Councillors presnt: J Davis, R Dixon, M Loten, D Turner, J Wright 
& D Pattison(Chairman).
Apologies were accepted from S Haywood.  Cllr Merrick expected to 
arrive later.
The MINUTES  OF 19 AUGUST 1996 were accepted as a true record and 

All letters had been sent.
PAVEMENT - the stretch towards Barns Close had been cleared.  The 
rest  of  the pavements in the village needed  clearing  and  the 
appropriate department would be contacted again.          (CLERK)
LITTER BIN - Clerk will contact Cranmore PC.              (CLERK)

Conversion of existing integral workshop to residential - COTTAGE 
GARDEN (formerly Leoglen):  no objections.                (CLERK)

The opening of the circular footpath around Halecombe Quarry  and 
the access at Soho will be raised at the next liaison meeting.
From A Merrick -  Travellers site at Park Close dropped.   Bulls 
Green  Link road  top of SCC agenda for  priority  funding.  SCC 
have  applied to "Capital Challenge" for funding.  It was  agreed 
to write opposing this to Government Office, South West.  (CLERK)

             - PC a/c INVESTMENT - 5674.92. (300 deducted 21/9/96)
                    CURRENT a/c  -  200.52. (300 credited 21/9/96)
               PC HALL FUND a/c  -     0.59.
               PC REC FIELD a/c  -  140.91.  

REC  FIELD  a/c:  The Clerk had contacted  Nat  West  about  bank 
charges being made to the account (as if it were a business a/c) 
and  they  had agreed to treat it as the other accounts  and  not 
levy charges, the a/c will be credited with charges already made.
1) A personal cheque from J Robson for 1702.58 will be paid into 
the a/c to cover outstanding bills and he will be reimbursed when 
grants  are  received.                                       (ML)  
2) Receipt  for 259.00 received from Wickstead.
3) J Robson had paid cash for sheeting - 
68.48  material; 11.98  VAT; 03.53  Carriage;  TOTAL    83.99
It  was  agreed  that the PC could not reclaim the  VAT  on  this 
transaction  and  a  cheque for 83.99 payable to  J  Robson  was 
proposed by DP, seconded by DT, all agreed. Cheque 002 signed.
4) Wickstead Leisure - bill  for  slide,  1702.58.  DP  proposed 
payment, JW seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 003 made out.
5)  C & R Herbert - safe landing material, bill for  211.50.   A 
grant from the Fete Committee is expected by the Rec Field so  DP 
proposed payment of the bill when the grant has been received, ML 
seconded  and it was agreed that a cheque would be made out  when 
appropriate.                                         (ML & CLERK)
6) The PC was asked to manage a scheme to improve the showers  at 
the  Rec  Field clubhouse.  ML proposed managing the  scheme,  DP 
seconded and all agreed to the proposal.
A  vote  of thanks to the Robson's on behalf of the  village  for 
their hard work in relation to the Recreation Field was proposed
and agreed.
A  letter  of thanks from the PCC for the payment of  the  Burial 
Grant had been received.
PC Current a/c - the Clerk claimed salary of 231.04
                                       expenses   33.72
           For 1 April to 30 Sept 1996 Total     264.76 claimed.
DP  proposed  payment,  JW seconded, all agreed  and  cheque  179 
Independant survey for proposed land for graveyard extension bill 
received.   DT proposed payment of 117.50, DP seconded  and  all 
agreed that when bill made out to correct concern - L-O-M PC  not 
MDC the bill will be paid.                           (ML & CLERK)
It was brought to the PC's attention that in the Minutes for July 
15  under  Finance  "ML  proposed returning  2700  to  the  Hall 
Management  Committee"   should be amended to read  "ML  proposed 
returning 2716.00 to the Hall Management Committee" this  leaves 
0.56p in the account. The Minutes were amended accordingly.
The Clerk had attended a training session in Wells connected with 
the  new  accounting procedures and planned to go  to  a  Clerk's 
meeting  in Street on 21/09 on the same subject. Papers  will  be 
circulated  -  she  strongly urged Council members  to  attend  a 
training session.

JW   and  the  Clerk  had  produced  a  single  survey   document 
incorporating elements from the 3 surveys asked for by the  Rural 
Task Force.  After discussion some final ammendments were  agreed 
on and a final copy will be produced for distribution. (DT,DP&JW)

QUARRY  MATTERS  County Councillor Merrick arrived,  he  reported 
that  the  Draft Mineral's Local Plan ought to  be  published  in 
December  and  there will be a 6 to 8 week  consultation  period. 
DP reported that he had been asked by a SCC officer to help  form 
a committee of quarrying parishes so that SCC could consult  them 
through SALC but had heard nothing further.
It was questioned why the Consultation area around Leigh's  local 
quarry  was so much larger than that around other quarries.   SCC 
will  be asked for the reason for this and be asked to treat  all 
areas the same.                                   (RD,DP & CLERK)                   
WHATLEY  - SCC have asked ARC to submit a scheme of  working  for 
IDO by the year end.

AM  told  Councillors  that the next meeting of  the  POLICE  AND 
COMMUNITY  CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE will be on 25 Sept at 1930h  in 
Binegar Village Hall.  (AM left)
R  Dixon informed the Council that in a private capacity  he  had 
instructed  solicitors  concerning a Judicial Review  over  SCC's 
decision on Whatley Quarry earlier in the year.

MEMORIAL  HALL(ML)  - Statutory notices had  been  published  and 
would  be removed 21 Sept.  The PC would have to call the AGM  on 
14  November  at 2100h.  The subject of dogs  fouling  the  grass 
outside  the  Hall had been discussed and the PC  were  asked  to 
write to MDC asking what powers they  could invoke.       (CLERK)
voiced  that the new pavement encouraged children to  run  across 
the road to the Rec.

SALC papers were circulated.  JW, DP and RD will go to the AGM.
REPORT,  OAKS MILLENIUM TRUST, letter from new  parishioner  were 
"From Talk to Action" will take place on 16 October 1996.
23  October  Nunney  Village Hall at 1930h  -  Rural  Task  Force 

In  camera  discussions  took  place  on  the  EXTENSION  TO  THE 
GRAVEYARD.  Alder King had contacted JW for PC decision.  It  was 
agreed  that  funding sources would be investigated  and  a  sub-
committee meeting called.
CLERK'S  SALARY  -  Payment to the clerk  had  always  been  made 
following  guidelines  laid down by the National  Association  of 
Local Councils.  Recently new guidelines had been published which 
showed  that Leigh had fallen behind. As requested the Clerk  had 
logged  her  hours for two months.  This showed  she  had  worked 
between 12 and 17 hours.  According to the guidelines and  taking 
into account the size of the Parish, pay should be 900 per annum. 
After  discussion  with  the  Clerk it was  proposed  by  RD  and 
seconded  by  JD with all in agreement that the  Clerk's  pay  be 
increased to 682 for the tax year April '96 to March '97, and to 
900 for the year April '97 to March '98.



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