HELD ON 2 JUNE 1997 AT 7.30pm IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:   J Davis, R Dixon, M Loten,  D  Turner,   
J Wright and D Pattison (Chairman).
Apologies were accepted from P Moore.

The MINUTES of 21 APRIL were accepted as a true record & signed.
MINUTES of 12 MAY accepted and signed.
MINUTES of 19 MAY AGM accepted and signed.

It  was decided to either make or amend the DOG  FOULING  PENALTY 
SIGNS.                                               (DT & CLERK)
BURIAL GROUND - to be addressed later.
FINANCE  - Footpath grant, Clerk had realised that 25  given  to 
Frome Scout Group for work on path in the Whitehole Hill area and 
had put it on the form.
VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - work progressing.
NEW STILES to be attended to.                                (DT)
All actions had been taken and letters sent.
12 MAY letters sent.

PARISH  COUNCIL  CURRENT a/c -  VAT repayment to REC FIELD  -  ML 
proposed payment of 355.05, DT seconded, all agreed. Cheque  194 
made out and signed.
REC  FIELD a/c - when the bank account had been set up  J  Robson 
had  loaned  1500.   Of  this initial  loan  202.58  was  still 
outstanding,  DP  proposed repayment of this,  JD  seconded,  all 
agreed.  Cheque 008 was made out and signed. 
In line with information on reclaiming VAT received from SALC  it 
was  agreed  that if any future work was managed for  either  the 
Hall or the Rec Field  the PC would have to make the orders.
local youth group - no youth club in Leigh.  Info on local  group 
will  be  sought also details of equipment from  defunct  village 
youth club will be given,                                 (CLERK)
FROME  CHARITIES  request for donations for  Annual  Summer  Fete 
VILLAGE  DESIGN  MEETING - it was agreed to ask Neville  Park  to 
sign  rental  contract  for the Hall when it was  needed  for  VD 
meetings.  Rent of 14 was due, DT proposed payment, RD seconded, 
all agreed - cheque 195 made out and signed.
FRIENDS OF LEIGH SCHOOL request for 300 for computer printer had 
been received. It was agreed to suggest application to the Single 
Regeneration  Budget  and also to look into the  cost  of  colour 
printers and discuss at the next meeting.                 (CLERK)
RELATE  request for grant.  DP proposed 20.00, DT  seconded  all 
agreed - cheque 196 made out and signed.
SALC urgent notice re VAT REPAYMENT Claims by PC - conditions:
1) PC need to place purchase orders
2) Expenses to be funded by Council
3) Title to goods to be with PC for a time.

Discussion  took place on the expired lease under which  the  Rec 
Field is run and it was agreed that the priority of the PC  would 
be  to  update this.  Advice from SALC had already  been  sought, 
other bodies (National Playing Fields) will be consulted. (CLERK)

The  Clerk asked the Council to consider buying a printer for  PC 
use  as  hers was of poor quality and wearing out.  SRB  will  be 
approached and prices found for next meeting.        (DT & CLERK)
Transfer document was signed for 500 to be paid into the current 
a/c from the INVESTMENT a/c.
Receipt for COMMUNITY COUNCIL sub received.

Extension to TOWNSEND HOUSE - no objection.               (CLERK)
It  was agreed to write to the Village Design Statement  team  to 
ask that they consider a statement concerning more housing  being 
created in the village at the bottom end of the market as present 
housing stock is constantly being upgraded.               (CLERK)
PLANNING SEMINAR 10 June, 7pm in Council Chamber.       (DP & JW) 
Letter  from MDC - development at Mendip View & Bay Tree  Cottage 
permitted,  Fern Cottage passed to Enforcement Dept.

Public Inquiry into closure of CHANTRY LANE on 7 October.
BULLS GREEN LINK -  the road will be discussed by Envir Committee 
on  4  June.   It was agreed to  write  to  committee  expressing 
concern about sources of funding for the road.            (CLERK)
HIGHWAY UPDATE 2 received - circulated.
Hedge at 9 Bellfield obstructing pavement.                   (DT)
Stock  Lane to Pitten Street footpath needs work.            (DT)
Blackers Lane ditch needs work.                           (CLERK)
PARISH  PATH  MAINTENANCE - it was agreed to speak  to Coleford's 
footpath  person  to  find  out  about  contract  and  terms   of 
employment.   Church  Drain  needs  clearing,  DT  will  approach 
parishioner who expressed interest.                          (DT)

The sub committee will meet on 4 June at 6pm on site. 

             SCC TEC, Highway Update, Speed Kills.
             POLICING  PLAN,  Charity Commission info,  SLCC  AGM 
             Minutes. PC Info Bulletin, Leisure Directory etc

NEXT MEETING 21 JULY 1997 at 7.30pm in the SCHOOL.


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