HELD ON 3 NOVEMBER 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  present:  J Davis, P Moore, D Turner,  J  Wright,  M 
Loten and D Pattison, Chairman.  R Dixon arrived late.
Apologies had been received from A Ward, District Councillor.

The MINUTES OF 15 SEPT were accepted as a true record & signed.
MATTERS  ARISING:  DOG FOULING - A Ward informed the PC that  the 
new  act was in the process of being adopted by Mendip  DC.   She 
reiterated the view of the Dog Warden about signs being  errected 
in  unsuitable  places.  It was agreed to ask the Dog  Warden  to 
visit the village to agree on sites for signs.       (CLERK & DT)
PlANNING SEMINAR had been attended by DT & DP.
[R DIXON arrived]
Planning  application  at  HEDGEROW -  explanation  letter  still 
awaited.                                                  (CLERK)
SOMERSET  STRUCTURE PLAN - SALC replied with agreement  to  raise 
any points requested by the PC.  It was felt that the County were 
deliberately   not  addressing  the  key  subject  in   Somerset, 
Minerals, it was agreed to write requesting its inclusion.(CLERK)
LUMP  - it had been agreed the founders would offer stage  blocks 
to the school.
FINGER POST - informed by Highways it needed a weld job.
EXTANT - Mud on road, Lawn Mower Insurance, Planning Fee. (CLERK)

MINUTES OF 29 SEPTEMBER were accepted as a true record &  signed.   
MATTERS  ARISING:   REC  FIELD -  PC  solicitor  needs  donor's 
solicitor details. DP had written asking for them. (DP & CLERK)
No reply from DFE about SCHOOL GOVERNORS.

MINUTES  OF 20 OCTOBER were amended - CEMETERY 'Butler &  Tanner' 
altered to read 'Cooper & Tanner' and  action re school transport 
driver for CLERK.  The MINUTES were then accepted & signed.
MATTERS   ARISING:   BRISTOL  WATER  -  Councillors   had   heard 
complaints  and  accolades about the company putting in  the  new 
water  main.  Concern was voiced that drains were  being  damaged 
and not repaired properly.
CEMETERY - offer had been accepted. ML was still waiting to  hear 
if   the  footpath  can  be  included  in  the  current   Faculty 
application.  The Clerk had telephoned solicitors in Frome to ask 
for approximate costs for Conveyancy work, Ames Kent &  Faulkners 
had  intimated that costs would be approximately 250  plus  VAT, 
Daniel and Crutwell had quoted acting for both sides in the  deal 
a  cost  of  approx  600 including  VAT.   Since  then  she  had 
contacted the seller of the land who had given her the details of 
the  solicitor  she  wanted to act for her.   It  was  agreed  to 
approach  a parishioner who is a solicitor.  The Clerk was  given 
leave to employ a solicitor to handle this matter and DT proposed    
agreement  of  payment  up  to  600  in  legal  costs  for  this 
transaction  without further recourse to the PC, DP seconded  and 
all agreed.                                               (CLERK)
Letter of complaint about SCHOOL TRANSPORT DRIVER will be sent to 
SCC.                                                      (CLERK)
CRICKET CLUB - roller purchased by them.
A  reply  from MDC concerning FLY TIPPING (21 July '97)  and  the 
need  to  impose a charge had been received.  It  was  agreed  to 
raise the matter with the District Councillor.       (CLERK & DT)
Thanks were given to P Moore for producing the Minutes of 20/10.

FINANCE- from L-O-M PC current a/c.
CLERK'S  SALARY -  The Clerk claimed:
salary from 1/04/97  to 30/09/97  of  450  as  agreed on  16/09/96;
                  plus  expenses  of   32.35p.
                          TOTAL       482.35p.
Details  of  the revised pay scale for the year ending  31  March 
1998  had been received from SALC.  The salary for Smaller  Part-
time  Clerks  on  the lowest scale working 3  hours  a  week  had 
increased  from  900  to 923.  Discussion  took  place  and  it 
was  proposed  by  DP  that, taking into  account  her  years  of 
service,  the Clerk's pay scale be raised from the bottom of  the 
spinal column (SCP 15) to the middle, SCP20, giving her a  salary 
of  1061 pa. JW seconded the proposal, all agreed.   The  salary 
claim was amended to:   Salary for 1/04 - 30/09/97 530.50
                                         Expenses   32.35
                                            TOTAL  562.35
Cheque  254   was  made out dated 22/11/97  (when  transfer  from 
Investment a/c released.)
The  amount  for a Parish Council Planning Application  has  been 
increased from 90 to 95 & a request for an extra 5 to pay  for 
the  Change of Use for the proposed Cemetery extension  had  been 
received  from  MDC.  ML proposed payment of  the  extra  5,  DP 
seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 253  made out.              (CLERK)

