HELD ON 20 MAY 1996 IN THE HALL.

Councillors  present:  J  Davis, S Haywood, M  Loten,  D  Pattison, 
D Turner and J Wright.  R Dixon arrived later.
Also  present  a number of parishioners and PC Smith  and  County 
Councillor A Merrick.

ELECTION  OF  CHAIRMAN - M Loten proposed D  Pattison,  D  Turner 
seconded, all agreed and DP was elected and signed a  Declaration 
of Acceptance of Office as Chairman.

ELECTION  OF  VICE-CHAIRMAN  -  M  Loten  resigned.   D  Pattison 
nominated J Wright, J Davis seconded, all agreed and J Wright was 

REPRESENTATIVES-         Memorial Hall -  M Loten
                         Rec Field     -  S Haywood
                     School Governors  -  J Davis
                          S A L C      -  R Dixon & J Wright
                         Footpaths     -  D Turner
                     Asham & E Mendip  -  J Davis
Royal British Legion Housing Committee -  R Dixon & J Wright
                       Cemetery        -  J Davis, M Loten, 
                                          D Pattison, J Wright.

FINANCE  - see copy of accounts.  Grants made  434.05.   Reserve 
being  built  up for purchase of extension to the  graveyard.  PC 
acted  as project managers for building projects for the Hall  to 
allow  VAT  to be reclaimed.  There being no questions  D  Turner 
proposed adoption of the accounts, S Haywood seconded, all agreed 
and the accounts were adopted and signed.
(R Dixon arrived during this item)
The Insurance Premium of 73.80 was due.  DP proposed payment, SH 
seconded, all agreed and cheque number 249 was made out & signed.

Erection of rear porch & pitched roof over existing at Tower View 
No objections.
Skittle Alley and toilet extension to clubhouse at Rec Field - no 
Closure of Leigh Street on 13 July.  No details of how much to be 
closed, from SH it would be stretch from School to Bellfield  and  
alternate parking will be available - no comments or objections.
Porch at Danecot refused.
Details of new planning committee procedures from MDC noted.

NEXT  MEETING - due to business needing to be discussed the  next 
meeting will take place on THURSDAY 6 JUNE.

The Meeting closed at 8 o'clock.


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