HELD ON 21 DECEMBER 1998 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  M Loten, P  Moore,  D  Pattison(Chairman), 
D Turner, J Wright and J Davis who arrived late.
A Ward, District Councillor, sent her apologies.

The  MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.

DOG FOULING & BINS - official signs put up. JW thought  the  info 
about bins to collect dog faeces being emptied free only  refered 
to Collet Park in Shepton, it will be investigated.       (CLERK)
LJH  [J Davis arrived] - AW had investigated the  PC's  complaint 
that the planning permission on the car park was being constantly 
flouted  and  felt  that the PC were  getting  nowhere.   Despite 
pictures taken from the air showing that the permission was being 
broken  the District Council were not convinced.  It was  agreed 
that a recent picture be sent to MDC Planning Dept.      (CLERK)
QUARRY  MATTERS  -  Quattro  meeting  held,  response  mixed  but 
Barnclose seemed to be the favoured site for development.
REC FIELD - lease to be discussed at next meeting.        (CLERK)
VILLAGE  SHOP - PM reported on a meeting between the  Rural  Task 
Force,  Post Office Counters and N Park of the Village  Shop.  It 
has  been decided to use our shop as a model exercise.  MDC & PO 
Counters will put in a certain amount of money for publicity  etc 
and the Parish Council will be asked for a grant.
CEMETERY - notice board purchased, volunteers to put it up.
FINANCE - all cheques sent.  Clerk has purchased a new edition of 
the Manual from SLCC at cost of 15.
The Clerk reported that Sheila Petherbridge had contacted  Walter 
Lawrence who will put stiles on the fences over FR8/7 Hurdlestone 
Wood,  she  had walked the footpath & the stiles  were  in  situ. 
MILESTONE will be re-instated. 
TOILET BLOCK AT SCHOOL - permission granted.

 1) Details of rules, fees etc  sent to main Funeral Directors.
 2) Noticeboard purchased & awaiting erection.
 3) Quote  from  Downside Bindery - book with  approx 50  pages, 
    provided by us, with covers in washable buckram & lettering is  
    likely to cost 100  + VAT.  DT proposed  accepting  quote  & 
    authorising Burial Clerk to  proceed  with  the  purchase,  ML 
    seconded, all agreed.                                     (MM)

HALL Sue Vaughan from the Hall Committee was invited to speak  to 
the  PC. She explained that at the first  meeting since the  Hall 
AGM  the  committee  had been unable to  fill  the  positions  of 
Chairman or Booking Clerk.  The PC were therefore in the position  
that  if these offices remained unfilled they might have to  take 
over the running of the Hall.  ML drew attention to the fact that 
if  this happened the Hall would loose its charitable status  and 
become  a business.  Employing a booking clerk was discussed  and 
might  need  to be considered.  It was agreed to  call  a  PARISH 
MEETING on 1 FEBRUARY at 8pm in the Hall. SV will print  notices, 
ML to organise 'drop'.

MANOR  FARM - 1) Redevelopment of yard for two terraces of  three 
dwellings with garages and construction of new access
                2) Demolition  of  buildings  in  curtilage  of 
listed building.
A number of Parishioners were in attendance for this item.   Neil 
Salmon  from  Salmon  Planning Co. was  invited  to  explain  the 
development.   He  explained  that listed  building  consent  was 
needed  for the demolition of the single storey buildings  around 
the  yard.  The  area is within the existing  Local Plan,   which 
allows  for small scale development of 6 houses or less  and  for 
the conversion of existing farm buildings to homes, but will  be 
excluded  from the new plan and any development will have  to  be 
applied for under new rules when this plan is adopted. The aim of 
the  development  was to provide good quality, vernacular,  small 
scale houses. 
DP read out a letter from the landowner stating her intention  to 
achieve  good  quality cottage-style development on the  site  in 
keeping with the village and likely to appeal to local people and 
her  willingness to impose a restrictive covenant on the sale  of 
the land.
After  listening  to  the comments  of  parishioners  Councillors 
agreed to OBJECT to the application on the following grounds:
1)  Single storey buildings more compatible with the site.
2)  Development overcrowded - 4 houses maximum better.
3)  Height & proximity devalues the view of the listed Manor Farm.
To SUPPORT the idea of providing smaller homes within the village 
and inform MDC that the PC is happy to enter discussions to  find 
a mutual acceptable solution to development on the site.  It  was 
suggested  that  a covenant stating that no alteration  could  be 
made  to any permission granted without the agreement of  the  PC 
would be a further safeguard that building materials etc were not 
altered without the knowledge of the PC.  The fact that the  site 
would  be subject to different controls under proposals  for  the 
new Local Plan was noted by the PC.
It was agreed that the plan had been drawn up with a view to  the 
guidelined laid down in the VDS.                          (CLERK)

