HELD ON 17 FEBRUARY 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  J Wright(Chairman), J Davis, M  Loten  and 
D Turner.  R Dixon arrived later.
Apologies were accepted from S Haywood and D Pattison.  A Merrick 
had sent apologies and information about the Bulls Green Link.

The  MINUTES  OF  THE LAST MEETING were  amended  to  read  under 
MATTERS  ARISING:  Finance - "response from Nat West to  say  a/c 
altered  and  therefore will not incur charges and  a  refund  of 
charges  already debited was promised." They were accepted  as  a 
true record and signed.

Village Design Statement - 5 more packs had arrived.
Field behind Examiner House - Enforcement Officers response still 
awaited.                                                  (CLERK) 
REC FIELD a/c - letter fron Nat West dated 14 February  crediting 
a/c with 5.85p, charges incurred in November.
LJH - Enforcement order served.
WHATLEY IDO - draft letter agreed to, returned to DP.       (DP)
[R DIXON arrived]
BULLS  GREEN LINK - reply from C Clarke who had forwarded  copies 
of the letter to other SCC officials. A Merrick had sent  a 
letter  explaining that the Minister of State for  Transport  had 
indicated to SCC how 700,000 "spare" Transport  Supplementary 
Grants  money  for 1997/98 could be redirected to  other  highway 
projects  in order to release other centrally controlled  highway 
funds  to help finance the BGL.  The PC were concerned  that  SCC 
had overlooked the fact that the BGL was still subject to a legal 
challenge  which could delay the construction process  and  might 
mean  that  the 'spare funds' could not be used  in  the  1997/98 
financial  year.  There was still a shortfall in funding  and  no 
indication had been given as to how it would be made up. 
All other actions had been carried out.

The  Meeting was Closed to the Public for a discussion about  the 

he meeting was opened to the public.
BGL letter from A Merrick already discussed.
Problems a LONG CROSS were discussed.                     (CLERK)

Sunday  20 April - the authorising of spending up to 5 had  been 
requested  by  SH for photocopying - it was agreed  that  the  PC 
would pay for all photocopying.                           (CLERK)
Asbestos tiles had been dumped on Wookey Lane (road from Soho  to 
Whitehole)MDC will be notified.                           (CLERK)
A  parishioner  had expressed concern about  parking  across  the 
safety barrier at the entrance to the Rec Field.  It was  thought 
that  this  was  not illegal but the village  policeman  will  be 
consulted.                                                (CLERK)
Finger  Post  at  Island  Cottage  broken  -  incident  had  been 
witnessed.  SCC will be informed.                         (CLERK)
Concern was voiced at dumping/burning of wire on Whitehole Hill.

No movement on any of the accounts.
PARISH COUNCIL A/C - SLCC Sub of 30 proposed by JW, seconded  by 
RD, all agreed.  Cheque number 183 made out & signed.
CPRE  Sub  of  17.50 proposed by RD,  seconded  JD, all  agreed.  
Cheque number 184 made out & signed.
Rent  for  Hall  for Parish Meeting on 24/02 of  10  to  include 
heating.  DT proposed, JD seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 185  made 
out & signed.
Request for sub for 'Local Council Review' not agreed.
A  transfer  document to take 600 from the  Investment  a/c  for 
payment into the Current a/c was agreed and signed.

TWEED FARM - no objections.                               (CLERK)
FERN  COTTAGE - request as to whether building at the back  needs 
permission. MDC will be contacted.                        (CLERK)

Deadline  for  the DRAFT MINERALS PLAN is 27 March,  it  will  be 
discussed at the next PC meeting after the Public Meeting on 4/03.

SOMERSET STRUCTURE PLAN had arrived reply by 4/04.  RD was  asked 
to formulate  discussion points for next PC meeting and circulate 
the plan and the reply.                                      (RD) 

DT  had a copy of the order for the STOPPING UP OF  CHANTRY  LANE 
the PC will object on the grounds of loss of both an amenity  and  
historic right of way.                                    (CLERK)

Letter  containing newpaper article about penalties  for  turning 
farm/waste land into a garden without permission circulated.
MDC DOMESTIC NOISE SURVEY,  SLCC Audit update Meeting for  Clerks 
on 22/02.
Millenium Greens info & offer of help from Countryside Commission 
will be answered/attended. Request for info about ancient  stones 
& ghosts will be put in the Parish Mag.                   (CLERK)
SALC documents taken by JW & then will be circulated.        (JW)
The following  were circulated - MDC  meetings  list;   Community 
Planning Day 17/03; Dog Fouling Act info from MDC(ccRFMC & Hall);                        
OFFER info.
DESIGN IN THE MENDIPS info will be taken to the Parish Meeting.
Amulet and Community Planning Day adverts to be displayed.(CLERK)
BURIAL  GRANT FORMS passed to ML for the church she noted that  a 
letter with the forms said grants may not be paid next year.
CHARITY  COMMISSION  FORMS already passed on to the RFMC  &  Hall 
NEXT MEETING 17 March - Minerals Plan and Structure Plan.
             21 April 1997.

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