HELD ON 19 MAY 1997 IN THE MEMORIAL HALL

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 20 May 1996 had  been 
displayed  and circulated and were accepted as a true record  and 
The  Minutes of the Parish Meeting of 24 February 1997  had  been 
displayed  and circulated and were accepted as a true record  and 

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT by D Pattison, Chairman.
A  newsletter had been circulated to every house in  the  village 
containing  information about the Parish Council work  over  the 
last  year.   Parishioners were told that Paul  Moore  had  been 
invited  to  fill  the  vacancy on the  Council  created  by  the 
resignation of S Haywood.  The Parish Council were supporting the 
Village Design Statement production seeing it as very significant 
to  the future development of the village.  The Coke  Ovens  near 
Miners  Pond  had  been designated  as  Scheduled  Monuments.   J 
Featherstone informed the Chairman that the circular path  around 
Halecombe Quarry was opening at the end of July 1997 and a Quarry 
Liaison Meeting was scheduled for Thursday 19 June in the Hall at 
Footpaths  had been kept open in the last year and an appeal  for 
someone to work on them had been made.  A decision on this matter 
will be taken at the next PC meeting.
Thanks were recorded to Sheila Pitter for her work on the  Parish 

MEMORIAL HALL REPORT from V Winks, Chairman.
Thanks  were recorded to the retired chairman Clive  Featherstone 
for all his work on the Hall Committee.  See enclosed Report.
The PC Chairman thanked the Hall Committee for their hard work.

Copy enclosed.
Mrs Peat was asked who was the contact person when the club house 
alarm went off - contact Rec Chairman J Robson.
It  was agreed that a report on the funding of the Skittle  Alley 
would be put before the PC as soon as possible.
The Committee were thanked for their work.

Three teams had been set up with a 6 man core team  administering 
and  co-ordinating  their  work.  The plan  was  to  produce  the 
finished statement and have it adopted by the District Council by 
the end of November 1997.  Two workshops were planned for 20  and 
21  June  and  the  village  would  also  be  consulted   through 
interviews  and  questionnaires.  It was planned to  publish  the 
first  consultation draft by 1 August and have the  final  agreed 
statement printed in October.
It  was agreed that this was a very important village  initiative 
that should be supported by all.

To  be held on Sparks Farm Field this year with events  including 
an antiques roadshow.

A Parishioner raised the question of the loss of hedgerows in the 
surrounding  area.  R Dixon agreed to get a Survey Pack from  the 
CPRE for the Parish Council.  It was pointed out that Tarmac  had 
planted  a new hedge but the state of their existing hedges  will 
be raised at the Liaison meeting.

There   being  no  further  business  the  meeting   closed   and 
refreshments were served.


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