Building  mainly  natural  stone,  within  the  existing  village 
envelope,  access visibility negligible but then existing  access 
has very poor visibility. PC SUPPORT the application.     (CLERK)
This  is  a request for outline planning permission on  the  area 
that  formed the heart of the now defunct dairy unit at  Townsend 
Farm.  The idea, as proposed by the planner, is to  demolish  the 
existing  miscellany  of  farm  outbuildings  which  will  become 
redundant  in the next 9 months and be in danger of falling  into 
disrepair  and  put  2 dwellings in their place  -  the  area  is 
outside the village envelope. The plan includes the building of a 
garage  for Townsend Farm which already has permission and  whose 
entrance  is  from Stock Lane. Large scale buildings  are  to  be 
replaced  with small scale housing.  Commercial  development  for 
the site had been considered but it was felt that demand for this 
would be low.  Discussion took place on the provision of  smaller 
scale housing.
The  PC  SUPPORT the development of this particular  brown  field 
site  as  it will no longer be in use as a  working  farm.   They 
agreed,  however,  that if MDC did agree to development  on  this 
site that smaller units were more acceptable and agreed to OBJECT 
to the outline proposals for the 2 dwellings as submitted and ask 
for  negotiation  to  take place between the  applicant  and  the 
Parish & District Council.  The owner of the property was willing 
to  enter  into  discussions and to enter  into  legally  binding 
agreement as to how the site should be developed.         (CLERK)
The deeds were now in the possession of the Clerk.
A  letter from D Turner expressing his concern at the way the  PC 
had  handled  the  use of the 'track' donated  by  Mary  Nielsen, 
allowing it to appear to become part of the building site that is 
the 'hedgerow development' and the footpath 8/7 to be  obstructed 
by the developers without their permission had been received.  He 
was  concerned  that any quid pro quo agreement was  only  verbal 
between the RFMC and the developers. 
PM  (PC  rep on the RFMC) replied that he had spoken to  the  Rec 
Field Chairman:  1) Developers are removing the spoil heap at the 
back.            2) They have repaired the damage done by SWEB to  
the track.       3) The PC's concerns were accepted as valid as 
they owned the track but it was felt that they were gaining  more 
than they were loosing.
DP said that verbal agreement had been reached that the  boundary 
of  the track would be the back corner of the house  nearest  the 
Rec Field.  He had been informed that Amey Roadstone have a right 
of way along the track and had written to the previous owner  who 
will be passing the letter on to the PC.

The  Clerk reported that she had consulted Peter Lacey  of  SALC, 
and Graham Jeffs and Adrian I'Anson of Mendip DC to get advice on 
the legal position of Parish Councillor Richard Dixon. RD for the 
purpose  of the law had ceased to be a councillor and had  agreed 
with  the  Clerk that he would not attend  any  further  meetings 
officially or be sent details of PC business.  It was agreed that 
with  the elections so close the signatories to the bank  account 
would  not be officially altered but that RD would not be  called 
on  to sign any cheques.  

PRECEPT delayed to next meeting.
Bill from FAULKNERS for the legal work on the TRACK:
  Costs   200  
      +    40 for disbursements
      +    35 VAT
    TOTAL 275
DT  proposed  payment, PM seconded, all agreed.   Cheque  289  on 
current a/c made out & signed.                            (CLERK)
REC  FIELD  GRANT - request for grant of 350 towards  the  fence 
around  the  playground.   DT proposed grant,  JD  seconded,  all 
agreed.   The  money  will be paid by a withdrawal  from  the  PO 
Investment a/c by crossed warrant made payable to the L-O-M RFMC.
CPRE SUB -deferred to next meeting.

MEMBER OF THE MILLENIUM COMMITTEE - PM agreed to do this at least 
until the elections.

QUARRY MATTERS - the report on blasting had confirmed that blasts 
were frequently outside the County Council guidelines.

ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS  -  DT reported that  he  had  seen  a  lorry 
contravening the weight limit on Railford Bridge and had reported 
it to the owners of the vehicle.
Advanced  warning, eg rumble strips,  of the junction of the  Old 
Wells Road/Bulls Green Link road will be requested.       (CLERK)
The Police will be asked what they are doing about burnt out cars 
in the Parish, see Pitten St.                             (CLERK)
Progress report on Leigh St weight limit will be sought from  the 
County Councillor, M St John.                             (CLERK)
Only one reflector left on corner at Barnclose Quarry.    (CLERK)

JW on SALC meeting - Auditors will be Robson Rhodes.
In some areas stiles are being converted to kissing gates with DC 
meeting 25% of the cost.
SALC  &  NALC  are not legal entities but  are  taking  steps  to 
rectify this, concern was expressed as to the legal liability  of 
each councillor as we ask SALC for legal advice and act on it.
There is a proposal that any highway safety scheme will need  10% 
funding  from  local  PC's although the need  for  them  will  be 
decided upon by the County not the Parish Council.

Holcombe  & Stoke the problem being that the CC are dividing  the 
quarrying parishes. DOG FOULING INFO  circulated.

                      FEB 15 1999


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