HELD ON 17 AUGUST 1998 AT THE SCHOOL.
Councillors present: J Davis,M Loten,P Moore,D Pattison(Chairman),
D Turner and J Wright.
Apologies were received from M Mears - Cemetery Clerk.
A  Ward, District Councillor, was present so matters that it  was 
felt concerned the DC were dealt with first.

MDC  had responded to the PC's letter and stated that the  houses 
were  in the correct place and it was the boundary line that  had 
been changed. The PC disputed this. 
A  parishioner present at the meeting asked about the hedge to  be 
planted  and the use of pea gravel, it was felt the PC could  not 
help on this matter and it was suggested he consult the builder.

The  Clerk  had consulted the PC solicitor, the PC  had  not  yet 
received the deeds gifting the track and due to the legal process 
associated  with probate it was not known when the process  would 
be  completed.  SWEB will be told and asked to consult  the  land 
owner. Copies of correspondence will be sent to M Nielsen.(CLERK)

N Haskins said that Mendip DC Planning Panel would be  discussing 
the  adoption of the VDS on 25 August.  DT proposed that  the  PC 
adopt  the  Statement, PM seconded, all agreed.   MD  Councillors 
will  be  urged to follow the example of the PC  to  improve  the 
quality  of development in Leigh. They will be asked to set up  a 
procedure  for  the use of the VDS in planning matters,  to  make 
their officers aware of its contents and to follow the example of 
other Councils in England and support the Countryside  Commission 
who are using Leigh's VDS as an exemplar.                 (CLERK)
Any VDS query to be given to P Moore, N Park or N Haskins.
Members  of  the  PC will attend the Planning Panel  and  at  the 
suggestion of A Ward make a supporting speech.          (DP & PM)
A vote of thanks to those who worked on the VDS was made by DP.

CHANTRY  LANE  FIGHTING FUND - AW had consulted P Lacey  of  SALC 
about  the legality of one PC pledging money to another.  It  was 
his  view that if the matter affected parishioners  in  adjoining 
parishes  then  the  PC could donate money. AW had  spoken  to  a 
member  of  Chantry  PC who thought that in  light  of  newspaper 
reports  that  the government legal team had  accepted  that  the 
matter  be refered back to the Sec of State for the  Environment.  
She  asked that the PC defer their decision on this matter,  they 
[A Ward Left]
FINANCE continued
JD,  ML,  PM & Clerk had discussed reclaiming VAT  on  the  swing 
project  at the Recreation Field following information from  SALC 
and  had agreed that it was not possible. J Robson had been  sent 
copies of the SALC letters.                               (CLERK)
M Loten declared an interest and took no part in the  following-
Footpath  Clearance - work done on Church Drain etc. DT  proposed 
payment  of bill from B Loten for 55, DP seconded,  all  agreed. 
Cheque 274 on PC current a/c made out and signed.         (CLERK)
Cemetery  Clearance  - bill for 208.76p from B  Loten  for  work 
done. JW proposed payment, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 275 on 
current a/c made out and signed.                          (CLERK)
BL  will  be  asked to get quotes for turfing for  when  wall  is 
finished and to give a quote for laying and after care.   (CLERK)
M Loten was asked to rejoin the meeting.
Skip Hire Bill from Western Skip Hire for 60.00
                                       +  10.50 VAT
                                 TOTAL  = 70.50
DT proposed payment, DP seconded, all agreed. Cheque 278  current 
a/c made out and signed.                                  (CLERK)
Grant to FOLS following his attendance at the meeting to  discuss 
the  School and community held by Agenda 21 PM  had asked FOLS to 
resubmit  their  grant request as he felt  that  Councillors  had 
misunderstood the thrust of the move - the school was part of the 
community project not the whole project.  The quiet area will  be 
used  for  educational and recreational purposes,  the  furniture 
should  last at least 10 years and it had been decided to do  the 
work during the summer due to the upheaval. DP proposed  granting 
100,  DT  seconded.  PM proposed an amendment  to  the  original 
proposal  and  the granting of 150, ML seconded. A vote  on  the 
amendment  was  taken  - 2 for, 2  against  the  Chairman's  vote 
defeated the amendment. A vote was taken on the first proposal of 
a  grant of 100 and all agreed, cheque 279 current a/c made  out 
to L-O-M School and signed.                               (CLERK)
Audit The auditors had been informed that the PC had been audited 
for the last 2 years so an annual not a triennial audit was due.                                           
Forms  to set up a Bank Account for the CEMETERY were  signed  by 
all but R Dixon who was not present.
School  Report  JW told Councillors that the initiative  to  give 
schools  indoor  toilets meant that the outdoor ones  had  to  be 
removed.  This posed a problem at Leigh because the Eliot hut did 
not have an integral toilet facility.  He felt that in the future 
the  school  or  FOLS might be approaching the  PC  for  a  grant 
towards retaining or converting the toilet block.

