HELD ON 1 DECEMBER 1997 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  J  Davis, M Loten, P Moore,  D  Turner,  J 
Wright and D Pattison, Chairman.
The  MINUTES  OF 3 NOVEMBER were corrected -  under  FINANCE  the 
total  of Clerk's salary should read 562.85p not .35p they  were 
then accepted & signed.

MATTERS ARISING - Both DT and Clerk had communicated with the Dog 
Warden and local Mendip Councillor had been contacted.
SOMERSET  STRUCTURE PLAN - reply saying decision not  to  include 
Minerals  made  by County Council, agreed to  write  to  Planning 
Director.                                                 (CLERK)
LAWN MOWER & FLY TIPPING still outstanding.          (DT & CLERK)
Letter from MENDIP CROSS TRAILS TRUST circulated.
OLD WELLS ROAD - reply from Police who are waiting to hear from SCC.
LJH visited - no illegal parking and bund being investigated.

Subscription  for SLCC of 35 now due.  DP proposed  payment.  PM 
seconded, all agreed. Current a/c Cheque 255 made out & signed.
PRECEPT - Discussion took place on the amount to be requested for 
next years precept.  The PC is in the process of buying land  for 
a  civil  cemetery and negotiating for car park land at  the  Rec 
field,  certain provisions have been made for these  expenditures 
especially  the  former but total expenditure is not  known.   PM 
proposed  a  Precept of 2500 for 1998/99, JD  seconded  and  all 
agreed.  A request will be sent to MDC.                   (CLERK)
REC FIELD PLANNING FEE - DT proposed payment of 95 for Change of 
Use application when it is put in, JW seconded and all agreed.
Change of Signatory Form for the PO Investment a/c were signed by 
those present. RD's signature needed.                     (CLERK)
Info  from  Co-op Bank - 2000 minimum in current a/c  needed  to 
avoid charges. 

CHANGE OF USE TO CEMETERY application put in by PC.  Support info 
will be sent.                                             (CLERK)
HOLLYBUSH COTTAGE planning application passed.
MDC  requested  the official spelling of village  name.   It  was 
agreed that it was Leigh-on-Mendip.                       (CLERK)

Complaint  had been received about the state of the  pavement  at 
the entrance to Plevna.                                   (CLERK)
Concern  about  dumper  truck on the  Old  Wells  Road  operating 
without lights at dusk.Contract Manager will be contacted.(CLERK)
BULLS  GREEN  LINK - fixed price contract  including  removal  of 
protesters has been made.

Tim  Westlake at Daniel & Crutwell has been instructed to act  by 
the Clerk.  Certain points had been raised for discussion with the 
PC  -  1) Whether to apply for a Legal Right of Way  through  the 
churchyard to the new plot.  Faculty gives right of access to new 
plot but there was concern that it could be revoked.  Time  would 
eventually  establish  a legal right of way.  It  was  agreed  to 
Minute  that the Parish Council agreed not to seek a Legal  Right 
of Way through the existing churchyard at this time.
2)  Who would sign any legal papers?  It was proposed by PM  that 
any  3  councillors could sign the papers, DT  seconded  and  all 
3)   It was agreed to ask the Clerk to write to Wessex Water  and 
SWEB to see if there were any services under the plot and because 
the  PC know there is no planning permission outstanding  on  the 
land  not to ask the sol to do further searches. PM proposed,  DP 
seconded, all agreed.                                     (CLERK)
4)  DT & DP agreed to check the plot measurements.      (DT & DP)
5)   It was agreed that access to the new plot would  be  through 
the existing churchyard only.           
The Clerk will convey the above to the Solicitor.
The Clerk had met with Evelyn Withy of MDC who looks after  their 
cemeteries.  She had shown her the sort of records that were kept 
by  MDC  and  had given her info on rules  and  regulations  that 
govern their properties.  She had also suggested a sub  committee 
be  formed  but  all  the councillors  felt  they  wanted  to  be 
involved.  DT agreed to produce copies of rules of Mendip and the 
Church  for discussion at the next meeting.  The Clerk  explained 
that she did not feel able to administer the new cemetery as  she 
felt   it  ought  to  be  someone  in  the  village  with   fewer 
committments  than she had, it will be advertised in  the  Parish 
Mag  and  anyone interested will be asked to attend the  next  PC 
meeting.                                                  (CLERK)
A  financial policy will need to be decided for the new  cemetery 
which ought to be financially independent.  It was agreed to  ask 
the sol for advice on  options to purchase.              (CLERK)
DP  had heard from the solicitor and spoken to J Robson about the 
conditions  to be imposed.  DT proposed giving DP  permission  to 
approve conditions on behalf of the PC.  JD seconded, all agreed.
HALECOMBE  LIAISON MEETING - meeting had been poorly  attended.It 
was agreed that the PC ought to be officially told.       (CLERK)
Complaints had been received about the closing of the road  while 
blasting takes place at Halecombe and the blasting at 4pm when it 
is dark. It was agreed to write to SCC copy to qaurry.    (CLERK)
published  on 12 Dec '97. Clerk will get a copy, paying for it  & 
claim on next expenses.                                   (CLERK)
The  following  were  circulated - CPRE  Information;  Local  Gov 
Commission  Final  Report  (Leigh  incorporated  with  Stoke  & 
Downhead):  Age  Concern  info; SCC  Minutes:  Rural  Task  Force 
Minutes given out.

John Davis was thanked for his work as PC rep on the Leigh School 
Governors.  His place will be taken by J Wright.

Next Meetings 19 Jan 1998 & 16 Feb 1998.

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