HELD ON 20 JANUARY 1997 IN LEIGH SCHOOL

Councillors in attendance  were:  R Dixon, S  Haywood,  M  Loten, 
D Pattison (Chairman) and J Wright.
J Davis and D Turner arrived later.
Apologies had been received from Cllrs A Ward(MDC)& A Merrick(SCC).

The  MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.

REC FIELD info on new lease still awaited. The new boiler was not 
provided  by Grahams and the money, 273.78p, has  been  returned 
and the cheque paid into the L-O-M Rec Field a/c.    (ML & CLERK)
VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - pack arrived, already seen by JW &  DT 
will be circulated and more packs requested.              (CLERK)
ROOKERY FARM information passed on.
HEDGE  GROWTH - clearing in progress; concern at the  cutting  of 
the verge so close to the roots of the hedge will be conveyed  to 
SCC, a repeat request for clearance of path to Halecombe will  be 
made.                                                     (CLERK) 
MAGAZINE  -  local press requested copy of  agenda  and  minutes.  
The PC will send info regularly making no charge.         (CLERK) 
TRAFFIC CALMING - now dealt with by MDC.  Request to be  included 
on the list will be sent to them, cc A Ward.              (CLERK)
MENDIP  VIEW  - contravention of planning  regulations.   Garages 
being  used  to  do  up  a  classic  car,  occupant  advised   by 
enforcement officer about change of use need for field.  No reply 
to date concerning field behind PO.                       (CLERK)     
BLACKERS LANE - SCC had visited and spoken to DT.
FINANCE - response from Nat West to say a/c altered and therefore 
will  not  incur  charges.   Promised  quarterly  statements  not 
received, bank will be contacted.                         (CLERK)
SPARKS FARM FIELD - ARC will attend Parish Meeting. Invites  will 
be  sent to:  Cllr Ward, & the Planning & Transport team at  MDC.  
Discussion  took  place  on the advantages of  a  Village  Design 
Statement(VDS).   It was agreed the Parish Meeting was  primarily 
to get village reaction to the request by ARC but the compilation 
of  a VDS would be discussed. Preparation for the Parish  Meeting 
were delegated as follows: Flier, acetate preparation, VDS.  (DP)
Photocopying of and distribution of fliers to  Councillors, and 
invitations.                                              (CLERK)
Maps.                                                        (DT)

LOCAL ACCESS INITIATIVE - letter of support to MDC.       (CLERK)
Complaint  about  hole  in road beside LJH  carpark.   Clerk  had 
reported this once and County officials had been unable to locate 
it.  It will be reported again.                           (CLERK)
Complaint  about  mud on road in Town End area.  Farmer  will  be 
contacted.                                                (CLERK)

FINANCE - ML.  No movement of PC or Hall Fund a/cs.
REC  FIELD a/c current balance - 445.43p.  Only councillors  can 
be signatories for the a/c.
CPRE sub due will be put on next Agenda.                  (CLERK)

Complaint about contravention of Planning Permission by LJH,  MDC 
will be asked to investigate.                             (CLERK)
Permission for 2 houses late F Vining land passed although houses 
must be single storey with no windows in roof.
HILLCREST  -  2 storey extension and  lean-to  conservatory:   no 
comments.                                                 (CLERK)
MDC LOCAL PLAN - joint display for Leigh & Stoke, no date yet.
WHATLEY  IDO - it was agreed that this was a  totally  inadequate 
planning  application  request  deficient in  many  aspects,  e.g 
depth,  noise, environmental impact.  A reply will be  formulated 
for discussion at the next meeting.                          (DP)

BULLS  GREEN LINK - Government Office of the SW have  denied  SCC 
request  for  funding.   It  was agreed to  write  to  C  Clarke, 
Chairman  of  the Planning and  Resources  Committee,  expressing 
opposition to money for this project being found by cutting other 
budgets.   The BGL planning permission is still the subject of  a 
legal challenge.                                          (CLERK)
MINERALS  LOCAL  PLAN exhibitions - Nunney  11/02,  Gurney  Slade 
12/02, Leigh 4/03 each one followed by a discussion at 7.30.

Reply from solicitor saying client unwilling to negotiate on size 
of plot or price.  Sub committee meeting convened for 27 Jan, 8pm 
at Church Cottage.                              (DP, JD, ML & JW)

REC FIELD (SH)  Mouse Night 31 Jan at 7.30, race sponsors sought.  
AGM 26 February, 8pm.  Minutes will be added to circulation pack.(DP)
HALL (ML)  Minutes circulated.
RURAL TASK FORCE (RD,DT,JW)  Local Access Initiative and  Village 
Design  Statements  already  discussed.   New  IT  Courses  in 
Coleford.  The large job losses in Coleford had  been  discussed, 
Leigh Councillors were concerned at the pressure that seems to be 
being exerted by Coleford Councillors to encourage industry to be 
sited in neighbouring parishes.  Junior Envir Minister in area in 
February,  when  he  will be attending a meeting  of  the  Mendip 
Quarry  Advisory  Group.  From 1 February wheelie  bins  will  be 
provided  to all households.  New Redundant Buildings Officer  to 
be  appointed.  Bridleways Assoc want to have a  Mendip  circular 
route dedicated.

The  following were circulated:  TWINNING NOTES; UNDER 8  REVIEW; 
MENDIP  CARE & REPAIR ANNUAL REVIEW (copy for Evergreens will  be 
- the final draft and local government prefered option links  our 
parish with Stoke, Downhead, Cranmore and Doulting.
NEXT MEETINGS - 17 February, 17 March.

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