HELD ON 19 APRIL 1999 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present: J Davis, M Loten, P Moore, D Turner  and  J 
Wright. Apologies had been received from D Pattison who had  been 
detained so J Wright took the chair.

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING : all letters sent.
CHANTRY LANE - DT and DP had attended part of the proceedings.
WEB SITE - Customer information sheet given to Clerk DT  reported 
site updated.  An article will be put in the Parish Mag about the 
web  site and it will be an item on the monthly  meeting  agenda.  
It  was  agreed  to have a 'guest book' for  comments  from  site 
visitors which may be published.                          (CLERK)
CEMETERY - ML had brought the Register.
REC  FIELD  -  track re-instated but still more work  to  do.  DT 
expressed  concern  at state of front portion of  the  track.  PM 
said that the work is being monitored closely by the RFMC. Letter 
to ARC telling them of change of ownership agreed on.     (CLERK)
Lease being progressed.
FINANCE  -  MMears had been unable to get the bill  from  Barters 
changed so the PC cheque had been made out to her.
MILLENIUM COMMITTEE - meeting week following.
[DP arrived and took over the role of Chairman.]
HALECOMBE  QUARRY  - the Clerk reported that she had  received  a 
complaint  from  a parishioner that the blasting times  had  been 
altered to any time between 9am and 5pm. She had consulted   Matt 
Frost at SCC Minerals Dept who had reported that this was in line 
with  the planning permission but suggested the matter be  raised 
at the liaison meeting, info passed to parishioner.  
Letter  from Tarmac to say drilling at Tweed Farm connected  with 
balancing lake. Response from SCC re blasting report.

Letter  from MDC concerning Burial Grant which would be  held  at 
1998/99 level.  ML had written to them explaining altered  status 
of the burial facility and the Clerk had sent it.
Letter  from  Home Office concerning closure of churchyard  -  no 
objections.                                               (CLERK)
FINANCE  -  Bill for cutting churchyard  67.50p  (amended  quote 
380) PM proposed payment, DP seconded, all agreed.  Cemetery a/c 
cheque no 3 made out to D Jarvis and signed. Taken by ML to  give 
to MM.

REC FIELD - PM - meeting next week.

CROSSWAYS - retention of detached building for domestic purposes, 
same comments as to same plan for light industrial use.
MONMOUTH  COTTAGE  -  rear extension, support  -  improvement  of 
visual aspect.
HOLLYBUSH COTTAGE - change of use from conversion for holiday let 
to annexe to house. Support.                              (CLERK)

FINANCE - PC Current a/c.
WI request for 5 for village clean up day. DP proposed  payment, 
DT seconded, all agreed. Cheque 302 made out and signed.
COMMUNITY COUNCIL SUB - DP proposed 10, ML seconded, all agreed. 
Cheque 303 made out and signed.
The  Clerk  reported  that  she  had  talked  to  J  Featherstone 
concerning  the cup for the Produce Show, no decision as  to  the 
fate  of the old cup had been taken.  It was agreed that  the  PC 
would purchase a suitable cup (to be able to claim the VAT) which 
would be engraved and given to the committee.             (CLERK)
Donation given by DP to web site.
Draft  accounts  for  1998/99 had been prepared by  ML  and  were 
discussed and alterations suggested.                         (ML)

Sign at Hollybush crossroads needs attention.             (CLERK)
Stile onto bund around quarry in need of repair.          (CLERK)

BLASTING  REPORT - reply from SCC saying quarry forced  to  adopt 
new blasting practices.
ARMOURY AT HALECOMBE - ask what the damage radius would be if  an 
explosion occured.                                        (CLERK)

CHANTRY  LANE INQUIRY - an historian researching in Lord Oxford's 
library believed he had found evidence that the mineral rights to 
the land were not in ARC's ownership.  It had also been stated at 
the Inquiry that ARC had no control on what happens at Cooks Wood.

JD  reported that he felt the SALC Frome-Cheddar  Corridor  group 
had no  real relevance to  L-O-M.    

DP  will  offer  his resignation as the SALC rep  on  the  Mendip 
Quarries Advisory Group.

PM  suggested  that thanks were due to  retiring  councillors:  J 
Davis,  D  Pattison and D Turner for all their work in  the  past 
years - all agreed.

Circulated: Twinning News; Safer Mendip; Strategic Review.
Governor for Oakfield will be discussed at AGM.
PC ELECTION - no contest, new councillors: Nick Haskins, Margaret Loten, 
Paul  Moore, Neville Park and John Wright.  Co-option  within  35 
days of election will be required.

NEXT MEETING:  AGM/APM 17 May at 7.30 in the Hall.


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