HELD ON 16 JUNE 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  present:  J Davis, M Loten, P Moore,  D  Turner  and 
J  Wright (Chairman).
Apologies were accepted from R Dixon and D Pattison.

JW welcomed Paul Moore to his first meeting since being  co-opted 
to join the Parish Council.

Erection of 6 houses, Manor Farm
The application for which there is existing planning consent  was 
discussed  and it was agreed to write to MDC with  the  following 
comments:   1)  The  site  should be developed  and  built  as  a 
complete unit and not as each site is sold.
2)  The development will greatly reduce the on-street parking for 
the  playing  field - before it is allowed to  proceed  the  land 
dedicated to  providing a parking area for the Rec Field ought to 
be  released and the car park established to minimise the  danger 
of road parking, especially at weekends.
3)  A reasonable proportion of the facade ought to be in  natural 
stone as was specified on the original planning application.
4)   The  number  of  vehicular  access  points  onto  a  narrow, 
dangerous  road  subject  to  roadside  parking  seems  excessive 
couldn't more properties have shared access points?
5)  Has consideration been given, especially in light  of  recent 
legislation to protect old hedges to replacing the hedge adjacent 
to  Leigh Street, which will be removed, by planting one  on  the 
boundary between the last house and the farm track?
6)   Concern is felt about the splay at the access for  the  farm 
track, is it wide enough and safe for farm machinery?
7)   The route of the footpath is incorrectly shown on  the  site 
plan  as  we  are informed that a  footpath  diversion  has  been 
approved  but not effected and would appreciate reassurance  that 
this will be effected at no charge to the community.
8)  Once again this is an application for urban development in  a 
rural setting.  It increases the number of 'executive' type homes 
in  the  village, although it is felt that the provision  of  one 
living  room  to 4 bedrooms is slightly out  of  proportion,  and 
alters the balance and mix of properties in the village.  (CLERK)

A letter had been received from Alison Ward, District Councillor, 
asking for support to recommend A Merrick for an honour.  It  was 
agreed  in view of Councillors views of the honours  system  that 
although very grateful for the conscientiousness displayed by  Mr 
Merrick the PC could not support this idea.               (CLERK)


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