HELD ON 16 NOVEMBER 1998 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  present:  J  Davis,  R  Dixon,  M  Loten,  P  Moore, 
D Pattison(Chairman), D Turner and J Wright.
District Councillor A Ward was present.

The  Minutes of the Last Meeting were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.
CEMETERY - The clerk reported that the fencing contractor was not 
VAT  registered.   Capping stones in place.  Closure  could  take 
place  without  any more formalities apart from  the  PCC  giving 
notice to the PC.  Waterbutt being attended to.
SEAT - acceptance letter sent.
WEB SITE - displayed at Hall AGM (next Agenda)       (DT & CLERK)
MILLENIUM - Minutes of Meeting circulated.
DOG  FOULING  SIGNS - Norma Underwood(MDC) phoned  the  Clerk  on 
30/10,  willing  for  signs  to be located  as  requested  -  any 
problems will refer back to Clerk. RD proposed a sign in the cul-
de-sac in Park Hayes, PM seconded, all agreed.  Bin for dog waste 
for the Rec Field will be investigated.                   (CLERK) 
LJH  -  AW reported that MDC unhelpful about  violations  of  the 
planning permission, she willinvestigate further.         (CLERK)
PRECEPT - December Agenda.                                (CLERK)
HEALTH & SAFETY for Rec Field taken by PM.
VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - notices displayed on 30/10.

Letter  from MDC concerning Quarry After-use sent to DP, no  info 
as  yet to Clerk.  It was agreed that PC ought to be involved  to 
stress the need for local jobs for local people.  Green-type work 
shops  ought  to be the priority and concerns that did  not  mean 
lots  of  alterations  to  the  local  infra-structure.   ML  had 
received  notices from Quattro Design about displays in the  Hall 
about this.  Clerk to pursue matter.                      (CLERK)

The  PC owns the Field, a new lease is needed to  regularise  the 
situation  for  the RFMC and the users.  The  Charity  Commission 
will be contacted to see if the Model Lease can be used.  (CLERK)
FENCING  - J Robson, Chairman of the RFMC, reported  that  enough 
funds  were  available to pay for this without  resort  to  local 
authorities other than the PC.     

PM  had been in discussion with N Park who felt the PC  ought  to 
address the future of the village shop as it is more than just  a 
commercial  concern, its survival  depends on the villagers.   JW 
reported  that the East Mendip Rural Task Force are setting up  a 
working  committee to look at the problems of village  shops  and 
Leigh  is on the agenda.  The  shop in Cranmore closed and is  to 
be re-opening as a Community Store with funding raised by the  PC 
borrowing  10k which will be repayed through the Parish  Precept 
for the next 10 years.  It was agreed that the matter ought to be 
dealt  with before any possible closure.  PM offer to produce  an 
information sheet and to circulate it in the village was accepted 
by  all  councillors.                                   (DP & PM)                 

The plan of the Cemetery drawn by Sue Moore was shown to the  PC.  
ML proposed a thank you present, DP seconded, all agreed. (CLERK)
RULES - These had been discussed by the sub committee and a slight 
word  change  agreed,  cremation  plaques  will  be  18"  square.  
(RD returned). Discussion took place on the definition of a Leigh 
resident  for the purposes of fees to be charged.  It was  agreed 
to  be  at the Clerk's discretion, she could refer to the  PC  if 
necessary.   The  adoption  of  the rules  was  proposed  by  DP, 
seconded by ML, all agreed.
NOTICE BOARD - quote from Frome Signs Co, hand painted  lettering 
was  discussed  as  was means of  keeping  notices  dry  (perspex 
sandwich?)  PM  proposed  instruction  Cemetery  Clerk  to  order 
noticeboard up to 90 + VAT, ML seconded, all agreed.   (M MEARS)              
MOWING - details to be passed to MM.                      (CLERK)
HEDGING - planting scheme, help from MDC.               (M MEARS)

FINANCE  2000 was being transfered from the investment  a/c  and 
would  be available to put in the current a/c from 21/11  so  the 
majority of the cheques written were dated 26/11/98.
MENDIP  HELPLINE  APPEAL - DT proposed 25, DP seconded  and  all 
agreed. Current a/c cheque 284 dated 16/11/98 written & signed.
CEMETERY  FENCING  -  bill for 515.00. PM proposed  payment,  DP 
seconded,  all  agreed. Current a/c cheque  285  dated  26/11/98, 
written and signed.
PRODUCE SHOW - a letter had been received saying that it was  not 
viable to replate the cup.  DT suggested a PC cup, committee will 
be consulted to see how to proceed.                       
WORK ON CHURCHYARD - two bills presented, one for new entrance to 
civil  cemetery  and  capping stones -  580.00.  The  other  for 
repointing  front  &  rear of boundary wall  after  new  entrance 
formed - 250.00.  TOTAL 830.00.
DP  proposed payment of both bills, JD seconded and  all  agreed.  
Current a/c cheque 286 dated 26/11/98 made out and signed.
SLCC  SUBSCRIPTION  -  35.00  due.   DT  proposed  payment,   PM 
seconded, all agreed.  Current a/c cheque 287 dated 26/11/98 made 
out and signed.              (ACTION FOR ALL ABOVE ITEMS - CLERK)
Info  on  increase  in  fees for SALC  membership  &  AUDIT  COST 
questionnaire received.                                   (CLERK)

Crossways  permission  granted with conditions  that  for  owners 
personal use and on waste disposal.
TOILETS IN THE SCHOOL - plan from SCC for information.  If school 
and  governors support plan then councillors in agreement.   Only 
concern was that the new door on the front be in keeping with the 
character of the building.                                (CLERK)
A  parishioner  had  asked requesting  the PC  to provide  a  bus 
shelter in the village.  It was agreed that they would be invited 
to raise the matter at the next Parish Meeting as it was felt  it 
needed village imput.                                     (CLERK)
PC SEMINAR notes circulated.
JW  notes  from the MENDIP RURAL TASK FORCE - Mendip  Moped  Loan 
Scheme  details  circulated.  IT Training by  Strode  College,  8 
participants needed at each centre- adverts will be put up(CLERK)
Training  Development  Grants  of up  to  750  to  organisations 
creating  jobs.   ADAPT 2000 report -  mobile  Employment  Advice 
Centre to be in service. Membership of VIRSA 25pa.
HALL AGM - no chairman or booking clerk yet elected. Web site  on 
display  at AGM,  DT offered to show parishioners, this  will  be  
advertised in parish magazine. Millenium minutes circulated.(CLERK)
(PM left)
No volunteer  for a PC rep, this may alter after the election.

The road from Park Corner to Mary's Grave is still closed despite 
notice to say closure ended 25/10/98 this had been reported.
Milestone on Old Wells Road near LJH Engineering damaged. (CLERK)
Cheddar to Frome Corridor meeting info had been given to JD.

MDC MILLENIUM EVENT to new committee meeting 1/12/98.
SALC Papers - one set to JW others circulated.
SERVICE Bulletin, AVON & SOMERSET POLICE info - circulated.
SCC FAIR FUNDING response.                                (CLERK)
Halecombe Liaison meeting - 17 November in the Hall.

Next Meeting - 21 December 1998
               18 January 1999.


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