HELD ON 18 AUGUST 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present: J Davis, M Loten, P Moore, J Wright(Chairman)
Apologies were accepted from:  R Dixon, D Pattison and D Turner.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.

All letters had been sent.
Hedge at Bellfield will be cut when it has bloomed.
VILLAGE  DESIGN - (PM) all research done, has been offered  grant 
from Countryside Commission to fund statement printing.
DOG FOULING NOTICES & PRINTER - next meeting.             (CLERK)

Halecombe circular path opened 16/08/97.
Concern  over the fencing on the ditch at Townsend Lane  will  be 
passed on to SCC.                                         (CLERK)
No-one has been found to clear the footpaths.

HEDGEROWS DEVELOPMENT - Observations: 1) Natural stone not recon-
stituted; 2) splay for farm track not wide enough.        (CLERK)
TOWNSEND HOUSE - no objections.                           (CLERK)
A  Fete  Committee proposal to fund a seat at the  bus  stop  was 
outlined to Councillors who supported the idea.  Information will 
be obtained from DC & CC sources as to the steps necessary(CLERK)

Halecombe footpath - access at Great House Farm will be raised at 
next liaison meeting.
Details  of  Inquiry into stopping up of Chantry Lane on  7  Oct, 
Rugby Club, Gypsy Lane to hand, info to DP, DT & RD.      (CLERK)

L-O-M PC CURRENT a/c - 778.10p  INVESTMENT a/c 7048.35p
Hall  Rent  of  10 due. JW proposed payment,  PM  seconded,  all 
agreed. Cheque 199 made out and signed.
ML  proposed that as soon as the Burial Grant was sent to the  PC 
it be passed on to St Giles PCC, JW seconded, all agreed.
HALL FUND a/c -  no change.
REC FIELD a/c - 625.30p.
UPDATES - BURIAL GROUND (ML)  the Archdeacon had visited and told 
ML  he  would not support an application to  breach  the  ancient 
wall.   This  would mean that access to the proposed  plot  would 
have to be through the newer wall and that no more burials  could 
take  place in this area.  It was agreed to ask the PCC to  apply 
for   two faculties, one to breach the ancient wall and  in  case 
that is refused one to breach the newer wall.  The Change of  Use 
application  will  be  pursued  and Cooper  and  Tanner  will  be 
commissioned to value the land.                   (ML,DP & CLERK)

REC  FIELD  (PM) - Projects in hand to tile the shower  area  and 
paint  the exterior window frames.  It was agreed to ask  J  Wood 
(Faulkners) to act for the PC concerning the car park land.  (DP) 
Complaint about brambles over path from hedge had been passed on.
Info on National Lotteries Charities Board funding given to PM  & 
ML, for the Hall.
VILLAGE DESIGN REPORT - see Matters Arising.

JW - The RBL Housing Committee had been disbanded.

MDC  - "MENDIPS PAST a shared inheritance" forms to fill in  will 
be displayed on the Notice Boards with info about SOMERSET LEVELS 
CYCLE RIDE on 21 September.
Avon/Somerset   Police  Report;  The  Clerk;  Thatch  &  MDC   PC 
Information circulated.
HELP THE AGED MILLENIUM AWARDS info given to ML to pass on.

The NEXT MEETING will be on 15 September at 7.30 in the School.

The meeting closed at 2105h.


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