HELD ON 29 SEPTEMBER 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present:  M Loten, D Turner and D Pattison(Chairman).
Apologies were accepted from J Davis and J Wright.

Conversion  and  alteration  to existing barn to  form  2  storey 
holiday   accommodation   at  Hollybush  Cottage,   Knapp   Hill.  
Councillors  supported  this application on the grounds  that  it 
would visually improve the property and add to the local economy.

Removal of Hedges, Bristol Water.  As a statutory body this  plan 
was for information.  The Clerk had been told by David Colman the 
Planning Officer that the hedges would be reinstated either  with 
new  planting or by removing the existing hedge in such a  manner 
that  it  could  be  put back.  If this is done  the  PC  has  no 
objections to the plan.

The  Chairman  had received a letter from Tarmac  concerning  the 
bore  hole  to  be  sunk at Soho Farm  instead  of  building  the 
balancing lake.  The letter stated that the site of the bore hole 
was  at Melcombe View not Soho Farm.   The PC felt that this  did 
not  affect  their objection to the plan to deplete  the  aquifer 
during the summer months to supplement the flow of the R Mells.
[R Dixon arrived during this item.]

Was filled out and will be sent back.

A letter has been received from Burgess Salmon asking for a  bond 
of  500 to cover the costs incurred in relation to the car  park 
land  at  the  Hedgerows.   It was agreed  that  this  seemed  an 
excessive amount especially for something that the PC thought was 
a   'gift'  to  the  Rec.   Our  solicitor  will  be   contacted.             
A  letter  had been received from Mary Nielsen to  say  that  the 
track  to the proposed car park was in her ownership and offering 
it  to  the Parish in memory of her parents,  Charles  and  Elsie 
Jeannes, but asking that she retain a right of way.          (DP)
Cheque  252 on the PC Current a/c was made out to L-O-M  PCC  for 
864,  the Burial grant plus special project grant as  agreed  on 
18/08/97.                                                 (CLERK)
The meeting went into closed session to discuss the Cemetry.

The meeting was opened to the public.

JW  had  learnt  at  a meeting of SALC  that changes  were  being 
proposed  to the make up of School Governing bodies.   There  was 
meant  to have been a discussion paper published with  a  closing 
date  of  7 October but neither the PC nor the school  head  knew 
about  it.   It  was  agreed to write  to  the  DFEE  asking  for 
information.                                              (CLERK)
Next Meeting 20 October 1997.

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