Councillors  present:   M Loten, P Moore,  D  Pattison(Chairman), 
D Turner and J Wright.
Apologies were accepted from J Davis and R Dixon.

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were amended - under CEMETERY the 
initials  John J W Wright  were altered to read John W R  Wright.  
The Minutes were then accepted and signed.

NIGHT BLASTING - allowed to blast up to an hour after sunset.
MAP OF BUND AT HALECOMBE still awaited from Tarmac.          (DT)
FOOTPATHS - Clerk trying to find out what weed killer can be used 
on Church Drain.                                          (CLERK)
PLANNING  -  MDC  will  not act  on  the  violation  of  planning 
permission  at  Examiner House.  The PC  expressed  concern  that 
people could do as they wanted without check.
Thanks  were  given  to  Paul and Sue  Moore  for  collating  and 
distributing  the April Parish Magazine it was decided  to  stamp 
next years cover 'with compliments of L-O-M PC'.
CEMETERY - Plot map plan extant.                             (DP)
ROADS & FOOTPATHS - posts on 8/28 moved.
BULLS  GREEN  LINK  - SCC letter saying paths  closed  twice  for 
'safety reasons'.
LJH - bund not against permission.  It was agreed to send a  site 
map showing what was allowed in planning permission.      (CLERK)
MENDIP COMMUNITY TRANSPORT - rep will come to APM.        (CLERK)

P  Moore proposed paymnent of bill from Daniel and  Crutwell  for 
308.37p, seconded by D Pattison, all agreed. Cheque 268 on  PC 
current  a/c made out and signed.  It will be returned  when  the 
Land  Registry  documents are received and signed by ML  and  JW. 
Breakdown of VAT on sellers legal fees will be asked for. (CLERK)
RULES  for  the  new plot were  discussed, details  of  cremation 
plaques will be investigated. 
Three quotations had been received for making the gap in the wall 
for access to the new plot and re-pointing the existing wall:
1) John Scott access      408.00 + VAT
              repointing  411.44 + VAT
2) Richard Dunn access    450.00
              repointing  250.00
3) John White access      615.00 + VAT
              repointing  700.00 + VAT
It was agreed to ask Richard Dunn to do the work.            (ML)
J  White  quoted for land clearing etc, J&C Bird  had  sent  info 
about  plant  hire but it was thought that access  would  not  be 
possible for large machinery, other quotes will be sought.(CLERK)
FENCING - Clerk will find out about fence panels.         (CLERK)
BURIAL CLERK - discussion on payment of Clerk whose duties  would 
be to handle all aspects of the cemetery; burials, grass cutting, 
general maintenance.                                         (DP)
A NOTICE BOARD will be needed for the new site.
Documents for the new car park land had been received by DP:
1) 18/11/97 - H M Land Registry Office Copy Entries -ST141703
2) 04/12/97 - Mendip District Council Local Search
3) 20/02/98 - Agreement Bradburian Developments Ltd (1) Leigh-
              on-Mendip Parish Council
4) 04/02/98 - H M Land Registry Official Search
5) 23/02/98 - Certified copy Transfer - Bradburian  Developments 
              Ltd (1) Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council (2)
6) 09/03/98 - Land Certificate - Title No:  ST153511
and were signed for. Clerk to keep & send receipt to Faulkners(CLERK)

Draft  copy  of  yearly accounts  was  discussed  and  amendments 
agreed. They will be ready for presentation at the AGM. 
Precept of 2500 received from MDC and paid into current account.
Receipts from VAT payment and CPRE received.
Bill for swings at rec field not yet received.

CRANMORE  TOWER  WOODS  - invite to  site  meeting  for  proposed 
parking area, DT will attend.                                (DT)
ACCESS TO HALECOMBE QUARRY - plan for information.
HEDGEROW  DEVELOPMENT - details of amendments which have  already 
been granted sent to PC.
CHANTRY LANE - findings of Public Inquiry to be circulated.

DP had info from Tarmac about blasting plans at Halecombe - circ.

Reports  will be invited from REC FIELD, HALL and VILLAGE  DESIGN 
team.  The report from the latter is being printed and should  be 
available soon.

Complaints had been received about the REFUSE COLLECTION  changes 
in  the  village a letter will be sent to the authority.  (CLERK)

The following will be put on the NOTICEBOARD: MP's surgery, Photo 
competition details.
CIRCULATED:  CPRE Newsletter and 'Voice'; Avon & Somerset  Police 
Annual Policy & Questionnaire; WS Atkins open evening 14/05; SALC 
Local Gov Rating Act & Powers and Duties of PC's; MDC  invitation 
to Global Action Plan; DETR - Modernising Local Gov Business Rate 
and  Improving  Financial Accounting; Rural  Task  Force  meeting 
info; Rec Field Minutes.

NEXT MEETING - AGM/APM on 18 May in the Hall.


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