HELD ON 1 FEBRUARY 1999 IN THE HALL.

David  Pattison,  Chairman  of the  Parish  Council,  opened  the
meeting by explaining that the Parish Council as holding trustees
of  the  Hall  had  called this meeting at  the  request  of  the
Memorial Hall Committee who had been unable to fill the positions
of Chairman and Booking Clerk since the AGM in November.

He  outlined the function of the Chairman - to take  a  long-term
view  of  the Hall and how it fits into village life; to  be  the
main signatory to, for example the Public Entertainment  Licence;
and  to  chair  the monthly meetings.  The Hall is  well  set  up
legally,   the  Charity  Scheme  is  up  to  date,  it   has   an
entertainment  licence,  and  is  in  good  repair  although  the
committee  are  considering  instigating  a  ten  year  plan  for

The  Booking Clerk, at present, receives bookings; hires out  the
equipment;  keeps an up to date diary.  Weekly they send out  and
check  on single hiring agreements; chase up deposits;  send  out
invoices; give rental money to the treasurer; make sure the diary
is  up  to date; and hand over the keys although  the  shop  very
kindly act as a collection point.  For one off rentals they  have
to  be  available to explain the procedures etc;  hand  over  the
keys.  On a yearly basis an inventory has to be taken.
Discussion had taken place and the job of Booking Clerk could  be

Nick  Haskins volunteered to join the Committee and take  on  the
Chairman's role.
Committee  member  Sue  Vaughan  offered  to  do  the   paperwork
connected with bookings and another committee member Roy  Haywood
offered to be key holder for one off bookings and equipment hire.

David Pattison thanked them for agreeing to take on the jobs  and
thanked those who had attended the meeting.

The meeting closed just before 2000h.


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