MENDIP CROSS TRAIL - details of Wyvern Way will be given. (CLERK)
JD expressed concern at speed of traffic on the Old Wells Road  - 
Police and Highways will be written to for advice.         (CLERK)

REC FIELD & CEMETERY (including Financial Matters)
REC  FIELD  - PM had invited J Robson, A Robson & C Peat  of  the 
RFMC to attend the meeting.  PM told the Council that in his view 
the  Rec Field was a village assett and the chance to improve  it 
through  the  offer  of the land for a car  park  should  not  be 
missed. The Village Design Statement has identified the provision 
of off-street parking as being an important priority and the gift 
of the track by Mary Neilsen in memory of her parents made this a 
possibility in one part of the village.  The Committee had looked 
at other options using the gift of the track without the car park 
land  but  they  were  not  feasible.   This  was  a  'one   off' 
opportunity to acquire the land.  
Discussion  took place with the Rec Committee members  concerning 
the  financial committment expected from the Parish  Council  and 
their  Committee.  J Robson told  Councillors that the  Committee 
felt  it  was  up to them to raise the money  to  make  the  land 
DP proposed payment of the 'bond' requested by Burgess Salmon, PM 
seconded  and  all agreed unanimously.  In the short  term  funds 
from  Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council Rec Field a/c would be  used 
and  a crossed   warrant  to  withdraw  the   amount   from   the 
PCInvestment  a/c  payable direct to the L-o-M PC Rec  Field  a/c 
would be requested. Cheque no. 9 for 500 + 87.50 VAT payable to 
Faulkners was made out and signed & a warrant for the  withdrawal 
from the Investment a/c was also signed.                  (CLERK)
[R Dixon left]
J  Robson offered to prepare the Planning Application  needed  by 
the  Parish  Council  for Change of Use of the  land  behind  the 
Hedgerow  development  to Car Parking land, this  was  gratefully 
accepted  and will be submitted to DP for signature.  Payment  of 
the fee will be put on the next PC Agenda.       (CLERK, DP & JR)
CEMETERY  -  MDC  and Holcombe PC who have just set  up  a  Civil  
Cemetery will be approached for advice.              (CLERK & DP)

LJH  Engineering are making a bund behind the road hedge, it  was 
agreed to check with MDC whether they had planning permission for 
this.  Attention was drawn to the fact that large plant is  being 
illegally parked on the employees car park.               (CLERK)
Parishioners  complaints  about  Noise and  Dust  from  HALECOMBE 
QUARRY will be conveyed to the Quarry Manager.            (CLERK)

DP  & DT attended the PLANNING SEMINAR they had already  informed 
Councillors that the Planning Department were grateful for  local 
information  in  relation  to planning  applications  and  wanted 
reasons  for  and against the plan.  The DRAFT  VILLAGE  ENVELOPE 
information  will be sent out in early November  and  discussions 
between  councils  who object and the DC will take place.  It  is 
proposed that the LOCAL PLAN will be on deposit by May 1998.
HALL AGM on 18 November at 8pm in the Hall.

The  following  were circulated:  COMMUNITY  CARE  PLAN;  HOUSING 
HOUSING 21 document - Councillors did not feel need to do another  
Housing Needs survey.
MENDIP  PLAYING PITCH STRATEGY details amended to include use  of 
Rec by School.                                            (CLERK)
JD reported that SCC were discussing the BULLS GREEN LINK ROAD on 
5/11/97 no details had been received by the Clerk.  It was agreed 
that JD could speak on behalf of the Parish - if allowed.
Request for information about LA CHARITABLE TRUSTS.       (CLERK)
QUIZ NIGHT at Rec Field 14/11 potential team members contact DP.

Next PC Meetings: 1/12/97 agenda to include PRECEPT &  MILLENIUM; 
and 19/01/98.


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