting at Glastonbury on 23.2.96 and will ask about after-use of Barns Close + other IDOs. (Post-meeting note: DP discussed with Ken Hobden and will write to SCC) ACTION DP SALC - Papers passed to JW and RD - one copy to be returned for the file. ACTION JW/RD CORRESPONDENCE 1 MDC's invitation to Vodafone seminar DT TO ATTEND 2 Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 1996/97 consultation draft - no reply. 3 Appeal for new LEA appointed school governors 4 Local Government Superannuation (Gratuities) Regulations - JL TO READ 5 Request for folklore information - ML to pass to WI and Evergreens ACTION ML 6 Hall Committee minutes - to go on circulation 7 E Mendip Rural Task Force Minutes - circulate 8 Video on Development of Waste Management Strategy - RD to obtain video for next PC meeting on 18.3.96 ACTION RD 9 Minutes of RFMC - on circulation 10 Annual return for the Charity Commissioners for the Memorial Hall - to be signed by "a trustee" - DP on behalf of the PC. DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Monday, 18.3.96 Agenda item - tidying of brambles, elderberries etc on Leigh St.

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