HELD ON 18 MARCH 1996.

Councillors  present:  J  Davis, S Haywood, M  Loten,  D  Turner, 
J  Wright  and  D  Pattison(Chairman).   R  Dixon  presented  his 
apologies in person.
Apolgies were received from Cllr Merrick.
The  MINUTES of the 19/2/96 were altered to read under:
FINANCE-  Transfer  of Funds from Investment  Account  -  'cheque 
00241' was altered to 'crossed warrant'. 
ROADS AND FOOTPATHS - item 2 'tractor' was altered to 'vehicle'.
When  these alterations were made the Minutes were  accepted  and 

Mud on Street                                             (CLERK)
(JD arrived)
Fax machine purchased.
Caravan - MDC contacted and promised action in near future.  Item 
will be kept under review.                                (CLERK)
(RD arrived to present his apologies.)
Long  Cross - Letter  to be sent to SCC with copies  to  Stoke  & 
Doulting P C's.                                           (CLERK)
Hall  -  A form applying for the Charity Commissions  Scheme  was 
filled out by Councillors.                                   (ML)
Before  he left RD reported on the Joint Councils Seminar on  the 
County Structure Plan minerals section, and suggested that the PC 
get  the  presentation pack.  DP reported that the  SALC  thought 
PC's would be grouped for consultation purposes.          (CLERK)
LJH - site meeting attended by JD,RD & DT.  Sub committee decided 
to  recommend  refusal.
RD  informed councillors that part of the Frome/Radstock  railway
line was for sale.  (RD left.)
Neighbourhood Watch signs - ML organised purchase, 30mph signs  in 
hand.                                                 (CLERK & DP)
Tidy Britain Day - SH - 21 April, 1000 to 1300h.
Pitten Street - reply awaited.
Burial Ground - contact with AW still to be made.            (DP)
All other items had been attended to.

Complaints  about  brambles  at  pub and  Sparks  Farm  had  been 
received.  DT suggested a work party for 24/03 at 1000h, agreed.
MDC  now responsible for footpaths and officers were  working  at 
Shepton.  Contact will be made re work needed.       (CLERK & DT)
Complaints about parking on pavement outside the Chimes had  been 
received letter will be sent to occupants of 2 Leigh Villas.(CLERK)

The  RFMC were asking for agreement in principle from the  PC  to 
apply  for  planning permission for a skittle alley on  the  club 
house.   Funding  will be internal.  DT  proposed  agreement,  SH 
seconded and all agreed.
Car Park land - letter from Melhuish and Saunders 12/02/96 saying 
that they did not want to proceed with the conveying of the  land 
until  the housing market recovered.  The ownership of the  track 
was unclear and it was agreed that a search would be made through 
the  Land Registry and the matter would be discussed at the  next 
meeting.                                                (JR & DT)
Tree grant - written quotes awaited.

BELL  INN  - Patio and Children's play  area.   After  discussion 
with the publican and neighbours it was agreed that the PC  reply 
would:  1.Note neighbours concern at increase in noise.2.Will not
affect value of building as a listed property. 3.No  objection
subject to not being lit up at night.                     (CLERK)

Crossed Warrant received by  22/03/96.
CLERK'S SALARY - Claim for 6 months to 31 March 1996:
                      Salary    231.04
                      Expenses   29.70
                      Total     260.74
DP  proposed payment, JW seconded, all agreed cheque  00241  made 
It  was agreed to ask Clerk to keep a record of hours worked  and 
agenda salary for next meeting.                           (CLERK)
FAX  -  bill  for 322.99 presented.   DT  proposed  payment,  JD 
seconded,   all  agreed.   Cheque  00242.  
Twelve rolls of paper had been ordered and it was agreed that six 
would  be  transfered  to  DT  in  lieu  of  payment  for  future 
photocoying.                                              (CLERK)
SALC subscription.  Payment of 57.66 proposed by DT, seconded by 
JD, all agreed. Cheque 00243 made out.
RELATE grant request.  DT proposed grant of 20, SH seconded. all 
agreed.  Cheque 00244 made out.
HALL -  It was agreed to transfer 500 to Hall Fund Account after 
1 April, and to draw a cheque from the Hall Fund for the work  on 
the windows for 4732.90.  ML proposed motion, SH seconded, all
agreed.                                                   (CLERK)
TIDY BRITAIN DAY - DP proposed granting a sum up to a maximum  of 
10 for expenses.  JD seconded and all agreed.
A  VAT refund had been claimed for the period 20/2/95 to  28/2/96 
of 135.26.
No grant made to British Legion Poppy Chain appeal. 

MORI survey received.                                        (ML)
Other papers to be circulated.
Parish Councillors to write to MP about school cuts.        (ALL)
Council to write to MP about school cuts.                 (CLERK)

Next Meeting 22 April, 1996 in the School.
AGM/APM  20 May in the Memorial Hall.                        (ML)
Newsletter.                                                  (DP)


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