HELD ON 15 FEBRUARY 1999 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  J Davis, M Loten, D  Pattison (Chairman), 
D Turner, and J Wright.  P Moore arrived late.
As   Alison   Ward,  District  Councillor,  was   present   items 
Councillors wished to discuss with her were dealt with first.

PLANNING - members of the Planning Panel had visited Manor  Farm, 
Oak Cottage and Townsend Farm on 11 February.  JW and PM attended 
the meetings.  It was felt that the general tone was  sympathetic 
to  those  comments made by the PC on  these  applications.   OAK 
COTTAGE,  house in the garden, as of the date of the  application 
Townsend Farm was still a working farm and rules say that a house 
cannot  be built within 400m of a livestock farm.  It remains  to 
be  seen  whether  this will be ignored or  application  must  be 
resubmitted when farming ceases.
[P Moore arrived]
MANOR  FARM  -   AW  indicated  that  she  thought  the  planning 
application  as submitted was over development and asked for  the 
PC's  reaction to a deal being done between the District  Council 
and  developer  on  the other options that  had  been  suggested.  
Councillors explained their preference for the option that gave 4 
houses but stressed that the height of the 3 at the back ought to 
be lowered.  It was explained that the PC were happy to negotiate 
with  developers at this stage to try and get what was  best  for 
the village.
TOWNSEND FARM - this had been a pre-emptive site visit.  AW asked 
for the PC's view on industrial use of the site, it was explained 
that it was thought residential use would be more appropriate.
At  all stages the VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT had been referred  to 
by planning officers and the developer.
AW  was  asked  if  she knew what was  happening  at  TWEED  FARM 
following  a  query from Coleford PC and a  complaint  about  the 
state  of  the  footpaths 8/15 and 8/12.             (AW & CLERK)
A copy of the PC's objection to the closure of CHANTRY LANE  will 
be sent to AW.  Councillors will try to attend.  (DP/JW/DT et al)
Alison Ward was thanked for coming to the meeting and left.

The  MINUTES  OF THE LAST MEETING were altered on  page  3  under 
BURIAL  CLERK'S SALARY the amount for the number of hours  worked 
ought  to read 66.60p and the total ought to read 74.34p.  They 
were then accepted as a true record and signed. 

All  letters  sent. PC Smith had visited the Clerk and  told  her 
that  the  recovery of identified stolen burnt out  vehicles  and 
vehicles which can not be identified that the landowner has asked 
the  police  to move are dealt with by  the  police.   Identified 
vehicles that were not stolen had to be removed by the  landowner 
with the police advising at all stages.  PC Smith has retruned to 
duty  and  can  be contacted for non-urgent  matters  by  phoning 
01225 842966.
Complaints about LJH had been taken up by MDC.
COOKSWOOD  QUARRY  - corrected certificate 067818/008 received.
Cheque for Register will be needed within next ten days, it  will 
be issued from the PC current a/c as agreed on 21/12/98.
MM and B Loten will plant the hedge.
MOWING:  one quote received but it was for the whole area and  as 
yet  the  PC is only responsible for the new area  which  BL  has 
mowed  as  part of the initial planting  contract.  Other  quotes 
requested.                                                   (MM)

Response still outstanding re lease.
It  was  agreed that the PC would write to the developer  of  the 
Hedgerows  drawing  attention to the state of the track  and  the 
earth  in  the car park.  It was agreed that the  track  boundary 
needed  to  be marked out and a timetable  for  re-instating  the 
surface drawn up.

ML suggested that in light of information from SALC the PC  ought 
to  close  the  bank  accounts for  the  Memorial  Hall  and  the 
Recreation Field that they had opened to facilitate them managing 
building  work for these concerns to allow them to  reclaim  VAT.  
ML proposed closing the accounts and repaying the balance to  the 
appropriate  concerns, DP seconded and all agreed.  Cheque  00008 
on L-O-M PC Hall Fund a/c for .59p made out & signed.
Cheque 00011 on L-O-M Recreation Field a/c for 278.32p made  out 
and signed.  As soon as the cheques are cleared the accounts will 
be closed.
No grant was made to the Bridget Parker Trust.
WEB SITE - DT reported that it would cost 175 + VAT to  register 
the  name for the site (20 for 2 years and 155 for  'rent'  of 
the site for a year).  After discussion it was agreed that the PC 
would initially underwrite the whole cost of the 'setting up' but 
ask  for  donations  from  parishioners,  this  will  be  a  non-
commercial venture by the PC. DT proposed spending 175 + VAT, JW 
seconded and all agreed.  DT will progress the matter.(CLERK & DT)
A VAT reclaim request had been sent off.

The  state  of Blackers/Townsend Lane after work by  BT  and  the 
spring in Blackers Lane will be reported.                 (CLERK)

MEMORIAL  HALL  (ML)-  Turn out at the Parish  Meeting  was  very 
disappointing  but  fortunately  Sue Vaughan &  Roy  Haywood  had 
agreed  to  share the Booking Clerk duties and Nick  Haskins  had 
agreed to be Chairman.
PM - meeting at MDC about VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENTS   he 
is  going to talk to two villages about Design Statements. 
JD  had  attended  a meeting of the  CORRIDOR  STUDY  GROUP,  all 
aspects of transport are being considered.
JW  -  EAST  MENDIP RURAL TASK FORCE.  DP pointed  out  that  the 
Quarry  group  had  not  met recently.   TRANSPORT  -  extra  bus 
services  through  Coleford to meet Badgerline to Bath.  MDC  had 
asked  for more money for traffic speed cameras, each  camera  or 
threat, reduces speed by 5mph. Discussion on 30mph limit for  all 
County roads.
PM  - PROJECT 2000 - it was agreed that more info was  needed  on 
the  aims  etc of this but the village/school is  anxious  to  be 

FOR INFORMATION:  Age Concern Poster; Wildcheck Nest Box weekend; 
Local Election course for prospective councillors, displayed.

In  line with the European Working Directive the Clerk  confirmed 
that she doesn't work more than 48 hours a week for the PC.

NEWSLETTER draft will be brought to next meeting.            (DP)

The AGM/APM will be held on 17 May 1999 at 7.30 in the Hall.

NEXT MEETING - 15 May 1999
               19 April 1999.


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