HELD ON 20 MAY 1996 IN THE HALL.

The Minutes of the Parish Meeting of 15 May 1995 were accepted as 
a true record and signed.

As  all  households  had  received a  Newsletter (Appendix A)  DP 
brought parishioners up to date on events that had occured  since 
it  had  been  written.  The PC had received a  letter  from  the 
solicitor  of  the  landowner  with  whom  negotiations  were  in 
progress regarding the cemetery extension and was proceeding  with 
this  matter.  Concern about provision of off street parking  had 
been  raised  and  MDC had outlined the steps to  be  taken,  one 
problem  was lack of money.  Discussion took place on the  future 
use  of Sparks Farm Field in light of the Local Plan.   Villagers 
did  not to want in-fill linear development on the field prefering 
it  to remain as farmland. The provision of low-cost housing  was 
also  raised, the Council will debate whether to conduct  another 
survey.  A request from the shop for support of a limited waiting 
area  across  their frontage was supported by the  floor  but  PC 
Smith agreed that it might prove difficult to enforce.

HALL REPORT by V Winks.  (Appendix B pages i to xii)
See  enclosed report, accounts etc in the Minute Book. On  behalf 
of  the  Parish Council DP thanked the Hall Committee  for  their 
work in the past year. 

AFTER SCHOOL PLAY CLUB report by S Beattie
Group  was  being  set  up to fulfill a  perceived  need  in  the 
village and was to start with an introductory session on 3 June.
Grants  had been received and a play leader  employed,  initially 
other  helpers would be volunteers who could use their 'work'  to 
access  an NVQ qualification.  An introductory meeting was  being 
held in the Hall on 21 May at 7.30 and volunteers were sought.

See  Appendix C pages i & ii.  Dp thanked the Rec  Committee  for 
all their work in the last year.

J  Featherstone  reported that Halecombe Quarry was now  part  of 
Tarmac  and a meeting for villagers was to be held on 25 June  at 
7.30 in the Hall.

County Councillor Merrick told Parishioners about the grant  from 
the Single Regeneration Budget.  The County councils' application 
to  compulsory purchase land and alter roads to enable the  Bulls 
Green  Link  to be built had been confirmed, gov  funds  will  be 
applied for.  ARC will give up the IDO permission  on Barns Close 
when  they get  permission to quarry under the road from  Chantry 
to Mells.  The Draft Minerals Plan will be published shortly.

There  being  no  further reports or questions  the  meeting  was 
closed and refreshments were served. 

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