Councillors  present:  M Loten, P Moore, D Turner, J  Wright  and 
D Patison, Chairman.
Apologies were accepted from J Davis.

PLANNING  -  Insertion of Rooflights & Formation of  Bathroom  at 
Manor  Farm.   It was pointed out that this was  a  retrospective 
application  as 2 lights have already been put in.   The  drawing 
and  statement seem to be in conflict - the drawing shows  5  new 
roof windows but the statement asks for permission for 4  stating 
that there is already one rooflight although this is not visible on 
the photographs of the roof included withthe application. Concern 
was  expressed  at the size and number of rooflights but  it  was 
appreciated  that they did maintain the line of the roof and  the 
work  could be  reversed in the future.  It was querried  whether 
rooflights were suitable on listed buildings.             (CLERK) 

DP reported to the PC that in relation to the RECREATION FIELD he 
had  agreed with J Robson on conditions imposed  for  acquisition 
and  had  given  the official address of the PC  as  the  Clerk's 

The Clerk had contacted Jayne Erskine of SCC Personnel Department 
who had spoken to the last SALC meeting he attended and mentioned 
that  computer  equipment  either new or  second  hand  might  be 
available  to  PC's in the future.  It  appears  that  money  was 
available to do a pilot scheme  giving PC's modems, internet  and 
E  mail facilities etc and to monitor their use.  It was felt  by 
her department that they would like to place them with Clerks who 
were  also  Council employees to facilitate ease  of  monitoring.  
Her  department  were also hoping to update their  computers  and 
there  was  a chance that the old equipment  would  be  available 
second  hand.  She was meeting the committee who dealt with  this 
and  would hopefully know the outcome by the end of January  when 
she would get in touch with Leigh to inform them of the outcome.


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