HELD ON 21 APRIL 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  present:  J Davis, M  Loten,  D  Pattison(Chairman), 
D Turner and J Wright.
R Dixon had sent apologies as he would be late arriving.
The  Minutes of the last meeting were amended to include the date 
of the 21 April meeting and then accepted and signed.

No info from MDC Enforcement Department.                  (CLERK)
Asbestos  tiles have been removed but rubbish on  Whitehole  Hill 
not yet attended to.                                      (CLERK)
Dog Fouling - a parishioner had enquired about dog fouling signs.  
MDC  said  new notices will not be printed.   A  Councillor  will 
visit parishioner.                                           (DT)
Mendip View planning application turned down.
Somerset Structure Plan - reply sent and although late it will be 
given to the Inspector.
Minerals Plan reply sent.
Burial Ground change of use - no reply from MDC.          (CLERK)
No  ELECTION for Parish Councillor requested.  Applications  will 
be  asked for by 7 May and the PC will meet in the School  on  12 
May, in camera, to fill the vacancy.                      (CLERK)

It  was agreed to pay the rent for the hire of the Hall  for  the 
Village Design meetings on 10 April and 8 May and the AGM and APM 
in May on one cheque.  JW proposed payment of 24, 2 at 7 and  1 
at  10(for the AGM + refreshments), DP seconded and all  agreed.  
Cheque 190 made out and signed.
Bill for Somerset Computing (DT declared an interest in this  one 
item)for  64.37  +  11.26  VAT Total  75.63.  for  the  period 
February 1996 to 27 March 1997.  Payment proposed by DP, seconded 
by JW, all agreed.  Cheque 191 made out & signed.  
VAT claim form sent off.
Parish Path Maintenance Scheme - agreement for 1997-98  received.  
No money had been spent last year.                        (CLERK)
The  Precept cheque fo 3100 had been received and paid into  the 
Current  a/c.  It was agreed to transfer 2700 to the  Investment 
a/c and cheque 192 was made out.
Discussion  took  place  on the preparation of  the  accounts  in 
accordance  with  the  new laws.  At the PC  meeting  on  12  May 
finalised accounts will be presented.

PLANNING  R Dixon arrived.
TORR  WORKS  - application for the removal of  topsoil  had  been 
received.   The  PC decided to object to the application  on  the 
grounds  of:   1)  Sufficient  topsoil  retained  for  after  use 
requirements.  2)  Transport implications of movement of so  much 
topsoil.  3) Question trying to create West Mendips in the  East. 
4)  Setting  a precedent if allow removal of  topsoil.   5)   The 
revenue generated to be put in a fund for environmental  schemes.  
6) Loss of farming potential if soil removed.             (CLERK) 
TWEED FARM COTTAGES - permission granted.
JW asked if LJH had put in a planning application.        (CLERK)
VILLAGE  DESIGN  MEETING - talk given by Richard  Rainsford  from 
MDC.  3 working parties had been set up to look at how to  tackle 
the  production of the document.  Clerk had investigated  sources 
of funding for production of the final document and will pass  on 
this to the groups.  DP will chair the meeting on 8 May.  (CLERK)

BULLS  GREEN LINK - legal challenge has probably been  exhausted.  
JD  and  RD had visited the County Council  auditors,  Ernst  and 
Young,  to voice their concerns as to the sources of the  funding 
for the road. It will be up to the auditors whether the matter is 
taken further.  
JD asked about new stiles, enquiries will be made.           (DT)
VILLAGE CLEAN UP DAY no report to date.

MEETINGS  ATTENDED  - JW gave a report on the EAST  MENDIP  RURAL 
TASK FORCE -  a full time officer, Paul Sander-Jackson appointed.  
List of grants given circulated.
A  discussion about Asham Woods and quarry development had  taken 
place  based on the BGL being in place.  It appears  that  oolite 
that  ARC  needs to dispose of in future could be taken  to  this 
area.  A site meeting will take place.
DESIGN  DAY - JW.  Richard Rainsford had made a  presentation  on 
attractive  design features and views of styles  were  discussed.  
MDC preparing character statements of various villages.

CIRCULATED  -  CPRE  annual  report,  MDC  Housing  Survey  press 
statement,  PC  Information Bulletin, Building at  Risk  results, 
Fossway  Magazine article, Newpaper cutting about ARC  challenge, 
Letter from ARC concerning rubbish dumped on their land.
Letter from Myrtle Cottage asking for info about common land  and 
a Survey of Rural Services will be dealt with by the Clerk.
Election notices had been received.                       (CLERK)

NEXT  MEETINGS - 12 May to fill Council Vacancy (in  camera)  and 
adopt Accounts(in public).
AGM  and  APM 19 May starting at 7.30 in the Hall.   Notices  and 
Newletter will be displayed and circulated.                 (ALL)


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