HELD ON 20 JULY 1998 AT THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present: J Davis, R Dixon(who arrived late),M  Loten, 
P Moore, D Pattison (Chairman), D Turner, and J Wright.
Also present A Ward the district councillor.

The  Minutes of the 15 June 1998 meeting were accepted as a  true 
record and signed.

VILLAGE  SHOP: PM told councillors that the shop had got  a  100% 
Business Rate Rebate.
CEMETERY: Work started on ground clearing. DP proposed payment of 
bill  for  skip hire when it is presented. DT  seconded  and  all 
agreed.                                                   (CLERK)
MENDIP LOCAL PLAN: letter sent.
SALC: reply awaited about VAT.                            (CLERK)
FOOTPATHS:  Clearing  paths  started and a  list  of  work  being 
compiled.  DP proposed allowing work of up to 100 (amount of  FP 
Grant from MDC) to be done, PM seconded, all agreed. (DT & CLERK)
[55 still in the account from last year]
QUARRY MATTERS: DP explained to A Ward that we had written  twice 
to  the  County about the transportation of stone  to  the  Bulls 
Green Road by unsheeted dumper truck and the worry that the stone 
carrying  vehicles  were  not going over the  weigh  bridge;  the 
replies   were  felt to be unsatisfactory.  ML  told  councillors 
that when her husband had phoned the County to complain about the 
dirt  on the road he was told that the main road was part of  the 
building site and did not have to be cleaned. RD offered to  look 
up site map to see if this is correct. If part of the site surely 
safety helmets ought to be worn by all who pass through it.  (RD)                     
The  police  had replied that they were unable to deal  with  the 
matter  until Pilton was finished, it was agreed to write to  the 
police again as Pilton pop festival was over.  Unsheeted  lorries 
were  bringing  spoil  along the Old Wells Road from  a  site  in 
Shepton Mallet.cc SCC & Tarmac.                           (CLERK)
A Ward offered to visit Halecombe and discuss these matters,

SWEB  WAYLEAVE AGREEMENT for putting an electric cable under  the 
track to the car park - Councillors were very concerned that  the 
transformer  had been sited to the detriment of the view  enjoyed 
by  existing residents and that no notice appeared to  have  been 
taken  of the objections of residents and the PC.  It was  agreed 
not  to sign the Wayleave Agreement until the questions asked  in 
the letter 5 June to SWEB had been addressed.             (CLERK)

CEMETERY - Mary Mears was welcomed. She said she would prefer her 
title  to  be  'Cemetery Clerk' and  having  amended  the  letter 
offering her the job accordingly she signed the letter.
PM  had visited Clutton Churchyard and DP had looked at  Holcombe 
and spoken to John Raikes about grave sizes and it was agreed  to 
amend  the proposed grave plan. It was agreed the original  deeds 
would  be left with Daniel and Crutwell, Solicitors, of  22  Bath 
Street, Frome BA11 1DL.  The Clerk and  MM will keep copies.
B  Loten needed to hire a rotovator PM proposed that the  PC  pay 
for  its  hire, JW seconded and all agreed. It  was  agreed  that 
turfing ought to wait until September.  The need for   waterbutts 
was discussed, ML will pursue this with the PCC.             (ML)
MM was going to talk to the Clerk of Coleford about setting up  a 
civil  cemetery.  She told councillors that the registers  needed 
were  in  the  region  of  50 each, this  meant  that  the  100 
previously agreed would not be enough - ML proposed the  spending 
of up to 200 for registers, DP seconded and all agreed.  A  copy 
of  what will be needed for the Audit next year will be given  to 
Mary  along with back copies of the 'CLERK' for noticeboard  ads. 
It  was  also agreed to open a  "Leigh-on-Mendip  Parish  Council 
Cemetery Current a/c" with the same rules as other PC a/c.(CLERK)      
At the moment the churchyard is being cut by D Jarvis, Stoke have 
a contract with someone recommended by MDC. It was agreed to  ask 
D Jarvis if he would be willing to cut the religious and  secular 
burial grounds.                                           (CLERK)

