HELD ON 16 FEBRUARY 1998 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present:  J Davis, M Loten, P Moore, D Turner,   
D Pattison(Chairman), J Wright and R Dixon who arrived late.
The  Minutes of the Last Meeting were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.
The pavement at Plevna has been resurfaced.
HALECOMBE QUARRY - no reply to illegal blasting.          (CLERK)
LJH - bund, no further news.                              (CLERK)
BURIAL GROUND - Draft rules given to Councillors.  A verbal quote 
for  breaching  the wall had been received, more quotes  will  be 
asked for.                                     (ML,DT,PM & CLERK)
[R Dixon arrived]
REC FIELD - DP had signed deed on advice of solicitor.
HALECOMBE QUARRY FOOTPATH - no map received from Tarmac yet. (DT)
Reply  about  DIVERSION FOR BULLS GREEN LINK stating it  was  the 
only alternative.

Clerk had contacted WS Atkins about the state of the road in  the 
village due to waterworks.  She had been assured that the  street 
would be made good when all houses were connected.
It  was agreed that the way the water main trench had been  'made 
good' on the bend at Green Shutters lent itself to the road being 
widened, a request will be made for this to be done.      (CLERK)
The work on the water main closed Soho/Whitehole Hill road for  a 
number  of  days  without any  advance warning  being  given.   A 
letter questioning this and requesting that all road surfaces and 
verges be made good will be sent.                         (CLERK)
Footpath & Bridleway Diversions for the Bulls Green Link had come 
into operation.  Concern was expressed that they had been  closed 
early. Letters will be sent to the CC& Police.            (CLERK)
Work on fields opposite the Rec Field had led to mud been  spread 
not only on the road but on the pavement and walls at the top  of 
the  village.  It was agreed that if the tractors travelled  more 
slowly through the village the splattering of mud would not be as 
bad.  A request will be made to the farmer.               (CLERK)
A  request will be made for the fence post in the middle  of  the 
stile at Soho to be removed.                              (CLERK)
DP  proposed  that DT be delegated to identify  further  footpath 
clearing  and find someone to do the work up to maximum cost  for 
labour & materials of 55. PM seconded and all agreed.       (DT)
PARISH COUNCIL SEMINAR with Mendip on 24 Feb details given to JW.

REC FIELD CAR PARK planning application supported by PC,  request 
for more details passed to JR.                            (CLERK)
ROOFLIGHTS AT MANOR FARM - permission granted.
Councillors were very impressed by the amount and quality of work 
evident   in   the  draft  and   congratulated   all   concerned.  
Councillors  agreed that they would have liked to see a  stronger 
statement  asking  for  more emphasis to be put  on  the  use  of 
'natural' materials in building projects but as we wanted MDC  to 
adopt the statement it was decided that this may not be  politic. 
RD had shown the draft to a local historian and her comments will 
be passed on to the 'team'. The location of Halecombe quarry  was 
questioned and whether Cranmore was on a sandstone ridge. (CLERK)

A copy of a letter to MDC about the planting in the field  behind 
Examiner House had been  received.  In the past the PC has  asked 
for  action to be taken as this agricultural field is being  made 
into a garden without change of use permission being granted.   A 
request for action will be made.                          (CLERK)

AUDIT  FEE  payment  proposed by DP seconded by  JD  all  agreed.  
Cheque 258 on PC General a/c  written for 117.50p and signed.                
VICTIM SUPPORT GRANT request, details given to PM, no grant made.
NALC LOCAL COUNCIL REVIEW magazine subscription not taken out.
BRIGET PARKER TRUST grant request RD proposed donation of 10, PM 
seconded all agreed. Cheque 259 made out and signed.
PHOTOCOPY BILL [DT declared an interest] for 63.24 received.  DP 
proposed payment, PM seconded all agreed. Cheque 260 made out and 
signed and given to DT.
PARISH  MAGAZINE  -  the Clerk had spoken  to  Jane  Evans  about 
the PC making a grant if all houses in the Parish could  receive 
one  issue  and  the   PC newsletter could  be  included  in  the 
delivery  and  been  told  that it  was  feasible.   DP  proposed 
granting 80 to the magazine, JW seconded all agreed.  Cheque 261 
made   out  and  signed.   PM  offered  to  organise   Newsletter 
photocopying and delivery if needed.
All correspondence will be dealt with.                    (CLERK)
Transfer form to get 1000 from the Investment a/c was signed(ML)

CEMETERY- Draft rules will be discussed at next meeting.(CLERK)
REC FIELD - next meeting 18/02/98.
Work will start on the Draft Lease.            (PM, DP,JR & CLERK)

and added documents from the meeting to the circulation pack.

Night blasting at Halecombe response will be pursued.     (CLERK)
Mells/Chantry Lane Closure Inquiry outcome still awaited.
The  following  were  circulated:  Details  of  'A  safer  Mendip 
Workshop'  on  6/03;  MDC Draft Economic  Development  &  Tourism 
strategy  plan  -  comments by 9/03; MDC  Leisure  Plan  draft  - 
comments  by  20/03; The Clerk; SCC Disabled People;  SCC  Annual 
Review; SALC agenda 4/03 & Minutes of 3/12/97; East Mendip  Rural 
Task Force Minutes 2/12/97 agenda 12/02; St Johns Ambulance First 
Aid  Course  offer; Agenda 21 info; Halecombe  Quarry  Liaison 
Details of Playground seminar given to PM.
No takers to join FOLS pancake race.

NEXT MEETINGS  16 March, 20 April, AGM 18 May.

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