HELD ON 3 JUNE 1998 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  present  J Davis, M Loten, P Moore, D  Pattison  and 
D Turner who arrived late.
Apologies from J Wright and R Dixon who had an SALC meeting.
CESSPOOL  AT  HALECOMBE - Concern was felt at  the  proximity  of 
cesspool  to  the  Halecombe Brook and the  lack  of  information 
contained in the application.                             (CLERK)
SWEB - diversion to electric power supply at Hedgerows.
The  proposal  is to remove the overhead power supply  that  runs 
through  the development site  and put it underground.   Part  of 
the  proposal is to reposition the transformer currently on  land 
with outline permission for 2 houses  to a pole near the  British 
Legion flats on the edge of the village.  The PC were being asked 
for  permission  to  put the underground cable  along  the  track 
donated to the Parish.
Councillors  felt that they could not ignore objections  received 
from  parishioners as to the positioning of the transformer  when 
they  considered this request from SWEB.  It was decided  to  ask 
SWEB  to bury the cable at least 1 metre below the track, not  to 
damage the wall under which the cable would be passed, to enquire 
into  the matter of compensation for the disturbance and  to  ask 
that the siting of the transformer be altered as conditions of PC 
agreement to the proposal.                                (CLERK)
foundations  of  the house on this plot are not in  the  position 
agreed on the planning permission which was granted by MDC.   The 
plan showed the house with at least 2metres from its edge to  the 
edge  of the track and it has been sited with its back corner  on 
the edge of the track.            [D Turner arrived]
After  discussion it was agreed to inform MDC about the  planning 
violation but Councillors agreed that as long as the new site was 
legally  confirmed  the  PC  would  have  no  objection.  (CLERK)
DT reported the results of talks about the footpath. The stile is 
not  actually  on the definitive footpath line and  it  had  been 
agreed to temporarily sign walkers through the Rec Field entrance 
and along the track.
SEAT ON LEIGH STREET - SCC had asked the PC if they were  willing 
to  hold  the licence for the seat.  This meant that the  PC  was 
legally  responsible for the seat - covered by  public  liability 
insurance  - and for future maintenance.  All agreed to  this  as 
long  as neighbours agreed.                               (CLERK)

DP  had  spoken to Mary Mears and she had agreed to  act  as  the 
Burial  Clerk  to  the cemetery if the  PC  agreed   PM  proposed 
offering her the job, ML seconded and all agreed. Her rate of pay 
will  be on the same band as the Parish Clerk but at  the  lowest 
rate.  She  will be asked to log her hours.   DT  proposed 
that she be allowed to spend up to 100 on necessary items,  e.g. 
registers, ML seconded all agreed.  Bills to be made out to L-O-M 


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