HELD ON 19 OCTOBER 1998 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:   J  Davis, M Loten,  P  Moore,  D  Turner, 
J Wright and D Pattison Chairman.
Apologies had been received from A Ward, District Councillor.

Mary  Mears, Cemetery Clerk, being present the CEMETERY was  the 
first item discussed.
Registers - DP had visited art shops and looked at stationary  to 
use as registers.  DT suggested printing out individual pages and 
getting the register complete with a plan bound. MM will  contact 
MDC  to see if all the required registers could be bound as  one.  
Binding will be priced.                                 (DT & MM)
The Clerk had 3 quotations for fencing, 2 verbal and one written.
The job was to errect 6'x6' panels on 3"x3" posts set in concrete 
on 2 sides of the site which measure  11.6m x 13.6m, and to  take 
down  a low fence on one side.  Verbal quotes had  been  received 
1) Paul Maidment - 515 including VAT. 
2) Southern Fencing - 493 +VAT.
3) D Jarvis - 430.77 (written quote )but unable to do work until 
the new year.
It  was  decided to offer the job to Paul Maidment  providing  the 
verbal  quote  was  a firm one and that the work  could  be  done 
before the opening on 1 December.                         (CLERK)
ML  reported  that Richard Dunn has nearly finished work  on  the 
Cemetery Wall.  He had seen some capping stones for sale that  he 
thought  would finish off the entrance to the new ground. The  PC 
discussed  their  purchase and ML proposed purchasing  2  capping 
stones for a maximum of 100, DP seconded and all agreed.    (ML)
Discussion took place about taking over the Churchyard when it is 
officially closed.  It was agreed that the PC would take over the 
area and be responsible for a rolling repair policy for the wall.  
DP  felt that the church ought to be responsible for  the  trench 
around the bottom of the walls of the church itself and that this 
ought to be agreed before the PC accepted responsibility for  the 
Churchyard. MDC will be consulted on the closures mechanics. (MM)
The BURIAL COMMITTEE will meet on 2 Nov at 1930h at MMs.  The  PC 
approved  their  making the decisions on the  Registers  and  the 
It was reported that the WI had proposed sponsoring a tree in the 
new cemetery but it was agreed that it was too soon to decide  on 
this yet.
Mary Mears claimed:
 Salary from 24/05/98 to 5/09/98 for 4.5hours @ 5.92ph = 26.64p
                                         Expenses       =  4.19
                                                TOTAL   = 30.83.
DT  proposed  payment,  PM seconded, all agreed.  Cheque  281  on 
current a/c made out and signed.
Mary Mears was thanked for attending the meet ing.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING - under FINANCE 'altered' was changed 
to 'corrected' and the spelling of WEB SIGHT was changed to SITE. 
The MINUTES were accepted as a true record and signed.
All letters sent.
WATERBUTT - PCC had agreed to supplying waterbutts but R Dunn had 
to  be consulted as it was thought the drainpipes from  the  roof 
were larger than domestic pipes and this may cause problems. (ML)
SEAT - SCC letters re licence for seat, PC will accept.   (CLERK)
FOOTPATH 8/7 - DT reported that the fingerpost put in.                            
WEB SITE - dummy for next meeting.                           (DT)
BLASTING REPORT - SCC had thanked DP for the response from the PC 
and were seeking expert advice.
AUDIT-books returned, original Savings a/c Book wanted next time.
TRACK  DEEDS  -  reply from J Wood  re  boundary.   DT  expressed 
concern that developers had fenced off part of the the track.  It 
was  agreed  that  a  new lease  for  the  Rec  Field  Management 
Committee needed to be agreed.  The RFMC are Management  Trustees 
for the field for the PC. 
MILLENIUM  - notice to be put in the Parish magazine that  anyone 
interested ought to attend the Hall at 2100h on 10/11/98. (CLERK)
DP  asked that correspondence about DOG FOULING signs be sent  to 
P Lacey at SALC>                                          (CLERK)
LJH - no reply from A Ward.                               (CLERK)