RD  and A Ward told councillors that despite the findings of  the 
Secretary of State that Chantry Lane and the attendant  footpaths 
were  not to be closed ARC were challenging the decision  in  the 
High  Court.  Whatley, Chantry and Mells Parish  Councils  had 
been  advised  by the planning consultants they had  employed  to 
help them in the fight that they needed to retain a barrister  to 
prevent  the case going to court without their knowledge. AW  was 
writing to neighbouring parish councils and to Mendip to ask them 
to  pledge  money  to the fight - the barrister  costs  had  been 
agreed as a fee of 2000 plus 1000 a day for court representation   
The matter will be discussed at the next meeting.         (CLERK)            
DP  said  that the relinquishing of permission  to  quarry  Barns 
Close must be considered in relation to this matter.
A letter to David Heath MP asking him to ensure that the Treasury 
Solicitor  adequately represents the view of the  government  and 
local people in this matter will be sent.                 (CLERK)
[A Ward left]
Highways will be asked to investigate the backing up of the drain 
near the BL flats.  A request for the speed limit to be  extended 
to  Townsend will also be made and complaints about the hedge  at 
the Hedgrow will be passed on.                            (CLERK)

Sparks  Beattie  had contacted DP and he had invited her  to  the 
meeting to talk to councillors on behalf of the School Governors.  
She explained that when the last headmaster resigned it had  been 
suggested by County that Leigh become part of a school group with 
a  shared  head teacher.  This had been fought against  but  next 
time  the governors might not be so successful, therefore it  was 
felt  that action should be taken to show the importance  of  the 
school  to  the  community to make sure it  was  kept  open.  [ML 
declared  an  interest  in this item as a member  of  the  school 
staff and took  no further part in the discussion] SB  had  taken 
part  in  discussions with people from SCC and Frome and  it  had 
been suggested that Leigh become part of an Agenda 21  initiative 
called the Map of Mendip Project. She wanted a general expression 
of support from the PC to take to a meeting on 29 July.  PM offer 
to attend the meeting on behalf of the PC was accepted.      (PM)                                                

NOTICE OF AUDIT had been received, 2 copies of the accounts  were 
signed by DP and Clerk for the audit.                (ML & CLERK)
GRANT  REQUEST FROM FOLS for 160 + VAT for seats and  table  for 
quiet  area outside.  Councillors felt that in light of  previous 
talk  they  should  be making a grant to things  that  would  re-
inforce  the links between the community and the school, also  at 
this  late stage in the school year should outside  equipment  be 
being bought?  It was agreed to write to FOLS accordingly.(CLERK)
CO-OP BANK a/c details - minimum investment 50,000.

PLANNING continued
L-O-M COUNTRY FAIR - request for PC to take over ownership of the 
seat.   Insurance  company will be informed.  Suggestion  to  get 
more seats in the village will be discussed next time.    (CLERK)
6  DWELLINGS  AT HEDGEROWS - new plan showing  position  of  last 
house had been received as requested by the PC.
TOWNSEND HOUSE - request to omit chimney from plan agreed by MDC.
TADHILL  HOUSE  EXTENSION [DT declared an  interest]  renewal  of 
permission. No objection made last time, no objection.    (CLERK)
[DT returned to the meeting]

Launch of the VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT attended by PM and JW.  It 
was  agreed to discuss the adoption of the statement at the  next 
meeting.  Web  site for PC with VDS details  discussed,  MDC  and 
Countryside Commission will be consulted.                 (CLERK)
CITIZENS  ADVICE BUREAU AGM(Clerk) - review of enquiries  handled 
throughout  the year and a talk on contribution of volunteers  to 
the economy of the community and country.
HALL (ML) - area at back of Hall needed mowing Committee   wanted 
to  borrow  the PC mower at present kept by the  Clerk. This  was 
agreed  to providing that the Hall had somewhere to keep  it  and 
were willing to undertake its maintenance.                (CLERK)
[PM left]

Notification of LEA Oakfield School governor.
Copies  of  MDC COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICES  meeting  will  be 
given to Hall and Rec Field.                              (CLERK)
MDC/PC SEMINAR 21 July DP will try to attend.
Details of seminar on GIPSY AND TRAVELLER ISSUES  given  to RD.



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