Councillors  present:  J Davis, M  Loten,  D  Pattison(Chairman), 
D Turner and J Wright.  R Dixon arrived later. County  Councillor 
Merrick  was  also present and District Councillor  Ward  arrived 
during the meeting. 
Shelagh  Hayward had written to the Chairman on 5 March  1997  to 
tell him of her decision to resign from the PC so that she  could 
concentrate on her work as Chairman of the School Governors.   He 
had  accepted  her decision with regret and thanked her  for  her 
work  on  the  Parish Council.  A notice  had  been  posted  with 
details  of the vacancy and if 10 electors requested an  election 
it  would take place on May 1 at the same time as the county  and 
national elections.
[R Dixon arrived.]

The MINUTES of the Last Meeting were accepted and signed.
Enforcement  officers report on Examiner House and  Fern  Cottage 
still awaited.                                            (CLERK)
REC FIELD a/c still having problems despite numerous letters  and 
visits by Clerk & ML.  A customer questionnaire had been received 
and will be returned & letter about bank charges sent.(ML & CLERK)
BULLS  GREEN LINK - it was agreed to write to Gov Office  for  SW 
opposing funding.                                            (DP)
ROADS reply awaited.
RUBBISH  DUMPING - being dealt with, more info about  burning  of 
copper wire requested.                               (DT & CLERK)
STOPPING UP OF CHANTRY LANE - a public inquiry is to be held.
VOBSTER COKE OVENS - to be protected as a Scheduled Monument.
DOG FOULING - will signs with new penalties be available? (CLERK)
A  PARISH  MEETING had been held on 24 February 1997  to  discuss 
a  proposal to include Sparks Farm Field in the village  envelope 
in  the  next LOCAL PLAN.  Proposals for the field  in  the  area 
around MANOR FARM had also been touched on as information about a 
proposal  to include this area also had been received on the  day 
of the meeting. This had subsequently been received from MDC  and 
comments had been asked for therefore DP had drafted a reply from 
the  PC on the proposals submitted to date for the  expansion  of 
the village taking into account the comments made at the meeting.  
The draft was approved by Councillors. 
Subscription to COMMUNITY COUNCIL FOR SOMERSET of 10 proposed by 
DP, seconded by DT, all agreed.  Cheque 186 signed.
said  that  at  the  SALC meeting he  attended  recently  it  was 
proposed  that the District Council paid the membership  fee  for 
each  parish  but  no  decision had been  reached  on  this.   JW 
proposed payment, JD seconded all agreed.  Cheque 187 signed.
There is an AUDIT AND ACCOUNTING REGULATION meeting on 18/03  run 
by  SALC  in Nunney the Clerk had suggested that it would  be  an 
advantage  for councillors to attend and provisional  places  had 
been reserved.at a total cost of 20.  DT proposed paying for  ML 
& DP to attend, RD seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 188 signed.
Salary for 6 months to March 31 1997 -  450.96
                            Expenses -   60.68    
                             TOTAL      511.64
ML poposed payment, DT seconded all agreed.  Cheque 189 signed.
The  PC  had  decided  not  to buy the  CIPFA  book  on  the  new 
regulations but following a meeting attended by the Clerk she had 
consulted the Chairman who had approved the purchase of the  book 
and a receipt for this was included in her expense claim. 
In  line with the new regulations DP proposed the appointment  of 
the  Clerk, J Longley, as the Responsible Financial  Officer,  RD 
seconded and all agreed.   
DT proposed that Margaret Loten be appointed as Internal Auditor.  
RD seconded and all agreed.
REC FIELD a/c - as already stated charges were still being  made, 
the problem will be addressed again.  A VAT return is to be  sent 
off for the work done recently, the PC had only one item on which 
VAT  could be reclaimed and this will be included in  the  return 
which will be sent after 31 March.
[A Ward arrived]

HILLCREST - permission granted.
Letter from MDC suggesting the PC do another Housing Survey.
MENDIP VIEW - Change of Use from Agricultural to Garden.
The  PC were very concerned that the property was being used  for 
commercial  purposes  despite  the findings  of  the  enforcement 
officer.  Objections  will  be made to  the  application  on  the 
grounds  that:  the application is retrospective;  the number  of 
cars  parked  at the property and the nature of the  fencing  and 
work  done  already  was  felt  to be  more  in  keeping  with  a 
commercial  than a domestic purpose;  the nature of the road  was 
felt to be unsuitable for further residential development.(CLERK)
It  was  agreed that a verbal proposal for a  motorbike  scramble 
area  around  the  Coke Ovens could only  be  discussed  when  an 
official application was received.

SOMERSET  STRUCTURE PLAN responses have to be in by 4 April.   It 
was  agreed  that  areas of concern were  minerals,  housing  and 
roads.   DP will formulate a reply and consult other  councillors 
before sending it.                                     (DP et al)

MINERALS  PLAN RESPONSE  concern was felt at the rise  of  output 
levels  but  it  was  suggested  that  this  was  best  left   to 
environmental groups to argue.  Sustainable development  suggests 
a diminution in the amount extracted.  A reply will be formulated 
with consultation. B Marables was loaned the document. (DP et al)
[A Ward left during this item.]

BURIAL GROUND UPDATE waiting for info on Change of Use.   (CLERK)

MEETINGS  ATTENDED SALC (JW & RD) - Village of Year  competition. 
Conservation Planning Seminar.  Worry about more responsibilities 
being given to Parishes to save money, this will be discussed  at 
24 June SALC Conferance.  A Regional Planning Conferance is to be 
held  on  30  June in Street.  Warning about  ticks  in  bracken.  
Travellers  Sites  -  how  can  they  be  travellers  if  have  a 
'permanent' site?  Report by East Area stressed distress at scale 
of quarrying in the Mendips.

The following were circulated: 
from MDC - Agenda 21 info; PC Info Bulletin; Amended Draft Policy 
on Unauthorised Encampments; Home Energy Awareness Meeting.
European News; TEC Bulletin; Village Hall Directory; CPRE  letter 
re  Somerset Structure Plan; RFMC Minutes; SCC Minutes &  Traffic 
Calming Factsheet.
SALC - Thatch; Papers and Village of Year details.
SLCC - AGM details.

The next meeting will be the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting on  19 
May(if Hall is available).

The  Chairman  thanked Tony Merrick who was  attending  his  last 
Parish  Council Meeting in his capacity as County Councillor  for 
all the work he had done as the area's county councillor and  for 
his  honesty and effort in his dealings with the Parish  Council.  
He wished him a happy retirement from public life.


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