Cemetery Clerk's salary already dealt with.
CLERK'S SALARY - New pay scale information from 1/04/98 had  been 
received  from SALC. Pay for spine point 20 was 7.01  per  hour.  
DP proposed raising the Clerk to SCP 21, the top of the scale, as 
from  1/04/98, JW seconded and all agreed.  Clerk is paid  for  3 
hours per week and the new rate will be 7.26 per hour. 
Salary from April to October on SCP 21 - 566.28
              Expenses for same period  - 45.18
                                 TOTAL  =611.46
DP  proposed  payment,  JW seconded, all agreed.  Cheque  282  on 
current a/c made out and signed.
[D TURNER left]
CEMETERY  TURFING BILL - ML declared and interest & took no  part 
in  this  item.  Bill from B Loten for 52.45  for  work  on  the 
Cemetery  land,  PM proposed payment, JD  seconded,  all  agreed. 
Cheque on current a/c 283 made out & signed.
ML was invited to rejoin the meeting.
REC  FIELD - A letter from J Robson on behalf of the RFMC  asking 
for PC to grant money for new flat roof on the Social Club and to 
manage the project to allow the VAT to be reclaimed.  Councillors 
were concerned that the PC did not own the building and therefore 
it  was believed VAT could not be reclaimed. Two quotes  for  the 
work 1) Terry Young 385 + VAT= 452.38. 
     2) C & S Hale 472.74 + VAT= 555.46.
PM  said that the Rec Field were planning to fence the play  area 
and  were  seeking  grant  aid  to  do  this.   After  discussion 
Councillors  decided that they would agree to Project Manage  the 
fencing and would give JR information on how to apply for  grants 
from  other sources so that VAT may be able to be reclaimed.  The 
Clerk was instructed to write to JR to tell him that the PC would 
be  willing  to manage the fencing project and  have  budgeted  a 
grant  amount of 350 towards the project and that the roof  cost 
ought to be paid from the RFMC reserves.                  (CLERK)
Discussion took place on the ownership of buildings on the Field.
PRECEPT - will be discussed at the next meeting.       (DP&CLERK)
Transfer from Investment a/c of 2000 signed.

Request  to include Manor Farm yard in the Village  Envelope.  It 
was agreed that the PC supported the District Council's  original 
view  that  any development on this site ought to be  to  convert 
existing  buildings, therefore the site ought to  be  outside  the 
envelope.                                                 (CLERK)

MODERN LOCAL GOVERNMENT SALC document - no comment.

ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS  - Before he left DT drew  attention  to  the 
following items:  1) a large  hole in Leigh  Street  outside  the 
Hedgerow development. 2) The length of the delay on the lights at 
Mary's  Grave  being  unacceptable. 3) Footpath  8/7  blocked  by 
Bristol Water with barbed wire fence.  The Clerk reported a  hole 
on  Doors Hill. The corner where diverted traffic from  Halecombe 
Quarry  turns  left to come out on the Old Wells Road at  LJH  is 
being badly damaged.  All will be reported.               (CLERK)

QUARRY MATTERS Liaison meeting 17 Nov in Hall.
HOLCOMBE  QUARRY  -  ARC  Review  of  1963,65,70  &  75  Planning 
Permission  at Cookswood Quarry, Stoke St Michael.  The  proposed 
conditions  included  "the development  which  these  permissions 
govern   shall   not   recommence  until   an   application   for 
Determination  of New Conditions has been finally  determined  in 
accordance with paras 49-69(inclusive) of MPG14(September  1995)" 
it  was  felt  that  any conditions agreed ought  to  be  to  the 
standard legally in force at the time of the application and  not 
to  those  in  force  in 1995, which one  assumes  will  be  less 
stringent.  It  was  felt  ARC  were  subverting  legislation  by 
delaying agreement of real conditions.                    (CLERK)

REPORTS  - DP concerned about Health & Safety issues at  the  Rec 
Field and the fact that records have to be kept for 21 years.  JR 
will be contacted for discussion.                         (CLERK)

listed as members?                                        (CLERK)
D Heath MP surgery dates will be displayed. 
Rural Transport Seminar, Community Safety Partnership Seminar 3/11/98.
Zurich Municipal Insurance information.

Next Meeting - 16 November 1998.         


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