The  MINUTES  OF 20 JULY MEETING were amended  to  include  the 
heading  AGENDA 21 before the talk by Sparks Beattie and  JD  was 
added  to those attending the VDS launch. The Minutes  were  then 
signed. MINUTES OF 6 AUGUST MEETING agreed and signed.

MATTERS ARISING- from 20 July 1998.
QUARRY MATTERS - AW had spoken to the quarry manager who had told 
her  that  there was no need to sheet the stone  carrying  dumper 
trucks,  the  PC were still not happy about this. No  reply  from 
Police to date.                                     
CEMETERY  - DP produced a rough draft of the cemetery showing  24 
plots.  This was given to PM.
WATERBUTT - PCC not met yet.                                 (ML)
REPORT  BY  CEMETERY CLERK - met with Coleford  Clerk,  registers 
109 + 3.75 VAT & p & p. DT suggested contacting Oyez, M  Mears 
will be asked to contact him to talk about this matter. (MM & DT)
Information on disc will also be held by DT.  It was agreed  that 
the sub-committee would meet with MM.                     (CLERK)
AGENDA  21 - PM reported on meeting to see if village  interested 
in  a  community project called Map of Mendip, not a map  but  an 
initiative to get village organisations working together.  It was 
agreed that this already happened in Leigh.
DT  asked if MDC and SCC could be informed that village  name  is 
Leigh-on-Mendip.                                          (CLERK)
SEAT  - letter received handing it over to PC. It is  covered  by 
the PC's insurance. Crack in wood on back,under guarantee?(CLERK)
MOWER - Hall contacted Clerk & matter progressing.
The  Clerk  apologised to the PC that the letter  concerning  the 
Local Plan had arrived late at MDC.
All other letters sent and been acknowledged.

ROADS AND FOOTPATHS - request from parishioner that a sign be put 
at  the bottom of Whitehole Hill near Hurdlestone  Lodge  warning 
about narrow road, and a complaint about fly-tipping on Whitehole 
Hill will be passed on.                                   (CLERK)
Letter from S Petherbridge, MDC, about F8/7 given to DT.     (DT)

CEMETERY - it was agreed that due to the limited size of the area 
the  PC would follow the church's guidelines and not allow  plots 
to be reserved.

VILLAGE WEB SITE DT suggested a village meeting to see who  would 
be interested in being involved.  It was agreed that the PC ought 
to  "own" the site and retain control but that perhaps  different 
organisations and commercial concerns could have access to  their 
own parts to update them.  Links with District, County and  Frome 
Town  Council will be considered. Addresses were  discussed.   DT 
offered  to  investigate funding.  It was agreed to  discuss  the 
matter at a future meeting.                          (CLERK & DT)

BLASTING  REPORT  FROM  TARMAC received by DP.   He  asked  other 
Councillors for their opinion as he felt that the conclusions and 
tables   did   not  tally  and  that  the   report   demonstrated 
conclusively  that  blasting  recorded  at  Green  Shutters   was 
repeatedly over the allowable level.  JW & DT agreed to read  and 
report to DP who will write to SCC.                          (DP)
CIRCULATED: MDC - Economic Development & Tourism Strategy 1998/99
Air  Quality Steering Group formation:  Somerset Rural  Strategy: 
Thatch:  VIRSA  leaflet:  Consultation  Draft  from  SW  Regional 
Planning Conferance deadline 16 Oct.                      (CLERK)
For  Display:  Visit by MP, Heart Cycle Race, Farmers  Market  in 
Glastonbury, Housing Renovation Grants.
With  Clerk:  MDC  Consultation on  Planning  Folder,  SCC  Gypsy 
Meeting  agenda,  Job description from Assoc  of  Small  Historic 
Towns and Villages.

NEXT MEETING 21 September 7.30 in the School
             19 October ditto.

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