HELD ON 18 JANUARY 1999 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  J Davis, M  Loten,  D  Pattison(Chairman), 
J Wright, and P Moore and D Turner who arrived late.
The  MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true  record 
an signed.

[D TURNER & P MOORE arrived during this item]
All letters sent but few replies had been received to date.
The   first  stage  report  of  the  Barnclose/Cookswood   Quarry 
feasability  study was on circulation - Barnclose appeared to  be 
the first choice for development.
REC  FIELD  LEASE - reply from  Charity  Commission  recommending 
using a solicitor.

NOTICEBOARD - needs to be put up. [M LOTEN declared an interest & 
withdrew].  It was agreed to ask B Loten to put up the board,  DT 
proposed  spending  up  to 50 on the job, PM  seconded  and  all 
agreed (to be paid from PC account).  A plan showing the proposed 
position will be given to Burial Clerk.                   (CLERK)
[M LOTEN rejoined the meeting.]
REGISTER  -  sheets  produced at cost of 8, order given  to  the 
Bindery, burgundy cover with gold lettering. Ready end of Jan.
PLANTING SCHEME - received from MDC. It was agreed to authorise
the  purchase  of plants - a mix of hawthorn,  blackthorn,  field 
maple  and  hazel  - 60 of each at 60p each +  VAT  from  Barters 
Wholesale,  plus fertilizer.  DT proposed purchase, DP  seconded, 
all agreed.  MM had offered to collect plants.  She will be asked 
to organise the planting.                                    (MM)
ML suggested that before applying for the Burial Grant, which  it 
was  thought would be in May, a survey be done of the  churchyard 
to identify maintenance work needing to be done, all agreed. (MM)

The  Clerk  reported  that she had tried to get  quotes  for  the 
preparation of a lease, Daniel & Crutwell had quoted 200 +  VAT.  
Faulkners had not got back to her.  It was suggested she approach 
SALC.  Item to be discussed at February meeting.          (CLERK)
Burns Night celebration on Monday 25 January.

Following the last meeting N Salmon (planner) had asked DP if  he 
could  attend  this  meeting and  discuss  with  Councillors  and 
parishioners ideas for the development of the farmyard, this  had 
been agreed and he had come with M Nielsen, owner, to put forward 
ideas and listen to comments.  The Clerk had invited the  officer 
at MDC but she was unable to attend.
NS  explained  that  officers were recommending  refusal  of  the 
plans.   He had drawn up amended plans - not yet submitted -  and 
arranged a site meeting with the District Councillor. The  plans 
PL1322/2/3/4  were discussed, from a PC viewpoint they had  dealt 
with  most of their criticisms except the overdevelopment of  the 
site.  He also had prepared, in outline, three alternative  plans 
for   discussion  to  perhaphs  pre-empt  the   appeal   process. 
Discussion  took  place  on the alternatives: 1)  to  retain  the 
existing  single  storey building on the east  of  the  yard  and 
convert  it into 2x2bed units and build 3x2 storey houses on  the 
north side,5units.
2)  Maintain  3x2storey houses to the north and  build  2x2storey 
units on the east side, 5 units.
3)  Maintain 3x2storey units on the north side, convert  existing 
building to the east to one single storey dwelling, 4 units.
In  all cases the unit to the north would be similar to  that  in 
the existing planning application.     
The  applicant  was  not prepared to  accept  the  conversion  of 
existing  buildings only. The PC's views on conversion  to  light 
industrial use was discussed but Councillors thought  residential 
use of this site was preferable.
After the discussion Councillors agreed that they would convey to 
District Councillor Ward the following views on the 'plans'.
1) Whole development should have a lower roofline than Manor Farm 
to maintain the proportion of the site.
2) Prefer conversion of existing buildings to residential.
3) Feel site unsuitable for commercial use.
4) Of options put forward the third had most support.     (CLERK)

It  was  reported  that the VDS had been  adopted  by  Mendip  as 
Planning Guidance.

PRECEPT - a forecast of spending for the next financial year  had 
been prepared by DP, ML & Clerk. Discussion took place on  amount 
needed  for 'special' projects, eg the Millenium, as well as  the 
usual grants given.  DT proposed a Precept of 2750, DP seconded, 
all agreed. Form will be returned to MDC.                 (CLERK)
CPRE sub not renewed.
VICTIM  SUPPORT  grant request.  10 given in 1994.  DP  proposed 
20, DT seconded, all agreed. Current a/c cheque 290 made out and 
signed, S137 payment.
AUDIT BILL 100 + 17.50 VAT = 117.50.
DP proposed payment, DT seconded, all agreed. Current a/c  cheque 
291 made out and signed.
CLERK'S SALARY - to be claimed 4 times a year from now on.
   Salary  283.14  + Expenses 29.89 = 313.03.   (No  telephone 
costs  claimed).PM proposed payment, ML seconded, all agreed.  An 
order  for a crossed warrant from the PO Investment a/c was  made 
out and signed.
PHOTOCOPY BILL [DT declared & interest & took no part]
   Somerset  Computing  Feb  1998-Jan 1999 44.18  inc  VAT.   ML 
proposed payment, JW seconded, all agreed. Current a/c cheque 292
made out and signed. [DT returned]

BURIAL CLERK'S SALARY  from Cemetery a/c.
   Salary - 11.25 hours @ 5.92 = 67.58
                      Expenses  =  9.74
PM proposed payment, JD seconded, all agreed, Cheque no 1 signed.
                                              (Action ML & CLERK)

Flooding on Pitten Street & a complaint about adverts for  Wessex 
Saddlery which have appeared on the roadside verges, and  concern 
at the obstruction of signs for the Bulls Green road  will  be 
passed on.                                                (CLERK)
Stile on F8/9 below Leigh Woods broken - mended once but step has 
come  off again. A schedule for path clearance will  be  prepared 
and BL will be asked to undertake the work.               (CLERK)
JD reported that the Milestone near LJH had been re-erected.
CHANTRY  LANE  CLOSURE to be re-determined -  previous  objection 
letter will be re-issued.                                 (CLERK)

WEB SITE sponsorship and sales brochure progressing. (DT)

Approval of Scheme of Conditions at Cookswood passed by SCC.

The  Clerk  reported that the change in deadline for  the  Parish 
Magazine would pose problems as it would frequently fall  before 
the  Parish  Council  Meetings  therefore  any  report  would  be 
history.  She advised that as the February & March meetings would 
be  just within the deadline this problem may be  deferred  until 
later  but  it might be necessary to move meeting  dates  in  the 
future if Councillors wanted to up to date report to appear.

The  following were circulated: Rural Task Force papers; Clerk  & 
Council  Direct  Magazine; Planning information;  Parish  Council 
Seminar  Minutes  & details for 9 Feb meeting (PM  will  attend); 
Public Transport Newsletter no 5.

                               15 March.


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