HELD ON 6 AUGUST 1998 AT THE POST HOUSE.

Councillors present: J Davis, M Loten, P Moore & J Wright,Chairman
2 parishioners were in attendance.
Apologies were accepted from D Turner and D Pattison.

The  meeting  had been called to discuss the  Wayleave  Agreement 
asked  for by SWEB for the laying of an electricity  cable  under 
the track to the Recreation Field Car Park Land.  This matter had 
been  discussed  at the full PC meeting but  pressure  was  being 
exerted by both SWEB and the developer's agent for the PC to sign 
the  agreement.  A reply had come from the developer's  agent  to 
say they did not "believe there will be any appropriate damage to 
quantify a compensation payment but I am happy to meet the  costs 
if  there is an appropriate claim."  The Clerk pointed  out  that 
the  PC had 21 days to reply to the request and that  was  nearly 

JW had contacted the British Legion who had spoken to Mendip  who 
said  that  the planning permission came under the  Power  Exempt 
Clause.  The BL had no objection to the transformer.
JD  felt  that  the PC ought to get  some  compensation  for  the 
upheaval and disturbance of the track.  It was suggested that the 
cable ought to be laid on the developers land.

It was agreed that the Clerk would write to SWEB saying unable to 
sign  Wayleave  until  discussions with the  developer  had  been 
completed. Copy to developer.                             (CLERK)
Advice will be sort on this matter.                       (CLERK)


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