HELD IN THE HALL ON 21 JULY 1997.

Councillors  present: J Wright, D Pattison(Chairman), P Moore,  R 
Dixon and D Turner.  J Davis and M Loten arrived later.
Also  present  were A Ward, District Councillor, and M  St  John, 
County Councillor,  this being the case and as  MSJ  had  another 
meeting  to attend matters relating to County and  District  were 
discussed first.

TORR  WORKS  PLANNING  APPLICATION - This was  a  repeat  of  the 
previous  single  application for the removal of  top  soil   but 
presented as 3 seperate applications.  It was agreed that all the 
comments  made  previously  applied  to  each  application.    RD 
reported  that despite the fact that the planning application  to 
remove top soil had not been discussed by the County Council  and 
indeed had just been discussed by the PC Yeoman appeared to  have 
anticipated  it being approved and for the last week lorries  had 
been seen leaving  Merehead loaded with soil.  [JD arrived].   It 
was agreed to inform SCC.                                 (CLERK)
[ML arrived]
RD  reminded  councillors that in the budget it had  been  stated 
that  a  tax on aggregate extraction would be  addressed  in  the 
future. Discussion took place on this - MSJ said that CC Minerals 
officers thought that what w was being asked for was a paper on 
this  subject  - it was agreed to write to  the  Minister  urging 
action on this tax. cc SCC, MSJ.                          (CLERK)
It  was noted that a protest camp had been set up on ARC land  on 
the route of the proposed Bulls Green Link Road.  Friends of  the 
Earth  will be providing  independent observers.  MSJ  said  that 
County  were aware of the camp and were monitoring it,  they  had 
also  served  a Notice to Treat on D Rawlins for  the  compulsory 
land purchase.  PCouncillor's voiced their concern at the cost of 
the  road  and the fact that the money saved if  it  was  stopped 
would fund 15 teachers or keep 7 village schools open.
SOMERSET MINERALS PLAN Update - report to be ratified.

The Clerk expressed concern about the road between Green Shutters 
and  Soho, she had heard that a cyclist had been knocked off  his 
bike by a van who did not stop.  It was agreed to contact SCC  to 
see if any action could be taken to make the corner safer.(CLERK)
It was suggested that a signpost be put at the bottom of the hill 
past  the  Old Vicarage to direct vehicles going to  Coleford  up 
there  to avoid them having to negotiate the bend  around  Island 
Cottage.                                                  (CLERK)
Hedge obstructing the pavement at Bellfield needed attention.(PM)
CPRE pack on hedges available.                               (RD)
A  Ward was asked if she had any information on  LJH  engineering 
following a rumour of further development.  Nothing to report.
Mike St John left.

The MINUTES of the meeting of 2 JUNE 1997 were accepted as a true 
record and signed.

Dog Fouling Signs AW thought new ones were being made.(CLERK&DT)
Stiles still extant.                                        (DT)
Printer   DT  has  a  printer  for  sale  &  agreed  to  get   it 
independently priced.                                        (DT)
Townsend House planning application refused.
RELATE grant acknowledged.
Vilaage  Design  Statement   PM reported that  the  feeling  from 
interviews  etc  conducted  to date is  that  the  village  needs 
development at the low cost end of the market. They are still  on 
line to produce the final document in November.
It was agreed to write to MDC asking that any change of  building 
materials be the subject of a new planning application with  full 
consultation.                                             (CLERK)

The  MINUTES  of the meeting on 16 JUNE were accepted as  a  true 
record and signed.  All actions had been carried out.

FINANCIAL REPORT - Hall Fund balance    0.59p
                       Rec Field balance 625.30p
                       PC current a/c    960.10p
                         investment a/c 7048.35p
PC  Current  a/c:  Payment of rent of 62 for the  Hall  for  VDS 
meetings was proposed by DT, seconded RD, all agreed.  Cheque 197 
signed & given to ML. 
Audit details.  Notice of audit will be posted in accordance with 
the rules.                                                (CLERK)
[RD left] Current a/c continued:
FOLS  grant  request  for  money to purchase  a  printer  or  for 
classroom  furniture  was  discussed.  The  Clerk  expressed  her 
concern at giving money to buy furniture that should be  provided 
by the local authority and said she was waiting to hear from SALC 
about  the  legality  of  this.   After  discussion  DT  proposed 
granting  120 to buy a printer, PM seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 
198 signed.                                               (CLERK)
Sunflower  Club   letter giving details of progress of  club  and 
their  need for money to buy more equipment.  It was  agreed  to 
ask for accounts and a cash flow prediction as well as a specific 
equipment request.                                        (CLERK)

It  was agreed that Councillors would continue with the areas  of 
special responsibily that they had had before the AGM and that PM 
would take over as the PCs Rec Field representative.
A copy of a model lease had been sent by SALC which DP & PM would 
discuss with J Robson from the Management Committee,it was agreed 
that  a  solicitor would be employed to check  the  final  lease. 
Letters  had  been received from JR concerning the track  to  the 
proposed  new parking area, and from Burges Salmon  offering  the 
land behind the Hedgerows development to the PC.  DP had  drafted 
a reply which will be discussed at the meeting already arranged.

BURIAL GROUND UPDATE change of use application.             (DP)

REPORTS  FROM  MEETINGS  ATTENDED - DP and  JW  reported  on  the 
Planning Seminar.
JW  reported that the East Mendip Rural Task Force  Environmental 
Committee had inspected Barns Close and felt it could be used for 
small industrial units.
Halecombe Liaison Meeting - Footpath open mid July. New  entrance 
2000-2001.  No action on sign posting.

Circulated - PC BULLETIN for July:  MDC Committee Dates July/Aug: 
Mendip People: Rural Task Force papers.
It  was  agreed  to  write to MDC  expressing  concern  at  their 
decision  to charge for collecting large items of rubbish  as  it 
was felt this would encourage illegal tipping.            (CLERK)
Village Lock-up Survey given to DT.

The next meeting will be on 18 August 1997.


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